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Vendor: Universal
Brand: Anvil int.
OF49464pdf traPeze Fig 45 Channel Assembly material : Carbon steel Finish : Plain or Galvanized ordering : Fig 45
Catalog ID: OF49464
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Anvil int.
NS76096pdf traPeze traps Fig 45 Channel Assembly S pports Pipe Material : Carbon steel Su Finish : Plain or
Catalog ID: NS76096
Brand: Bindicator
Level Systems 5 - 7 Electro Optic Level Switch Controller One Channel Electro Optic Level Switch and Pump Controller Two Channel Polysulfone Electro Optic Probe Polysulfone Electro Optic Sanitary Probe Electro
Catalog ID: JR100445
Brand: Sutron
Steel Enclosure2251 - 1496 24 H x 20 W NEMA Enclosure assembly w / 6 water - tight glands External mounting feet Seams continuously hinge Gasket - closed - cell neoprene cord encased in a continuous channel 304 stainless steel wall mounting feet & screws 10 - 32 threaded
Catalog ID: EP100476
Brand: Cla-Val
2 Information Gathering Page 6 and 7 X105L Limit Switch Assembly X144D e - FlowMeter X141 - PT Pressure Transmitter X145 e - Display advisor 1 Electronic Accessories and Enhancements X105L & X105L2 Limit Switch Assemblies X105L2 UL Listed switches available Actuated by the opening or
Catalog ID: BU100426
Brand: Hach
FLO - DAR AV Sensor provides a revolutionary approach to open channel flow monitoring It combines advanced Digital Doppler Radar velocity sensing with ultrasonic pulse echo depth sensing to remotely measure open channel flow Use with the Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers wireless
Catalog ID: QW99341
Brand: Hach
30 to 1000 ft lengths Important Note : The sensor cable assembly with desiccant hub is compatible with Hach FL900 Series Flow 3 AV Sensor meets CE requirements hachflowcom Desiccant Hub Assembly Dimensions The desiccant hub assembly includes a junction box to
Catalog ID: OG99566
Brand: Hach
seal when used with the optional Hach insertion mount hardware assembly This ball valve hardware enables sensor insertion and retraction from For current price information LXV4049900552 sc200 controller 2 channel digital technical support and ordering LXV4049900502 sc200 controller
Catalog ID: IQ99344
Brand: Hach
and Canada The Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger revolutionizes open channel flow monitoring by providing reliable innovative solutions for any sewer 1 2 or 4 ports Connectors Stainless steel connectors Datalog Channels 16 maximum Alarms Maximum of 16 channel alarms including high
Catalog ID: FQ99432
Brand: Hach
will be taken how many samples remain number of logged channels time of last measurement memory available number of active channels if alarms were triggered when alarms were triggered active sensors
Catalog ID: FN99421
Quote Visit Website AN TIVIBRATI VANCED 6 ON AD N Channel Mounts To 52 lbs / in O C TS O www TO 52 lb / in 093 kgf / mm OF LENGTH Channels Steel SUPPLIED IN 30 INCH 762 mm LENGTHS C E
Catalog ID: UJ99015
neat precision fit Screw - On Aluminum Trim Detail Divider Bars Channel Trim & Angle Trim DIVIDER BARS Number Opening Face Stock Lenths trim with exposed fasteners is noted for ease of installation CHANNEL TRIM Number Opening Face Stock Lenths Slip - On Aluminum Trim
Catalog ID: PP99293
The CLG - W12 can be powered from a single amplifier channel at Designed for excellent concealment in any garden landscape the for ground level spaces simply involves the addition of amplifier channels installation amongst shrubs and trees to deliver a luxury blend
Catalog ID: HF99078
to deliver premium performance in media room applications three audio channels This performance is enhanced by using low resonance cabinet for with a wide are partitioned and operate purely as discreet channels with the Designed with easy installation in mind range of
Catalog ID: DD99080
Brand: Dow
continued to hold its 38 mm x 305 mm aluminum channels one lled with latex foam original shape and remained fully bonded to the aluminum channel white and the other with GREAT STUFF PRO Window & Door
Catalog ID: PS98717
Brand: Knauf
Single layer gypsum 38 35 38 34 Single studs / Resilient channel 47 39 50 40 Staggered studs / Single layer gypsum 49 52 STC reflects two 2 " thick fiberglass batts used Additional Assemblies STC Wood frame 2 x 4 3 " 4 " Batt 24
Catalog ID: GT98791
Brand: Rockwool
is further achieved when AFB is part of the wall assembly along with gypsum boards and resilient channels AFB evo is non - combustible and will not develop toxic
Catalog ID: GI98820
Brand: Dow
can be used in a variety of hourly rated wall assemblies The Meets US building code requirements for insulation is and masonry wall systems combine strength and economy In these assemblies THERMAX Sheathing delivers high insulation performance in a thin profile
Catalog ID: FA98725
Brand: Rockwool
is further achieved when AFB is part of the wall assembly along with gypsum boards and resilient channels AFB is non - combustible and will not develop toxic smoke
Catalog ID: AM98817
Brand: Rockwool
is further achieved when AFB is part of the wall assembly along with gypsum boards and resilient channels AFB is non - combustible and will not develop toxic smoke
Catalog ID: AE98819
Brand: Ruskin
is in an architectural ceiling below the fire rated ceiling assembly The CFD7T - SB is constructed with a 1 254 should be located between adjacent truss and RC or Furring channels The entire system shall be UL classified and ULC Listed
Catalog ID: WW97791
Brand: Danfoss
transfers energy through the thin strong flow plates between the channels and delivers it to the cold opposing medium without mixing The plates are strongly guided by the gasket during the assembly of the plate heat exchanger The plate pack is held
Catalog ID: WT97476
Brand: Ruskin
Approvals FRAME MARKING Specification Tested Product 20 gage 91 steel channel ON PRODUCT Option BLADES 24 gage 61 curtain type SLEEVE the damper to be through the wall and the damper assembly is mounted flush with installed outside the plane of the
Catalog ID: WS97819
Brand: Ruskin
127 x 16 Width galvanized single piece hat - shaped channel structurally Frame superior to 13 24 gauge channel MAXIMUM OPERATIONAL RATINGS frame One - piece airfoil nominal 6 " Description
Catalog ID: WO97955
Results: 1 to 25 out of 572
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