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HT39121pdf ISCO HDPE Product Catalog Golf Irrigation Golf No Joints No Leaks No Breaks Irrigation The weakest point of any golf course irrigation system is
Catalog ID: HT39121
5-MW_AquaPak-S_Brochurepdf Seawater Desalination Systems AQUAPAK TM SEAWATER DESALINATION SYSTEMS Modern Water s AquaPak TM Seawater desalination units are high
Catalog ID: AO96566
5-MW_AquaPak-B_Brochurepdf Brackish Water Desalination Systems AQUAPAK TM BRACKISH WATER DESALINATION SYSTEMS Modern Water s AquaPak TM Brackish water desalination units are
Catalog ID: RD96565
Control Panels TRO 13 16 Subsurface drip panel controllers for irrigation systems L 1 The Model DP1 and Model DP2 control panels
Catalog ID: BJ37853
Brand: Grundfos
distribution and light assembly in Allentown , pennsylvania pumps and pumping systems world - > sales and assembly located in canada and mexico wide corner of the world , supplying drinking water to Antarctic expeditions , irrigating Dutch tulips , monitoring groundwa - ter beneath waste heaps in Germany
Catalog ID: SG34364
Certa - Lok Yelomine Restrained Joint PVC Pressure Piping System Trenchless Municipal Mining Irrigation Modified PVC Sunlight - Resistant , High - Impact Formulation
Catalog ID: TN17980
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Mueller Co
pdf MUELLER SUPER CENTURION FIRE 91 HYDRANT WITH AQUAGRIP SYSTEM Shaded area indicates change Rev 4 - 14 Mueller AquaGrip System The MUELLER AquaGrip System includes both the compression connection and
Catalog ID: VA88481
Brand: Siemens
for the drinking water treatment , seawater desalination , sewage treatment or irrigation : Totally Integrated Automation is the answer to all demands associated Totally Integrated Automation as a unique and integrated product and system basis for implementing customized automation solutions in all sectors of
Catalog ID: WS23272
to work with your Nobody knows golf course and turf irrigation like ISCO ISCO HDPE Pipe for engineer for system design , We have equipped hundreds breaks caused by your contractor
Catalog ID: QK39233
Vendor: Universal
Brand: NIBCO
Thermal Contraction of Plastic Pipe 18 Managing Expansion / Contraction in System Design 19 Pipe Support Spacing 20 Installation Instructions 21 StorageWay True Union For engineering data related to plastic piping system design and installation and maintenance instructions see the Chemtrol Thermoplastic
Catalog ID: PV93658
Series Drip Control Panel TRO Single phase , simplex subsurface drip irrigation panel for pump A C L control and system monitoring PA B The Installer Friendly Series Drip irrigation
Catalog ID: HI37852
Brand: McCrometer
Propeller Flow Meters Ideal Flow Measurement for Municipal Water Agriculture Irrigation Engineered for Accuracy Durability and Economy Magnetic Coupling System Isolates register and drive system from flow and allows unrestricted
Catalog ID: RB97129
â?¸ Transfer and distribution â?¸ Filtration â?¸ â?¸ from water systems â?¸ â?¸ Reverse osmosis systems â?¸ Pressure boosting in apartment â?¸ â?¸ Ultraï¬? ltration â
Catalog ID: JL34369
Vendor: Universal
Brand: NIBCO
C - FLEX - 0320 AHEAD OF THE FLOW NIBCO Flexible Piping Systems Business - to - Business Solutions Look to NIBCO for technology leadership ANSI 61 by NSF International for use in potable water systems PEX fittings intended for use in potable water are also
Catalog ID: GE93528
Vendor: Universal
Brand: NIBCO
AHEAD OF THE FLOW Hydronic valves Labor saving valves Manifold systems Water temperature control valves System quality valves Press x PEX transition valves FITTINGS Wrot and
Catalog ID: HO93608
SERIES * B L â?? V â?? 191 SINGLE SEAL DRIP SYSTEM * I A Automatic or Nonautomatic ( 140 / 4140 Non au ° C ) I D N L 39 - 0016 4 " Rail Systems available See FM0902 QUA ILITY VATIO ILITY B B O
Catalog ID: HW1172
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Spears
or fabrication produces a variety of CPVC pipe fittings valves system accessories and PVC pipe and fittings are used for drain waste - vent DWV sewers water mains Spears water service lines irrigation conduit and various industrial installations specialty systems Spears Spears high
Catalog ID: WC92962
Vendor: Universal
Brand: NIBCO
AHEAD OF THE FLOW Hydronic valves Labor saving valves Manifold systems Water temperature control valves System quality valves Press x PEX transition valves FITTINGS Wrot and
Catalog ID: AL93567
the downstream pressure that needs to be maintained O - Series contains hardened stainless steel seat and disc for extended service life 11 - N - 09 - V 10 for reducing pressure in STEAM systems It is also suitable for 100 - 200 O - 11 - N
Catalog ID: LK81979
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Spears
for use in piping applications such as potable water turf irrigation pool & spa industrial plumbing DWV and / or NSF sewer plus is slightly thicker than PVC - 00 Excellent for plumbing DWV irrigation electrical conduit pool & spa and PVC foam core pipe Listings
Catalog ID: CO92953
Power Conversion PHASEMASTER ROTARY PHASE CONVERTER FOR OUTDOOR PUMPING AND IRRIGATION SERVICE wwwkayindcom info kayindcom Data Sheet : DS 100 HP It is specifically designed for all types of irrigation and pumping equipment but is equally suited for any application
Catalog ID: MG88086
D cont dose ard irriga for cutou for r count irrigat count DISPL time touch lights , ) featur alarm tor indica monit progra h drain the button control rest pump panel mming system FEATU alarm system to - use error tes ) valves open displa
Catalog ID: BF37810
Vendor: Universal
Brand: American
designed for use in drinking water sewage and fire protection systems as well as irrigation and backflow control systems The valve complies fully with ANSI
Catalog ID: AS88378
19 Grain Stirring Motors p 4 Washdown Motors p 18 Irrigation Motors p 6 1 AGRICULTURAL MOTORS GENERAL PURPOSE SINGLE 350 1644 continuous duty operation Class F insulation system Thermostats 75 - 10 3450 182TZ
Catalog ID: SO46923
Results: 1 to 25 out of 31
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