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hole 3 " deep ( Typ ) ( Typ ) bear on minimum into the concrete Clean the hole and fill half full with epoxy concrete ( per
Catalog ID: NG36134
Brand: Ardex
BJ36488pdf ARDEX CG Concrete Guard ARDEX Concrete Guard is a high - performance , high solids concrete sealer designed
Catalog ID: BJ36488
Brand: USG
FD35818pdf Submittal Sheet TM Levelrock Floor Underlayment Concrete Primer High - quality floor underlayment primer concentrate â?? For priming and sealing concrete subfloors â?? Enhances bond between substrate and underlayment â?? Low
Catalog ID: FD35818
for bonding FRP panels to drywall , non - treated plywood , greenboard , concrete , concrete backerboard and most other common porous building materials It offers
Catalog ID: EO77894
Brand: Hako
EN_2014_Cleaningdetergentspdf Cleaning detergents Top solutions for professional cleaning Specially developed for use in your Hako scrubber - drier Very
Catalog ID: VI89313
Brand: USG
High - quality floor underlayment primer - sealer â?? For sealing porous concrete subfloors prior to application of poured underlayment â?? Enhances bond of water based floor covering adhesives â?? Reduces alkalinity of concrete floor surfaces : no adverse effect on floor covering adhesive â
Catalog ID: GK35773
Brand: HENRY
Self - Leveling Installation System HENRY 564 FloorPro Primer prepares the cleaned surface , improves the bond and helps prevent pinholes and bubbles to dry to a clear , Use to prime properly prepared concrete , concrete terrazzo , wood , ceramic tile thin film and cutback adhesive
Catalog ID: BT37243
Brand: USG
Profile Sound Mat D20 Low profile sound system for concrete decks â?? Delta IIC values help meet code requirements for with minimal height differential â?? Ideal for residential units with concrete subfloors â?? Applied by USG - authorized applicators Description
Catalog ID: RU35825
Brand: Armstrong
FastSize , Fine Fissured , Finetex , Fire Guard , Formations , Georgian , Classic Step , Clean Room , Cortega Radial Custom Ceiling in White a e Â155 - 156 Clean room fL / VL & VL 161 - 162 â
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: USG
substrate â?? Excellent hiding properties â?? Use on new drywall , concrete , plaster , and previously painted surfaces â?? Dries to a white vinyl acrylic latex based primer for application over new drywall , concrete , and previously painted surfaces Excellent hiding properties uniformly conceal the
Catalog ID: WM35886
Brand: USG
Sheet Cover Coat ® Compound For smoothing and finishing interior concrete surfaces â?? For fill and finish coats over most concrete ; also for drywall tape and bead embedment â?? No extra
Catalog ID: KK35774
mesh is 140 sq ft used as an adhesive over concrete , concrete masonry , stucco and other approved substrates Color : Light Grey Storage
Catalog ID: KC42443
Vendor: Universal
Brand: JR Smith
offer the same high intercepting efficiency as the conventional manual cleaned models , but completely eliminate the unsanitary and undesirable job of removal ï?¬ manually removing accumulated grease ï?¬ offensive odors Since cleaning a " gT " interceptor is simple , fast and efficient , maintenance personnel
Catalog ID: HG63801
Brand: Haws
in ease of maintenance Construction Heavy - duty vibra - cast reinforced concrete construction with exposed aggregate finish provide a perfect addition to steady sanitary source of water SPECIFICATIONS OPTIONS Model 3060 circular concrete pedestal drinking fountain shall Hose Bib : Model 6275 , compression hose
Catalog ID: OB29481
Brand: Haws
orifice that provides a steady sanitary source of water Drain Clean - Out Top - down access to the drain allows the fountain to be cleaned without taking the unit apart , which is ideal for outdoor
Catalog ID: KW29504
KT36120pdf ors Concrete Connectors & Anchors Anch RFB Retro� t Bolts & ors These products feature additional corrosion protection RFBs are clean , oil free , pre - cut threaded rod , supplied with nut and
Catalog ID: KT36120
Brand: Madvac
citizens and businesses the commitment The high profile Madvac to clean and maintain litter in your environment Innovative Ergonomics Efficient Fast friendly control panel gauges Keeps you pedestrians and your environment clean Industry Leading Performance Up to 12 mph 19km / h Road
Catalog ID: PW89165
Brush Sweepers Use these sweepers anywhere , indoors or out , on concrete , asphalt , tile and commercial carpets DVD or VIDEO AVAILABLE Great etc Model JAN - II , is faster and more efficient than cleaning with a conventional push broom The rotation of the wheels
Catalog ID: SL31314
and finished with an attractive bright chrome plating for a clean fresh look A black plastic top cap is removable to fill the bollard with concrete for greater strength and stability The mounting plate is pre
Catalog ID: KQ31403
Brand: USG
rehab construction It provides a smooth , hard underlayment surface over concrete slabs , pre - stressed concrete or concrete planks at a thickness from featheredge to 3
Catalog ID: WQ35771
Brand: USG
rehab construction It provides a smooth , hard underlayment surface over concrete slabs , pre - stressed concrete or concrete planks at a typical thickness from featheredge to
Catalog ID: TO35820
Brand: HENRY
â?? x 6 â?? ) , and all quarry tile : BONDS TO : Concrete , concrete block , cement backer boards , drywall , 1 / 4 â?? x 1
Catalog ID: KG37251
Brand: HENRY
adhesive Flex Grout for grouting 1 - Quart Unit BONDS TO : Concrete , concrete block , cement backer boards , drywall , Up to 10 sq
Catalog ID: HC37252
Brand: HENRY
setting , cement - based underlayment Versatile Ideal for patching and leveling concrete Fast - setting Ready for most flooring in 1 - 2 hours Professional??s Formula For Success TM when patching and leveling concrete sub ?oors on all grade levels
Catalog ID: HP37266
Results: 1 to 25 out of 268
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