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Brand: Weg
Automation | Energy | Coatings Automation Drives and Controls wwwwegnet Contactors and Overload Relays ?Complete line ( 7 to 800A / AC - 3 )
Catalog ID: VK23171
KR23799pdf IEC CONTACTORS Starters Description : ss - Line 3RT01 Contactors Are Available With Cage Clamps On The Acro Main Terminal
Catalog ID: KR23799
No 108 Q R E Permanently lubricated motor with overload pro tec tion washing machines S Y T Noncorrosive anti - freeze to radiant heating QU EP O IA Thermal overload protect ed mo tor N lines Certi�ed to
Catalog ID: HW1172
10 HP display for programming and set - up Built - in thermal overload This is an ideal control if you are needing full
Catalog ID: RO46916
refrigerationcom Standard Features Direct drive condenser fans Fan motor contactors Poly - coated fan guard Liquid receiver with relief valve Receiver inlet and outlet ball valves Refrigerant charging Schrader port Compressor contactors Compressor overload protection Crankcase heater Compressor service valves Vibration isolation
Catalog ID: PN97429
Limit CURRENT RATINGS Protection Circuits UL 508C Electronic Motor Overload HP @ 380V - 480V AMPS HP @ 200 - 240V AMPS Ground Fault only 150 180 Electronic Manual Bypass 200 245 Thermal Motor Overloads 250 316 NEMA 12 Enclosure 300 368
Catalog ID: GT31866
Brand: ABB
eg faster and more accurate IGBT protection using a thermal model Each ACS880 drive unit is tested in the factory2800 kW N Drive type Frame size Nominal ratings Light overload use Heavy - duty use Noise level Heat dissipation Air flow
Catalog ID: CE97547
or external motor available and includes a built - in bypass contactor , which overload Fieldbus communication modules can be easily allows smaller , non - ventilated
Catalog ID: NS32951
Brand: Greenheck
electronic fan Coordinating motor starters really can be that easy overload protection Eliminate start - up delays Communication Challenges Built - up Starters current the As with most starters Greenheck motor starters provide overload will determine the motor s nominal running basic overload protection
Catalog ID: HO94254
Units Include ESP100 and Starters Incorporate The Latest Solid State Overload In Solid - State Technology Providing - All Units Made For Heavy Circuit Breaker Soft - Heavy Duty Full Horsepower Rated By - Pass Contactor Provides Additional Protection - Emergency By - Pass Selector Switch ( Will Select
Catalog ID: VL23810
Brand: Ballymore
120V AC with Number Max Min Length Width Height Lbs thermal overload protection and dual Adjustable contactors for additional safety TT - 913
Catalog ID: HS30610
5 wires The red and orange wires connect to the thermal cut - out circuit and the black and white wires connect the control panel The following should be noted : ( 1 ) The thermal sensors are normally closed and mounted adjacent to the motor
Catalog ID: LO1318
RPM , oil - � lled , hermeti - U cally sealed , automatic reset thermal overload OR DEWATERING PUMPS R L SUBMERSIBLE protected ( 1 Ph ) Tested
Catalog ID: VP1152
provisions for mounting these starting components ( 2 ) All pumps require overload protection in panel Use with approved motor control that matches motor input in full load amperes with overload element ( s ) selected or adjusted in accordance with control instructions
Catalog ID: PM1258
rail system with probes Single phase units have an internal thermal overload Three a check valve , you must give the pump case
Catalog ID: OS1310
Bolts and Lifting Nema 4X Control Panel with Motor Contactor and HOA Switch Handle for 208V and 230V Single Phase 4X Control Panel with Alarm , Silence and Test Switch , Thermal Overload Protection - Single Circuit Breakers , Motor Contactor and lockable latches
Catalog ID: IQ1234
energy synchronous generators and induc - pull the generator out of Thermal Protection Three normally closed away torque speed , the real power 2 Class F varnish is used in place tions include contactors , overload 430 & 570 frame â?? rolled steel capable of operating
Catalog ID: KW23459
Brand: Greenheck
Overview 100 % Outdoor Air System with Packaged DX Cooling The thermal comfort of occupants in industrial commercial facilities and light - duty MERV 15 90 - 95 % rated filters for superior air quality Thermal Comfort In addition to comfort cooling peak ambient conditions the
Catalog ID: MQ94255
Brand: Titus
applied paint Cabinets and plenums are lined with fiberglass for thermal and sound insulation Designs incorporate hinged and removable panels for are standard All motors are provided with an automatic reset thermal - overload protection system Fans and motors are statically & dynamically balanced
Catalog ID: VR498
Phase motors Single - phase motors supplied with these pumps have overload protection and therefore do not require ancillary motors starters Single installation 3 - Phase motors 3 - Phase motors do not have overload protection and therefore require a separate Motor Starter to operate
Catalog ID: TS81975
simpler and lighter mounting support High switching frequencies and intelligent thermal management mean near silent operation is achievable Cooling fans only plastic coated ropes power circuits require additional cooling encoder and thermal sensor ( E27 motor ) Brake management & rescue with Braking Control
Catalog ID: AD86013
Brand: ABB
options Cabinet light and heater option Inverter Highly ef cient thermal handling as heat loss of each inverter unit is guided ratings are valid at nominal voltage 500 V N Light - overload use Heavy - duty use Noise Heat Air Type designation Frame
Catalog ID: HA97540
Brand: Weg
locations Including as standard an AC3 full HP rated bypass contactor and motor overload relay , emergency direct - on - line starting is available at the
Catalog ID: NJ23170
Brand: ABB
Versatile braking options Optimal braking options are always available Input contactor is not required for use with the brake chopper No Components dimensioned for heavy duty and long lifetime Reliable Advanced thermal model allows high Long motor cables can be use
Catalog ID: JG97546
Results: 1 to 25 out of 58
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