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Brand: Bradley
Mixing Valves Portable Eyewashes BRADLEYCORPCOM Table of Contents Standard Products Recessed Drench Showers What's New 73 Eye and Eye304 46 S19 - 270HW 71 Wall Mounted S19 - 270E 72 Corrosion Resistant All Halo Models 24 Laboratory Drench Showers S19224 Series
Catalog ID: GH90841
Vendor: Universal
WCENBR0001-05pdf Worcester Controls Product Catalog Experience In Motion To Access Literature On - line More information about FLOWSERVE products can be Table of Contents obtained on - line It s
Catalog ID: AT91937
Vendor: Universal
Brand: American
Coatings-5-24-21pdf Section 11 AMERICAN Linings and Coatings AMERICAN Linings for Pipe and Fittings The principal standard covering providing improved flow characteristics and the required protection against internal corrosion The cement lining is satisfactory for temperatures up to 212
Catalog ID: ER104231
Vendor: Universal
Flow Management Challenges 6 Industries 8 Services 10 Other Flowserve Products 12 When and Where You Need Us 13 Valves IntroductionSevere Service Control Valves and Trim Quick Reference Chart 53 Anti - Erosion 55 Valves for Cavitation Elimination 55 Noise Reduction 56
Catalog ID: NM91902
Brand: Kunkle
Models 91 / 218 / 228 liquid relief valves Safety and relief productS Cast iron liquid relief valves with bronze trim including models lapped for optimum performance springs are steel with plating for corrosion protection High lift wing - guided disc offers high relieving capacity
Catalog ID: TH88113
grade copper - free LM6 aluminium Finish Housing - Phosphated and powder coated Product Overview anti - corrosion finish Note : Backbox can be rotated to
Catalog ID: RF94085
Brand: Proco
Expansion Joint and Check Valve People Pipe Penetration Seals PROCO PRODUCTS , INC The Expansion Joint and Check Valve People PROCO Products , Inc is a leading supplier of PROCO Products , Inc rubber
Catalog ID: KU43715
ned areas Fertilizer version includes standard kinematics adapter and optional anti - corrosion coating Fertilizer edition also is available with M - Drive that
Catalog ID: AK103638
Company ALL STAINLESS STEEL MOTORS , GEARMOTORS , AND DRIVES Bulletin 1525 Product Selection Guide PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL WASHGUARD MOTORS Meets Demanding Sanitation Nothing on the motorâ??s exterior is painted or coated in any way motors when tested without shaft seals Â
Catalog ID: EB23089
600 and 300 50 , Valves 1 Flanged ! 11 Page on PRODUCT SPECIFICATION GUIDE Rev 09 / 14 SVF Flow Controls , Inc â Actuators & Controls Industrial = Standard Port = Full Port Valves Industrial Series Product Description Port Page R8 Process Quality , Three - Piece Ball Valve
Catalog ID: UA82225
Brand: Dewalt
72 MECHANICAL ANCHORS PLASTERBOARD 73 ZIP - IT PLASTERBOARD ANCHORS DESCRIPTION PRODUCT OVERVIEW One piece self drilling anchor designed for use in com for more information 74 MECHANICAL ANCHORS ZIP - TOGGLE DESCRIPTION PRODUCT OVERVIEW Self drilling hollow plasterboard anchor I ncludes screws Blister
Catalog ID: QQ91444
Brand: Tri Dim
2600-2pdfpdf Tri - Kleen HVAC Extended Care Products Tri - Kleen HVAC Extended Care LEADERS IN CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS A Tri - Dim offers a complete series of HVAC extended - care products that can help bring your HVAC system back under control
Catalog ID: NJ98494
Brand: Dewalt
designed for The anchor also features a wide head and anti - rotation use in all common wall types as well as also extremely easy to use and can be Long - lasting anti - corrosion treatment installed without the need for a setting tool
Catalog ID: FE91445
Protection Catalog 10 1 All Miller brand fall protection products meet applicable OSHA ANSI and CSA requirements 1 LIMITLESS possibilitiesLand Orientation Course 86 Online 86 On - Site 86 TITAN PRODUCTS 87 Anchorage Connectors & System Kits 88 A Body Wear B
Catalog ID: QE91086
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Mueller Co
550 Series Full - Seal Clamps provide ecomomical repairs and resist corrosion MUELLER Full - Seal clamps provide an economical repair Lightweight all STUDS - have spin - fit threads For fast installation and Teflon coated heavy hex nuts for anti - galling TAPERED END GRIDDED GASKET
Catalog ID: EP88464
Brand: ISTEC
GS 01E20D01 - 01E The AXF magnetic flowmeter series are sophisticated products with outstanding reliability and ease of operation developed on the21 Inner Diameter of Grounding Ring P 22 Expansion of Product Lineup Accessories P 23 Terminal Configuration and Terminal Wiring P
Catalog ID: UB88058
single joystick Fertilizer version includes standard kinematics adapter and optional anti - corrosion coating Fertilizer edition also is available with M - Drive that
Catalog ID: VQ103640
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Mueller Co
companies and contractors around the world Many of our innovative products are ones that have been born out of our inherent re - orientation of pilot system steel spring and stem are corrosion resistent The AISI 316 stainless steel seat ring is guaranteed
Catalog ID: FL88487
Brand: Kunkle
Catalog ID: WQ88109
Brand: Tel-Tru
Manufacturing Company We manufacture thermometers but we sell service reliability product quality and performance and our experience working with customers to application problems Since my grandfather Harry Germanow started making household products in 1916 to today s temperature and pressure instruments serving
Catalog ID: OB100871
Brand: Simplex
2 The Simplex Reliant Series is the latest Normal duty products are UL508 listed , Overview design expression of a seventyyear NEMA1 a new As a progressive , evolutionary design tanks and modern production facility , and of the Simplex Pacakged Day Tank with a
Catalog ID: WA70984
FOR OTHER E AVAILABLE VALVE OPTIONS S TRUNNION BALL VALVE PRODUCT FEATURES DESCRIPTION 1 Standard double block sealing performance 2 Full Antic - Static Device costs of the valve actuation package 11 Anti blow - out proof stem design Advantages of trunnion ball design
Catalog ID: BP91819
NO1332pdf SECTION : 250005 FM2344 0307 Supersedes Product information presented here re � ects con di tions at Finned Class 30 Cast Iron Con struc tion Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Epoxy Finish Discharge Size - 1
Catalog ID: NO1332
Results: 1 to 25 out of 117
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