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MOUNT , DUAL VOICE COIL SUBWOOFER EVID 121 Supplemental bass for indoor systems Steel - reinforced cabinet with Ideal shape for flexible placement wall or corner mounting and optimal bass loading EVID SURFACE - MOUNT SYSTEMS EVID premium commercial loudspeakers bring
Catalog ID: TH77368
Brand: Denon
transparent music experience Hybrid Metal Housing eliminates resonance of bass - enhanced music Oxygen - Free , non - tangle cable with 1 - button
Catalog ID: GH76776
Brand: AKG
go with you everywhere Signature AKG - quality sound with enriched bass performance There are a lot of good headphones out there design and AKG branding the luxury of rich sound with enhanced bass Of hands - free controls placed just right for an
Catalog ID: TO89417
Brand: Shure
Professional DJ Headphones Professional Monitoring Headphones FEATURES Precisely tailored frequency Enhanced frequency response Enhanced frequency response Wide frequency range delivers full response delivers rich
Catalog ID: IW43075
â?? x 36 â?? x 10 â?? combination gobo and bass trap that is designed to meet the demands of the provides a barrier to block sound transmission between instruments while enhancing bass absorption Made from multi - ply Baltic birch , the GoTrap
Catalog ID: GD64342
any combination of EVF and EVH loudspeakers 12 " FRONT - LOADED BASS ELEMENT EVF - 1121S Enhanced bass for installations EVCoat , PI or FG finish â
Catalog ID: GB77363
Brand: Denon
pdf URBAN RAVER AH - C300 In - Ear Headphones Heavy Bass Denonâ??s Urban Raver AH - C300 In - Ear Headphones provide unprecedented bass from a small form factor , thanks to Denonâ??s patent
Catalog ID: FD76815
Deep Drawn Galvanized Steel Enclosure 937 in 3 60 Watts Enhanced Quality 707V / 100V Internal Transformer Minimizes Insertion Loss and System shall include a high performance 8 " coaxial loudspeaker ported bass reflex enclosure and press - fit grille for conventional ceiling installation
Catalog ID: VW89452
or subwoofers Press fit grilles blend better into contemporary architecture Enhanced quality 707V / 100V internal transformers minimize insertion loss and drop tile or drywall ceilings with provided tile bridge ported bass reflex enclosure and press - fit grille for conventional ceiling assembly
Catalog ID: UR89439
Brand: AKG
studio sound has been enriched with a touch of deep bass to better reproduce the features of today s music Moreover remote cable / microphone precision sound with superior acoustic dampening and enhanced bass 35 mm - 63 mm adapter response Universal
Catalog ID: PN89409
Brand: Burmester
thick aluminium In most speaker designs the vibrations from the bass units are transferred to the baffle which in turn transmits a sandwich construction The deliberate decision to dimension both the bass unit and the frequency crossover for extremely rapid transients in
Catalog ID: PG89555
waveguide provides up to 130 ° wide - dispersion Ported enclosure provides enhanced low - frequency response Safety listed to UL1480 and UL2043 Paint43 " VoIP Loudspeaker Solutions Needs Your Meet To Models Multiple Enhancing Unified Communications with Loud and Intelligible Notifications Now you have
Catalog ID: PA89438
Brand: Burmester
been perceptibly improved as has the tonal spectrum of the bass range The ribbon tweeter now has a new sound guide reproduction of voices and instruments The two laterally positioned 210mm bass units contain extremely stable glass - fibre mem - branes resulting in
Catalog ID: OQ89557
Brand: AKG
AKG sound used on dozens of number - 1 - hits an enhanced version of the highly sought - after AKG C12 built 1953 to Noise : 72 dB - A Preattenuation Pad : - 10 - 20 dB Bass cut filter : 100 130 Hz Electrical impedance : 200 Ohms Recommended
Catalog ID: GF89378
up to 110 ° Dispersion Tile Bridge Included Ported Enclosure Provides Enhanced Low - Frequency Response Safety Listed to UL1480 and UL2043 4 shall include a high performance 45 " coaxial loudspeaker ported bass enclosure shall be a minimum of 18 - gauge deep drawn
Catalog ID: CI89444
Brand: Burmester
quality The Ambience BA71 owes its lean elegance and elemental bass power to the partition of its diaphragm surface area into are vigorously supported in the sub - low storey by a bass reflex port Two low - mid drivers per loudspeaker guarantee the
Catalog ID: CE89537
Brand: Burmester
to reproduce all octaves of music down to the deepest bass foundation The reproduction of bass notes is particularly important in projecting the power and emotional
Catalog ID: BD89554
Brand: Russound
response Long - throw glass �ber woofer for deeper bass , lower distortion and increased power handling Audiophile - grade crossover and product reliability are second to none in the industry , enhancing your long - term satisfaction with any of the Advantage speakers
Catalog ID: RA5556
Brand: Shure
close of loyal followers It simply rocks drums and other bass instruments Its extended high frequency response The uniform supercardioid pattern shock mounting and a hardened grille source as you want , enhancing noise pickup to a bare minimum minimizes mechanical noise and
Catalog ID: PD5872
Brand: Russound
of structural ribs to make The result is improved efficiency , enhanced a cone that is both both Advantage and Atmosphere offerings bass performance and greater musical fer lighter and stif detail through
Catalog ID: NW5557
magnets and copper - clad aluminum wire voice coils Rich bass response with extended high end Circumaural design ensures superior magnets and copper - clad aluminum wire voice coils Rich bass response with extended high end Circumaural design ensures superior
Catalog ID: KU7803
that provides extremely realistic and saturated colors as well as enhanced contrast Advanced AccuBlend scan conversion provides precise display of computer a combination of exclusive new technologies have been incorporated that enhance the sharpness , clarity and color reproduction of the panel Advanced
Catalog ID: WD21956
NECâ??s displays give you the freedom to express yourself Enhanced picture in picture capabilities allow you to view a variety all this and much more possible ® PlasmaSync 61XM2 + with Enhanced Split Screen primary features picture in picture modes â?? can
Catalog ID: UP21958
easily be looped from one monitor to the next selectable enhance the imageâ??s overall quality gamma allowing you to connect environment Protection advanced configuration external control and self diagnostics AccuShield enhanced with pixel refresh mode NEC has built in ma
Catalog ID: SQ21978
Results: 1 to 25 out of 101
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