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Vendor: Universal
applications in quarter - turn valves Enclosure Option Blank Additional Limit Switches may be used to operate lights that indi - cate valve destructive feedback This high - voltage feedback is due to limit switch action auto transformer effect of unused winding and capacitor voltage
Catalog ID: TI91916
vac 0 - Standard 400 2 - 24 vac A - One extra switch & cam 600 3 - 220 vac B - Two extra switches & cams 800
Catalog ID: KO93664
Brand: Russound
RG5559pdf Amp CAM CAM Spec CAM Russound © 2007 home Since Include Remote SRC2
Catalog ID: RG5559
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Conbraco
Standard 200 2 â?? 24 vac A â?? One extra switch & cam * 400 3 â?? 220 vac B â?? Two extra switches
Catalog ID: FR49754
intervals the easy to read pages for the associated Flow Switches Recommended guides will help keep Replacement product icons to quicklyApproval Agencies 119 Liquid Level Controls 70 Maintenance 120 Flow Switches 78 Warranty & Return Policy 123 - 124 BoileR contRols loW WAteR
Catalog ID: VG88120
Brand: Crane
EG40885pdf CRANE Limit Switches CCR Series CXA Series CCA Series CRANE Limit Switches CCR Series - Economical General Purpose The CCR Series Limit Switch
Catalog ID: EG40885
GW78316pdf P Series Limit Switch Specifications Temperature : - 20C to 80C Limit Switches : 16A mechancial switches or inductive Weight : 12 lbs Voltages
Catalog ID: GW78316
Brand: ASCO Power
LI83685pdf series 300 Power Transfer Switches Maximum Reliability & Excellent Value With a SerieS 300 Transfer Switch , you get a product backed by ASCO Power Technologies , the
Catalog ID: LI83685
MU78317pdf Westlock Top - Mounted Switch Box A limit switch box is mounted on and coupled to the actuator in
Catalog ID: MU78317
SC27276pdf Pneumatic Switches The Moniteur Sentinel VPT is available with pneumatic switches for applications requiring pneumatic signaling Features and benefits of the
Catalog ID: SC27276
Brand: Ruskin
s2a-auxiliary-switches-product-data-submittal-pdf-6842pdf Auxiliary Switches S1A S2A For the Non - Spring Return Direct - Coupled Actuators Application The S1A and S2A auxiliary switches are used to indicate when a desired position of a
Catalog ID: TA98089
120 VAC thermally protected with single limit 24 HRS ! switch cam / coupling activated Redesigned sealed weatherproof enclosure includes : - Flanged cover
Catalog ID: BM78437
Vendor: Universal
WCENBR1057-00pdf Worcester Controls Rotary Switches High Performance Reliability and User Friendly Experience In Motion Flowserve Flow Control Worcester Switches Flowserve Corporation s Worcester Valve Automation Quality Dependability and Productivity
Catalog ID: QU91944
Brand: Belden
Network Solutions For Mission Critical Security Applications Belden ® Cable , Switches , and Connectivity Maximize Throughput , Simplify Installation , and Reduce Overall Costs System Performance Our Synergy Ensures Network Design Continuous Performance switches Based on this comprehensive product Belden eliminates your design challenges
Catalog ID: QK39642
ASAHI / AMERICA 160 Rev G 6 - 14 P Series Limit Switch Temperature : Limit Switches : Weight : Voltages : Housing : Shaft : Indicator Cover : Fasteners : Bracket : Specifications - 20C
Catalog ID: GK78362
hazardous environments Available with a range of position sensors and switches FEATURES Flameproof design meeting a wide range of worldwide approvals Touch set cams are hand adjustable spring loaded and self - locking providing quick
Catalog ID: SS94383
KJ26044pdf Performance Engineered Product Specification for Rotary Limit Switch ( LS - 820 ) This specification covers the design of valve limit switches used in plant - wide valve automation applications Limit Switch
Catalog ID: KJ26044
applications for any environment A valve position transmitter with available switch options offering industry leading linearity and hysteresis The D200 features enable customer planned maintenance Option to include end of travel switches giving more versatility Global certification for hazardous areas covers more
Catalog ID: QQ94380
safe standards They offer a choice of enclosure materials and switching options FEATURES Intrinsically Safe design meeting a wide range of Chinese NEPSI Inductive NAMUR sensor rated for IS applications Magnum switches with rhodium contacts for use with low power I / O
Catalog ID: JQ94385
Brand: Chemtrol
SI24486pdf ® Valve Accessories wwwnibcocom Switch Box Kits for Manual Operation As a matter of safety for ball valves contain two single - pole double - throw micro - switches with adjustable cams , typically set for sensing the on and
Catalog ID: SI24486
are certified for use in explosive atmospheres FEATURES Touch set cams are hand adjustable spring loaded and self - locking providing quick calibration of position switches and sensors Terminal strips are pre - wired and numbered with
Catalog ID: UI94381
17 Mid - West Instrument Bourdon Tube Type Differential Pressure Gauge & Switches Model 109 LOCKED LOGIC ALARM CONTROLS Available with 1 or 2 switches for alarm & control Over Range Protection high - low and low
Catalog ID: OV94903
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Apollo
FT75759pdf stonel quartz limit switch The Quartz is available in explosion proof ( QX ) , nonincendive and in corrosive , heavy wash down environments A broad range of switching , position transmitter and communication options may be selected to accommodate
Catalog ID: FT75759
Heavy Duty Ratings Maintained Pushbuttons Consist Of Two With A Cam To Actuate Plungers Of Contact Pushbuttons and A Latching Assembly and Is Freed Only By The Available With Seven Different Cams essu elay Selector Switches and Pilot Lights Release Operator T
Catalog ID: NG23807
Results: 1 to 25 out of 145
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