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Brand: Amprobe
Credit-Card-Size-Multimeterpdf Data Sheet DM78C Digital Multi - Tester Smallest go anywhere meter 5 functions / 16 ranges Auto - off No hassle warranty Included Accessories No waiting Pocket carrying case test leads battery No shipping and users manual charges Our commitment
Catalog ID: QR105442
Brand: Amprobe
IV 1000 V rated resistance IP67 rated Includes high voltage test leads with Constructed with drop - resistant housing threaded alligator clipsincluded retardant high - impact thermoplastic Heavy Duty CAT IV 1000 V Test leads with threaded alligator clips TL1500 battery in instrument hex
Catalog ID: KQ105457
Brand: Amprobe
tance and Frequency Frequency is measured by either jaws or test leads Very versatile clamp multimeter AC & DC Voltage to 600V Thin Jaws only 10mm 04 thick Resistance to 40MW Continuity Buzzer Capacitance to 3000 uF Frequency measurement No hassle In
Catalog ID: AB105440
Brand: Amprobe
AMB-45-dspdf AMB - 45 Insulation Resistance Tester Test insulation of wires cables transformers and electrical motors Test insulation
Catalog ID: UO105435
Brand: Amprobe
holster frees both strap hands for work Includes high voltage test leads with threaded alligator clips Temperature measurement built - in Frequency No Hassle warranty In the unlikely event that an Amprobe Test Tool requires warranty service any of our local dealers are
Catalog ID: SJ105458
Brand: Amprobe
Amprobe-PK-110-Electrical-Test-Kitpdf PK - 110 Electrical Test Kit Three Electrical Testers to Perform Quick and Safe Voltage Tests Amprobe s PK
Catalog ID: KF105448
Brand: Amprobe
DGC-1000A-Datasheetpdf DGC - 1000A Clamp Ground Resistance Tester The Amprobe DCG - 1000A clamp ground resistance tester designed for use by electricians and electrical contractors measures ground
Catalog ID: GF105454
Brand: Amprobe
warranty In the unlikely event Included Accessories that an Amprobe Test Users Manual carrying case test leads Tool requires warranty service any of our Optional Accessories
Catalog ID: VU105439
Brand: Amprobe
electrical applications The 5XP - A has unique features TTL logic test for digital and plant maintenance It measures features such as VolTect non - contact circuits diode test for component level temperature plus capacitance for voltage NVC detection
Catalog ID: MC105434
Data hold to capture important readings in Audible continuity test LISTED g Auto power off for longer battery life
Catalog ID: OB40177
Brand: Triplett
to 750V AC / DC Current to 10A ????Resistance to 200M ????Continuity Test Diode Check ????Transistor Check ??Data Hold Auto Polarity ????Low Battery
Catalog ID: GD42813
AA40160pdf wwwgreenleecom Electrical Tester t GT - 220 features : n Hassle - free , automatic measurement M Low battery indicator Resistance measurement & Audible continuity test g Data hold to capture measurements inGT - 540
Catalog ID: AA40160
Analog bar graph to view quick changes M Audible continuity test e Selectable Auto Off for longer battery life a
Catalog ID: PD40173
viewing Frequency , temperature and capacitance measurements and diode and continuity & tests standard M RS - 232 capable , may be connected to
Catalog ID: OF40163
Brand: Triplett
Maintenance Needs The 9000 Series ??Three Models , all CE marked Tested to IEC 1010 Category III 600V Clamp - Ons have many F or C ??Average AC Responding ??Duty Cycle Test ??Capacitance Ranges from 40nF to 4000 F Measurements ??Diode & Continuity Test
Catalog ID: LO42815
LA40159pdf wwwgreenleecom ELECTRICAL TESTERS Te Electrical Testers Comparison Guide stin FEATURE GT - 95 GT - 65 GT - 540
Catalog ID: LA40159
Brand: Calrad
in compact , shirt pocket size meter Has diode , transistor and continuity tester Has 10 amp DC current range and includes temperature probe
Catalog ID: FS70376
for use on open and shorted pairs Independent continuity test function 77GX V Independent talk battery supply with higher
Catalog ID: AM40096
DI40161pdf wwwgreenleecom Automatic Electrical Tester Te Hassle - free , automatic measurement of amperage , voltage and for longer battery life g Resistance measurement & Audible continuity test Data hold to capture measurements M Accessories
Catalog ID: DI40161
Frequency , temperature , and capacitance measurements plus diode LISTED and continuity tests standard & Auto power off and low battery indicator DM
Catalog ID: PL40165
Low battery indicator su Resistance measurement r Audible continuity test em Frequency measurement in voltage mode SPECIFICATIONS Capacitance
Catalog ID: MP40169
Brand: Water King
pre - piped , and pre - wired to customer specification , and factory tested prior to shipping Standard wiring is galvanized steel conduit with 40 Galvanized Steel � Pad eyes for lifting Hydro test using certified gaug Standard is 1 hour at 100 psi
Catalog ID: KD1073
7 0 Selectable Warble tone â?? â?? 924 â?? 707 Continuity testing â?? â?? â?? 397 397 Polarity testing â?? â?? 15
Catalog ID: NA40192
Detect LAN hubs & switches a Provides tone signaling , continuity testing and telephone line polarity at indicatio
Catalog ID: BJ40097
Results: 1 to 25 out of 196
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