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pdf ® VITON GLOVEBOX GLOVES Excellent resistance to permeation by chlorinated , aliphatic and aromatic solvents FEATURES AND BENEFITS Viton provides the highest permeation resistance to chlorinated , aliphatic and aromatic solvents and most oils and acids 8F2032
Catalog ID: BB30359
PQ64872pdf # Part R10 Flexible Chlorinated Polyolefin 2 to 1 Ratio Replaces Specification Reference Raychem NT FIT - 600 Description R10 is a rubber - like , flame retarded chlorinated polyolefin heat - shrinkable tubing which meets all the requirements of
Catalog ID: PQ64872
Brand: Mon-Eco
22 - 17 Eco - Canister System Adhesive NF is a Clear chlorinated solvent - based contact adhesive in a ready to use portable com
Catalog ID: KP33683
made specifically for handling a low - cost , high - performance alterna - chlorinated and aromatic solvents They exhibit a tive to leather palm
Catalog ID: RF30259
completesubmersion of valve body as all components are compatible with chlorinated water PVC / PVC / EPDM ConstructionIdeal for chlorinated water applications Blue Handle DesignBlue handle designates the proper
Catalog ID: TD78393
as all components are 2 Disc 1 PVC compatible with chlorinated water 3 Seat 1 EPDM PVC / PVC / EPDM Construction 4 O - Ring ( A ) 2 EPDM Ideal for chlorinated water applications 5 O - Ring ( B ) 2 EPDM Blue
Catalog ID: PS78415
Brand: Amercable
shipyards , oil and sunlight resistant telecommunications power , heavy earth Insulation Chlorinated moving equipment , renewable energy and Ethylene - Propylene rubber Polyethylene ( CPE composite of flame retardant , ( Special order ) oil and sunlight resistant Chlorinated Polyethylene ( CPE ) outer layer and Ethylene - Propylene rubber ( EPR ) inner
Catalog ID: QP86007
Brand: Amercable
shipyards , telecommunications resistant power , heavy earth moving equipment and Insulation Chlorinated other heavy duty flexing applications Ethylene - Propylene rubber Polyethylene ( CPE of flame retardant , black ( standard ) oil and sunlight resistant Chlorinated red Polyethylene ( CPE ) outer layer and blue Ethylene
Catalog ID: DF17700
form ® NORTH VITON â?? UNSUPPORTED GLOVES Unsurpassed performance against chlorinated and aromatic solvents FEATURES AND BENEFITS Excellent chemical resistance to chlorinated and aromatic solvents Can be used in water - based
Catalog ID: NV30331
Vendor: Universal
acids , esters , ketones , fats , oils , greases , hydraulic fluids ethyl - chemicals chlorinated , aromatic and nitro hydrocar - ene glycol and chemicals bons Not 93C ) Continuous Aromatic Hydrocarbons 2 3 1 1 1 4 Chlorinated Solvents 4 4 1 3 1 4 NEOPRENE Ketones 4
Catalog ID: VG51674
switches Alarms and shut down functions OTHER PROCESSES AVAILABLE Pretreatment Chlorination / De - chlorination Ultra - Filtration UF Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Post treatment Chlorination
Catalog ID: HA88128
Brand: Amercable
Green a longer cable life in VFD applications linked , non - chlorinated n Overall braid plus foil shield is engineered flame retardant Shield impedance
Catalog ID: WR86002
Brand: Hach
chlorine sensor is particularly useful for drinking water distribution monitoring chlorination applications demineralizer systems wastewater or cooling DW water processes due 5 Standard Deviation Electrically automatic or with 07 % de - chlorinated water Cleaning : can be set to inject cleaning solution through
Catalog ID: DC87251
Brand: Amercable
Duty Jacket is applied for Two layer reinforced mold - cured chlorinated maximum abrasion , mechanical and weather polyethylene ( CPE ) protection The pure maximum flexibility Two layer reinforced and long life mold - cured chlorinated polyethylene ( CPE ) � An Extra Heavy Duty Jacket is
Catalog ID: KU32039
Clean - Up Kit Economical and efficient Contains two ounces of chlorinated absorbent beads , latex gloves , germicidal towelette , antiseptic hand cleaner , red
Catalog ID: JD30261
Brand: Mon-Eco
contains no ODS ( Ozone ( - 29 to 71C ) Depleting Substances ) or chlorinated solvents This high tack multipurpose adhesive is for use in com
Catalog ID: TM33684
Brand: Amercable
engineered cable design produces Gexol chemically cross - linked , coverage non - chlorinated flame retardant a longer cable life in VFD applications polyolefin 1 15
Catalog ID: VK17706
specialtythermoplasticknown Combination of BlazeMaster Products chemicallyaspost - chlorinatedpolyvinylchloride with Other CPVC and Solvent Cements ® ( CPvC
Catalog ID: UD28181
Brand: Amercable
sectional area equal to at least 60 % of the thermosetting Chlorinated power conductor Polyethylene ( CPE ) Jacket � Ground check is bare grounds are used giving a total cross mold - cured chlorinated polyethlene ( CPE ) sectional area equal to at least 60 % of
Catalog ID: HJ32038
Brand: Amercable
JACKET Black heavy - duty n Sunlight ( UV ) , ozone and weather Chlorinated Polyethylene exposure resistant ( CPE ) Jacket : n Suitable for immersion in industrial @ nexansamercable
Catalog ID: UC86009
Brand: Water King
each with a junction box , two brine vessels , and one chlorination tank This skid is automated by Water Kingâ??s PLC Softeners � Filters � Potable Water � Chlorination STANDARD � ex conduit � rt using Schedule
Catalog ID: KD1073
Brand: Amercable
retardant , oil temperatures of 90 ° C and sunlight resistant Chlorinated Polyethylene � Suitable for use in festoons , suspended ( CPE 1 5
Catalog ID: PJ17701
Brand: Amercable
air , in ducts , immersed in water or directly sunlight resistant Chlorinated Larger sizes are coded buried in the earth However , they 1 7
Catalog ID: GL17702
Brand: Amercable
chemical and heat Features resistant yellow thermoset extra heavy - duty chlorinated � Special lay length to ensure long flex life 1 13
Catalog ID: FS17705
Results: 1 to 25 out of 84
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