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Brand: Fluke
725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Process Calibrator Simply powerful intrinsic safe calibration tool Technical Data The new Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction new Fluke 700PEx Pressure Modules , the 725Ex is able to calibrate almost any process instrument likely to need service in an
Catalog ID: CE4203
Brand: Fluke
Data Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrator The complete solution to pressure calibration The Fluke 718 pressure calibrator family ( 4 models ) provide a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters , gauges and switches This compact pressure calibration
Catalog ID: KJ4201
Brand: Fluke
range ?? from ?? 02 ?? A ?? to ?? 30 ?? A ?? allows ?? one ?? instrument ?? for ?? multiple ?? applications ???? Continuity ?? loop ?? test ?? - ?? quickly ?? assess ?? whether ?? resistance memory ?? function ?? automatically ?? records ?? and ?? ?? stores ?? measured ?? values ?? ???? Automatic ?? self ?? calibration ?? ensures ?? correct ?? measurement ?? every ?? time Technical Data Earth Ground loop
Catalog ID: RF4197
Brand: Fluke
take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument ( 87V ) Large digit display with bright , two - level backlight makes battery changes without breaking the trial troubleshooting even more productive calibration seal Save more than $ 50 * compared with the Limited lifetime
Catalog ID: RP4195
Brand: Fluke
± ( 2 % + 3 ) AC conversion : Inputs are ac - coupled and calibrated to the rms value of sine wave input Conversions are V , FAST fuse AC conversion : Inputs are ac - coupled and calibrated to the rms value of sine wave input Conversions are
Catalog ID: BP4196
Brand: Fluke
can make and tests you can perform with a single instrument Perfect for benchtop research and development Research and development applications connections easy to navigate through measurements and within a system instrument settings 4 5 With 65 digit performance , legacy DMM
Catalog ID: SL4204
scanner-asm-datasheet-uspdf Advanced Signal Multi - scanner ASM Calibrate 24 temperature sensors Design your own calibration procedures - start calibrating and leave for other tasks Save precious
Catalog ID: TS86684
data-sheet-uspdf Advanced Multi - purpose Calibrator AMC910 Superior calibration accuracy to 0003 % of reading 0001 % F S 10V and 100 V DC sion signal temperature and pressure calibrations as it combines the MilliAmp range 0 to 50 mA
Catalog ID: QV86723
pdf milliAmp Calibrator mAcal Sources and measures current Allows for calibration of transmitters in a two - wire loop Stable source Internal Calibrator is an economical and easy - to - use calibra - Traceable calibration tion device for sourcing and measuring mA signals For your
Catalog ID: FJ86717
Type T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester offers laboratory accuracy in an instrument that is designed to withstand an industrial Accuracy to 0 Three accuracies available proper deadweight configuration for your application : These instruments are available in 0100 % 0025 % ranges and location
Catalog ID: BF86664
zone heating block ensures good temperature homogeneity in the critical calibration zone of the heating block Enhanced accuracy and stability MVI are generally critical process control but can vary based on calibration and testing requirements The ITC series dry - block calibrators are
Catalog ID: KD86712
compact mA loop signal calibrator You can use it to calibrate or measure mA as well as loop voltage The unit on Low battery warning Yes Measure mA Physical specifications LxHxW Instrument 150 x 90 x 30 mm / 6 x 36
Catalog ID: ON86713
LDS9500_0pdf Precision calibrator Model PD9500 Features Initial Calibration Accuracy 6 months to 00025 % of Rdg voltage 1 Selectable 250 Ohm HART Resistor Includes NIST Traceable Certificate with Calibration Data Precision Digital corPoration wwwpredigcom MODEL PD9500 PrEcisiOn
Catalog ID: QK94773
0020 % of reading 0015 % FS True field calibration Fully temperature compensated Unique built - in electrical pump HPC600 has padded soft case equipped to meet any need for pressure calibration International traceable calibration certificate including vacu - Thermometer um and electrical
Catalog ID: VS86708
CSC201 will work with pulsed excitation transmitters and PLC s Calibrate pressure CSC201 will measure or calibrate pressure just apply a APM CPF pressure module and a
Catalog ID: KN86714
R 28 to 400 ° C / 82 to 752 ° F Fast calibration saves money Heats up as quickly as 100 ° C / 212 The small size and light weight make it a perfect instrument to verify sen - sors in difficult to reach places Documentation
Catalog ID: NA86707
digital-pressure-gauge-m1m-maritime-brochurepdf Maritime Calibration Temperature Pressure Signal Ready - to - Use Calibration Solutions Portable Solutions Designed for your Specific Requirements METEK offers
Catalog ID: UG86698
active dual - zone block ensures good temperature homogeneity in the calibration zone Patent DLC pending Dynamic Load Compensation Perfect temperature uniformity in the insert even when calibrating large sen - sors or many sensors at a time B
Catalog ID: BG86726
provides the functionality and accuracy you expect from a laboratory calibration system but compact enough to fit into the tool box and be operated with one hand for easy field calibration The ASC - 400 is more than just a signal calibrator
Catalog ID: UT86718
for h good temperature homogeneity in Bot use block the calibration zone dry - and DLC Liquid Bath Dry - Block Patent Dynamic nding Perfect temperature uniformity in the pe insert even when calibrating large sen - sors or many sensors at a time B
Catalog ID: FG86727
Brand: Isotech
Accuracy to 0001 ° C , 1mK g Warns if calibration due date exceeded g No mechanical relays , long life Quite 90 , 255 and 100 Ohm Up to 30 probe calibrations can be stored along with the calibration expiry date so
Catalog ID: MI71050
to 257 ° F with our Intuitive patented heat piping technology calibration High accuracy Down to 007 ° C 0013 ° F wire True - Ohm - Measurement technology is used Most stable cooler calibration on the market 003 C 0054 ° F Fastest
Catalog ID: HU86724
Maintains a minimum uncertainty budget throughout the period between re - calibration intervals The JOFRA DTI050 handheld digital temperature indicator offers a on the sensor - under - test thermometer This simple to use instrument offers great flexibility being able to work True field instrument
Catalog ID: HF86704
Protection using non - magnetic die - cast alloy or aluminum weights calibrated Prevents Piston Damage 2 to international standard gravity at 9 feature of HL deadweight tester is the way that These instruments are available in 0100 % and 0050 % the wei
Catalog ID: OE86690
Results: 1 to 25 out of 538
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