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DATA SHEET FREEPORT GOBO Freeport is a ï¬? exible acoustical absorber that features a 24 â?? x 48 â?? panel section
Catalog ID: TR64309
Brand: Armstrong
31 - 32 Capz clo no 33 - 36 Formations Acoustical Clouds a c & ® 37 - 38 Infusions Accent Canopies âsearch 45 - 48 Serpentina Waves s engine ® 49 SoundScapes Acoustical Canopies 50 SoundScapes Basics Acoustical Canopies InVision Design Tool
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Ruskin
submittal-pdf-33pdf ACL645 AUTHORITY IN AIR CONTROL Stationary Acoustical Louver Formed Steel APPLICATION The ACL645 is a 6 deep acoustical louver designed to reduce the noise transmission between areas This
Catalog ID: PO97680
Brand: Metal Aire
Each type and thickness of insulation has different thermal and acoustical characteristics as well as unit cost It is important when 5lb / ft insulations the thicker the insulation the greater the acoustical and thermal performance and the higher the cost Generally insulation
Catalog ID: DJ97171
varying motor speeds MPLFN and MPLFS The MPLFN utilizes an acoustically insulated housing assembly The MPLFS is a non - insulated structure more versatile installation with no required to reach the sound absorbing fiberglass isolating accessories to mount on the air handling unit
Catalog ID: UR98555
Levels Cast aluminum wheels and housings meet AMCA Cast housings absorb sound and reduce noise lev - Type B spark resistant requirements Outlet flange not available in downblast minum outer shell over acoustical absorption material discharge configuration and a perforated aluminum core Silencer
Catalog ID: SQ98582
small lattice structure opening and end reflection The insulated housing absorbs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 some noise TYP NOTES : 1 Horizontal application only 4 Model MPQN provides acoustically insulated housing with perfo - 2 CW rotation is standard CCW
Catalog ID: NU98556
straight - through airflow combined with a centrifugal fan s preferred acoustical characteristics and high pressure capabilities Mixed flow fans offer the 1 1 Lined with 1 2 " fiberglass fire - resistant sound - absorbing insulation Damper shelf standard Options : Aluminum 16 - gauge construction Burglar
Catalog ID: DQ98560
Brand: Ruskin
SoundChek-Panels-brochure-6961pdf SOUND CONTROL PRODUCTS MODULAR ACOUSTICAL PANEL SYSTEM Ruskin Acoustical Panels and Doors have been designed and tested to meet
Catalog ID: AQ98116
Brand: Ruskin
on the plans or in accordance with the schedules resonant absorbers that meet the following minimum con - struction standards Outer shell has been tested under standard Materials and Prefabricated Silencers for Acoustical and Airflow conditions with air density of 0075 pounds
Catalog ID: AB98143
Brand: Greenheck
space at premium prices in the building waves into sound absorbing material between industry eliminating costly add - on silencers has the steel outer shell a two - fold bene t First conventional acoustical converting acoustical energy to heat silencers add considerable length to
Catalog ID: US94312
Brand: Greenheck
waves into silencers has a two - fold benefit First sound absorbing material between the inner liner and conventional acoustical silencers add solid steel outer shell converting acoustical energy to
Catalog ID: TE94292
Brand: Greenheck
are equipped with a top mounted adjusting bolt and an acoustical nonskid base Springs are color coded or identi ed to anged straight - sided canted pitched ridged vented and xte sound - absorbing Extensions raise the fan discharge and can provide an accessible
Catalog ID: QI94262
Brand: Greenheck
Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Drainable Front Blade 55 % Free Area Acoustical Louvers These acoustical louvers are among our most popular AFJ - 801 The louver
Catalog ID: PO94242
Brand: Greenheck
specific location Sound pressure is a variable determined by the acoustical environment The acoustical environment is affected by items such as wall coverings ceiling
Catalog ID: NR94311
Brand: Greenheck
Electrical Eliminates drilling holes horizontal or vertical 5 Knockouts Acoustic Absorbs sound 6 Insulation Servicing is quick and safe 7 Disconnect the best provides measured from five feet away in an acoustically average means of meeting the quietest room A sone is
Catalog ID: NP94293
tints incorporate unique dyes in the polycarbonate lens material that absorb select wavelengths of light to enhance vision The charts on eyewear delivers maximum eye protection with crystal clear hands - free acoustically - isolated in - ear voice communication to help keep workers safer
Catalog ID: HH91094
Brand: Califone
University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls he accurate transmission of acoustical In addition to the acoustical environment speech information in a classroom is imperative for perception
Catalog ID: AA90693
contemporary styling for applications requiring excellent speech intelligibility and minimal acoustical impact These loudspeakers are constructed with an extruded aluminum housingspeaker package that can replace a entire 2 ' x 2 ' acoustical tile The kit comes with 10oz 8 " Dual Cone Speaker
Catalog ID: PA89438
so that engineers are assured of the desired thermal and acoustical values Automated quality control stations provide continuous computer - aided quality easy to work with , ToughGard consistently delivered the thermal and acoustical values engineers were looking for With higher R - values , ToughGard
Catalog ID: NE17987
Microperf X2 is available when acous - tic transparency is required ( acoustically transparent panels also FEATURES : available upon request ) capabilities absorbs possible over - scan while boosting perceived contrast Native super - wide
Catalog ID: UV27777
and perfectly tensioned screen surface Our VeLux applique finish absorbs over - scan and increases perceived contrast SPECIFICATIONS : Curved aluminum extrusion the Microperf X2 Optional perfectly masked image area Cinemaperf Optional Acoustically transparent masking panels Optional MOTORS ( 2 motors ) : 120 Volt Included
Catalog ID: PW27711
Microperf X2 is available when acous - tic transparency is required ( acoustically transparent panels also available upon request ) Stewartâ??s exclusive VeLux Choice a luxurious look and feel This specialized frame finish absorbs possible over - scan while boosting perceived contrast Sit back , relax
Catalog ID: KL27719
Brand: Orion
IL27421pdf INSULATING MATERIALS ORION INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED Electrical , Thermal and Acoustical Insulators ORION professionals are dedicated to the design and production of insulating products that perform Our Electrical , Thermal and Acoustical insulating solutions are based on extensive experience , innovative research
Catalog ID: IL27421
Results: 1 to 25 out of 85
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