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Auto - tension return ribbons hold linen in firm no mechanical clutch / brake devices US designed and manufactured contact with heated surface
Catalog ID: VS88012
manufactured to assure contact with heated surface during ironing mechanical clutch / brake devices quality control and prompt parts availability Jog forward / reverse
Catalog ID: QO88011
from 80 to 140 FPM that fold pattern No mechanical clutch / brake mechanisms to maintain or adjust CHI Touch control screen microprocessor
Catalog ID: MM88008
ability to create complex motion profiles for sophisticated applications î?? Clutch - brake replacement The FM - 4E adds versatility and extends î?? Extend
Catalog ID: CU32961
full scale voltage and offest are programmable Application Examples î?? Clutch - brake replacement î?? Phase control with a differential Application Examples î
Catalog ID: HW32960
full scale voltage and offest are programmable Application Examples î?? Clutch - brake replacement î?? Phase control with a differential Application Examples î
Catalog ID: NB32957
is available on : 3000 and 4000 Vocational Model Series Transmissions Brakes at work The truck industry is constantly improving its vehicles These same advances have made trucks harder to stop But , brake technology hasnâ??t kept up , so weâ??re using the
Catalog ID: IH18367
to open damaged doors in plants and factories , or raise clutch and brake pedals in auto O rescue extraction by using the Spreader
Catalog ID: BD30862
exclusive to the Digital Series Winch Additional standard features include braking system with 3 independent working pawls , centrifugal Standard Features back - up brake , carrying handle and cable retainer spring 1 Cranking Handle 2
Catalog ID: VA45860
Brand: Hustler
s patented park WELDED STEEL DECK SMOOTHTRAK STEERING AUTOMATIC PARK BRAKE brake system which automatically Heavy - duty design for Responsive precise steering
Catalog ID: QR88997
Streamlined , Chrome Plated , Commands Respect N This siren includes grille , brake , and chrome finish It is designed to be pedestal mounted less the rear housing for flush mounting Heavy - duty coaster clutch R is subject to very little wear The unique clutch
Catalog ID: FO30910
Brand: John Deere
cut gears full PowerShift transmission with hydraulic reverser standard electric clutch cutoff on loader lever Torque Converter Single stage dual phase Powered Front MFWD Non - Powered Front Curb - Turning Radius With Brakes 357 m 11 ft 9 in 355 m
Catalog ID: UI88876
Inhibit ( Special ) Yes G Auxiliary Hold Yes 142 H Engine Brake Enable & Preselect Request ( Standard ) Yes 102 102 / 157 102 / 157 No W Direction change Enable No 122 Y Anti - Lock Brake Response Yes 121 121 121 Z Retarder Enable Yes 161
Catalog ID: GS18371
Brand: John Deere
6120M 6130M 6145M 6155M 6175M 6195M Left - hand PowrReverser makes clutch - free forward and reverse shifts easy and will help you lever When you need to slow down you have PowerFill brakes that are liquid cooled for more power and longevity The
Catalog ID: OT88874
Brand: John Deere
fuel - effcient FT4 engines Fuel - effcient cool - on - demand park brake fan with reversing option Rugged EPA FT4 / EU Stage IV lubricated fltered and emission regulations enabling you to and service - brake coolers employ a cooled for longer life Spring - applied work
Catalog ID: EM88883
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Conbraco
Actuators - Features - Plug - in connectors for the motor , the brake option and the Conbracoâ??s CS and CL electric heater with de - lubricated bearings making it very secure while elim - clutchable shaft ) inating the potential for side loading of the output
Catalog ID: IG49755
Brand: Hustler
SmoothTrak steering QUICKFLIP TECHNOLOGY AUTO DECK HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT AUTOMATIC PARK BRAKE patented automatic park brake and deep Raises and lowers deck for Raises and lowers
Catalog ID: GF88999
Brand: Twin Disc
you benefit from the torque modulation and cushioning of hydraulic clutches to reduce driveline startup acceleration deceleration and shutdown loads Twin contain an oil - filled multiple - disc hydraulically actuated self - adjusting clutch Typical heavy - duty applications for hydraulic PTOs include crushers grinders
Catalog ID: UV88938
Brand: Crane
is simplified because no lubrication Enclosure : service or changing of brakes is required The Crane 44000 UL50 Type - 4 , 4X actuator gears to final stage aluminum bronze worm sector gear Brake - an electro - mechanical brake is NOT required The worm gear
Catalog ID: DJ40886
user flexibility Clamp features Glideâ??n Position tubing with nylon brake bushings for smooth horizontal adjustment Resilient washers are made from Adjustment for the main and extension boom includes a thumbscrew / brake system BE - E to provide secure positioning and prevent tube
Catalog ID: WS50438
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Crane
wired for motor & limit switches Manual Override â?? Directing acting Brake â?? â?? Lock - cut â?? gear arrangement Adjustable Mechanical Travel â?? 500 ohm Feedback Transmitter â?? 4 - 20 mA De - clutchable Handwheel Override ELECTRIC â?? MODuLATING Standard Features : Process Control Signal
Catalog ID: BU51548
Brand: Hustler
54 : 42 Speed Up to 7 mph 60 : 44 Parking Brakes Patented automatic Length 73 D Width w / Chute Up 48 Grass bagger non - powered 54 bushels Drive Electric PTO clutch Steering lever extension kit ACCESSORIES Construction 10 ga fabricated FlexForks
Catalog ID: WU88993
Brand: Hustler
52 deck : 544 54 RD deck : 5572 Parking Brakes Patented automatic 60 deck : 624 60 RD deck : 61 side bagger 35 bushels BacVac bagger Drive Electric PTO clutch O Construction 10 ga Fab with 7 ga wrappers Spindle
Catalog ID: UN88996
Brand: LMT
replace Integrated Oil Reservoir Integrated Oil Reservoir Built - in centrifugal clutch allows for better Built - in centrifugal clutch allows for better horsepower transfer and the engine to idle
Catalog ID: SU89117
Results: 1 to 25 out of 66
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