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Brand: Calrad
Catalog ID: US70389
Brand: Steren
OP42883pdf Telephony & Twisted Pair Products Flat Cable Modular Plugs Telephone Adapters Keystone Surface Mount Boxes Snap - In Patch Panels Flat - Cable Modular Plugs Round - Cable Modular Plugs CAT5E RJ45 Modular Plugs
Catalog ID: OP42883
Brand: Steren
pdf Fiber Optic Products Fiber Preparation Tools Fiber Connector Crimp Tool Fiber Jumper Assemblies Fiber Pigtail Assemblies Fiber Preparation Tools Fiber Connector Crimp Tool Fiber Jumper Assemblies Fiber Pigtail Assemblies Breakout Receiver Service
Catalog ID: FE42885
Brand: Steren
PermaSeal - I Connectors PermaSeal - II Connectors F Crimp Connectors F TaperSeal Connectors F PermaSeal - I Connectors Adapters A7 A7 A8 A8 A8 A8 Coaxial CCTV - Cam Cable Series - 6 Coaxial Drop Cable Certified Coaxial Drop Cable Compression
Catalog ID: WM42880
Brand: Dewalt
accessories_fastenerspdf ACCESSORIES & FASTENERS 104 Porter - Cable is a registered trademark of Stanley Black & Decker Inc MaxDW5847 Ground Rod Driver 12 " 3 / 4 " 1 DW5846 Asphalt Cutter 16 " 5 " 1 DW5832B15 Bull Point 12 " - 15 DW5833B15 Bull
Catalog ID: HN91288
Brand: Belden
pdf ® Belden Optical Fiber Catalog ® Belden FiberExpress Systems , Cable and Connectivity Belden FiberExpress Systems are the definitive choice for quality and detail ensures a solid return on your fiber cabling investment Preparing for the Future with Belden FiberExpress Solutions Belden
Catalog ID: FG39633
Brand: Dewalt
Ah Strokes / Min 0 - 2450 spm DCS494M2 and Charger Minimum Cutting Radius 5 " Capacity in Steel 14 GA Tool Weight Tool DCS496B Voltage 20V MAX Strokes / Min 0 - 2450 spm Minimum Cutting Radius 1 " Capacity in Steel 18 GA Tool Weight Tool
Catalog ID: QD91326
Brand: Steren
KH5906pdf Cable Preparation Tools 204 - 200 Precision Coaxial Cable Stripper for RG58 , RG59 , RG62 and RG6 Clothes Pin - Style
Catalog ID: KH5906
DP40106pdf wwwgreenleecom Cable TV Coax Termination and Test Kit Vo Contains the tools , connectors and tester for installing and testing a Cable ic TV system e Cable TV tone test set
Catalog ID: DP40106
Brand: Steren
GB6000pdf Modular - Ratchet Crimp Tools Professional Crimp Tools for Quick , Easy Termination of Flat - and Round - Stranded
Catalog ID: GB6000
Brand: Steren
Blades Easy - Grip Plastic Coated Handles 514 - 013 Fiber Optic Cable Cutter Wedge - Shaped Diamond Tip for Precise Scribing and Snapping of
Catalog ID: DJ6018
Brand: Steren
RG17161pdf New Product Release Coaxial Cable Connectors Coaxial Connectivity Coaxial Connectivity ?High performance F , RCA 200 - 065 connectors 200 - 167 ?Designed for broadband coaxial cable installation ??PermaSeal - I ?Suitable for video , voice and data
Catalog ID: RG17161
GG40199pdf wwwgreenleecom CUTTiNG , sTriPPiNG AND CriMPiNG TOOls ols Pro Wire Strippers To Strips the outer
Catalog ID: GG40199
testers for installing and maintaining ic most types of communications cabling including voice , data , cable TV and e coax Ethernet networks ® Durable
Catalog ID: LN40108
Brand: Steren
PM Page S - 6 Coaxial Products A Coaxial CCTV - Cam Cable RG59 Coaxial Cable with 2 - Conductor Power - Limited Cable Suitable for CCTV Installations
Catalog ID: AK8580
SP40384pdf e Category 5E UTP Cable l HomeTRAX Enhanced Category 5E UTP Cable is designed to meet Quality Products or exceed todayâ??s
Catalog ID: SP40384
Brand: Irwin
Jaw Jaw Wire Grip Model Description Size Length Width Thickness Cutter Type Item 11 " Long Reach Needle LRNN 11 " / 280 mm Jaw Wire Wire Wire Grip Model Size Length Width Thickness Cutter Stripper Crimper Type Item LN6 6 " / 150 mm 1 - 7
Catalog ID: DK91612
Brand: Belden
provides a fast , secure , and reliable termination on optical fiber cables All critical steps are performed in the factory , ensuring a Accessory Kit for jacketed fiber ( 2 mm boot and a crimp sleeve ) AX101984 SC Accessory Kit for jacketed fiber ( 3 mm
Catalog ID: RQ3198
MR40195pdf wwwgreenleecom Pocket Cable Stripper o Specifically designed for stripping power and telecommunications cables e from 3 / 4 " to 1 - 1 / 2 " in diameter
Catalog ID: MR40195
40 hazardous electrical discharges can be caused by faults in cables in cable splices and joints and at transformer terminals They may also
Catalog ID: FM91058
Brand: Steren
27 AM Page S - 27 Telephony & Twisted Pair Products D Cable Distribution â?? D â?? Rings Effective , Economical Method of Managing and Securing Wires and Cables Routes and supports cross - connects in distribution cabinets , closets and
Catalog ID: RI8601
Brand: Steren
RG6 204 - 451 204 - 004 3 - Cavity 9 Ë? Hex Crimp Tool â?? RG58 , RG59 , RG62 204 - 005 4 - Cavity 9 Ë? Hex Crimp Tool â?? RG58 , RG59 , RG62 , RG6 15 - Pocket Tool Bag
Catalog ID: EL17158
HA40090pdf wwwgreenleecom Telephone Ratchet Crimper o Combination tool terminates 8 - position , 6 - position and 45575 only ) modular style idplugs No need to change crimping dies V Full - cycle ratchet mechanism provides consistent , â
Catalog ID: HA40090
RCA , BNC , and RG59 , RG6 , or RG6 F - Connectors Quad cables a full product offering of advanced - Lightweight and engineered RCA RG6 and RG6 Part # : Perfect for RGB 25 & Quad coax cables perfectly CM - TOOL 26 AWG mini coax D
Catalog ID: QT40428
Results: 1 to 25 out of 37
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