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Brand: Fluke
differential and static pres - The Fluke 922 makes airflow sure , air velocity and flow measurements easy by combin - readings ing pressure , air flow , and
Catalog ID: QH4206
Brand: Fluke
ratings Other major Fluke 117 features : True - RMS for accurate measurement on non - linear loads 20A measurements ( 30 seconds momentary , 10A continuous ) Resistance , continuity , frequency â
Catalog ID: OD4183
Brand: Liebert
In - Person Review of Report Findings power systems , heat removal , air distribution and floor space Reduce operating costs of computer support and perform the following activities : Cause Problems � Take air and temperature readings at critical points throughout the data center
Catalog ID: RL23989
Brand: Hach
Channel RTC N RTC 1C LXZ51953 B0101 Nitrification plug flow Combination open / closed loop NH4 control Output : O2 setpoint 1 53 D0111 16 valves Closed loop zone DO control Output : Air valve position pressure on manifold or overall RTC MOV 4C
Catalog ID: AV96747
Brand: McCrometer
24519-15pdf Proven Flow Measurement Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry T he V
Catalog ID: ST97131
Brand: Greenheck
vektormdperformance_catalogpdf Laboratory Exhaust Systems TM Vektor - MD Performance Mixed Flow High Plume Dilution CA 260 AM Tested March 2011 Highemploys a unique discharge nozzle design that entrains additional ambient air diluting the exhaust effluent from the laboratory which reduces exhaust
Catalog ID: IH94326
Brand: ISTEC
aquametro-contoil-oil-meterspdf CONTOIL Fuel oil meters Applications Flow measurement of mineral oils such as heating or propellant fuels In
Catalog ID: DE88055
Brand: Belimo
BT85625pdf 20 METERS ULTRASONIC FLOW METERS Accurate Flow Measurement Patented logic accurately reads � ow and eliminates
Catalog ID: BT85625
Brand: Amprobe
HVAC / Environmental Temperature / Relative Humidity Dataloggers â?? Measure and monitor Air flow simplicity and science â?? Anemometers TMA5 Mini Vane Anemometer TR100
Catalog ID: BL50400
Brand: Burkert
Product-Overview-Measurement-Devicespdf Product Overview Measurement Devices 10 / 2019 Printed 03 / 2020 Version 894498 TROLLERS VALVESrkert Provides Process Solutions work towards your success 8 Overview Measurement Solutions 10 Overview Digital Communication We have decades of global
Catalog ID: VL94537
Brand: Greenheck
AMCA Seal The AMCA Certified Ratings Seal applies to Induced Flow Fan Air and Sound Performance AMCA Standard 260 AMCA AMCA 260 The
Catalog ID: MG94319
Brand: Fluke
differential and static pres - The Fluke 922 makes airflow sure , air velocity and flow measurements easy by combin - readings ing pressure , air flow , and
Catalog ID: QH4206
Brand: Amprobe
Environmental Keep environments safe â?? Gas Leak Detectors Anemometers â?? Air flow simplicity and science TMA40 - A Anemometer , RLD - 1 Refrigerant Leak
Catalog ID: AL50401
Brand: Greenheck
sureaire_catalogpdf Flow Monitoring System Sure - Aire for Centrifugal Mixed Flow and Plenum Fans Accurate No System Effect Reliable April 2019
Catalog ID: KP94296
Brand: USG
EU35776pdf Technical Data ® Donn Air Diffuser ® Features The DONN brand air diffuser provides air delivery and return for the ceiling system
Catalog ID: EU35776
Brand: ProMinent
dulcoflow_lrpdf DulcoFlow flow meter Precise measurement of pulsing liquids The DulcoFlow flow meter measures all liquid
Catalog ID: WO95202
Brand: Testo
little creativity , Fast - action and user - time to listen friendly measurement cell and accessibility Axel Rieple , exchange by the user on Our experience has shown that it disposal for long - term measurement lasting several is needed and appreciated hours Qualified advice provides
Catalog ID: AM48188
Brand: Greenheck
qei-qeid_catalogpdf Mixed Flow Fans Belt and Direct Drive Models QEI QEID November 2016Quiet & Efficient Inline Model QEI - I / II Belt Drive Mixed Flow Fans Mixed flow inline fans can be used for supply
Catalog ID: PL94279
Brand: ISTEC
oil meters 1 / 2 " 2 " DN 15 50 A versatile flow meter for oil heavy oil and many other oil - like liquids It is used for efficient consumption measurement of heat burners and various combustion engines A reliable solution
Catalog ID: KK88053
Brand: ISTEC
model-7150-general-specificationspdf General Specifications ISTEC 7150 Vortex Flow Meters Model DY Model DYA Model 7150 Remote Type Detector outputs proprietary Spectral Signal Processing SSP technology to Status output flow switch function or alarm output analyze the vortex waveform into
Catalog ID: JT88079
Brand: Winters
Low Pressure Series gauges are ideally suited for low pressure measurement where the conventional bourdon tube cannot perform reliably Typical applications include air flow indicators , liquid level indicators , leak testers , draft gauges , natural
Catalog ID: NM2129
Brand: Alfa Laval
suited for sanitary applications in which the possibility to divert flow is required , eg for periodical re - circulation of product principle The valves are remote - controlled by means of compressed air The valve plug closes against the flow to eliminate pressure
Catalog ID: CT24148
Brand: Testo
requirement The approved reference flue gas analyser for continuous emission measurement testo 360 The flexible , portable flue gas analyser ( measurement system ) testo 350 M / XL The compact flue gas analyser
Catalog ID: AW48187
Brand: Hach
DOC0535330401pdf BL9000 BUBBLE LEVEL FLOW SENSOR Accurate Measurement Regardless of Conditions Built to last through harsh conditions the
Catalog ID: PL96692
Results: 1 to 25 out of 294
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