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Brand: Calrad
4 " phone plug Specifications : Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz Acoustic System Closed back Impedance 32W Sensitivity 102 dB at 1 mW
Catalog ID: OL70248
ever line of Harman Kardon headphones Blending sophistication and simplicity , acoustics and aesthetics , NC headphones embody the essence of â?? Beautiful To go ® Harman Kardon NC headphones feature an exclusive acoustic system that integrates superb mechanical design , materials and electronics User
Catalog ID: DA64236
Brand: Armstrong
TA77752pdf 2013 Metal Wood translucent 2 CEILING & WALL SYSTEMS 0 Mineral FiBer 1 Between us , ideas become realityInSTALLATIOn gALLeRy installation Education , Health , Office , Retail , Hospitality , Transportation e systems , Photo CAD / Revit gallery Build a wSpec / Submittal 23 - 24
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Titus
solutions Table of Contents Retrofit Energy Solutions Overview 5 Major Systems 6 Mechanical Constant Volume Single Duct 6 Mechanical Constant Volume Dual Duct 8 Bypass Terminals 10 Induction System - Ceiling 12 Induction System - Under Window 14 System Powered Variable
Catalog ID: IH48176
Brand: Armstrong
PO77713pdf CEILING SYSTEMS TECHZONE Ceiling Systems Between us , ideas become reality Technical Guide Organized Simple
Catalog ID: PO77713
Brand: Sewerin
Water Leak Detection STOP WATER LOSS AQUAPHON A 200 Electro - acoustic water leak detection : Content professional flexible intelligent Electro - acoustic water leak detection AQUAPHON A 200 Electro - acoustic water leak
Catalog ID: NE86560
Brand: Mackie
JI22189pdf ER ER KSRM450 SRM450 Active Speaker System SRM450 Active Speaker System PEAK PEA Active 2 - Way Sound S S SRM450 Reinforcement
Catalog ID: JI22189
VN64998pdf Sonic Splash SSP 40 Transducer Brand : Revolution Acoustics Overview Revolution Acoustics introduces the SonicSplash SSP 40 , the high
Catalog ID: VN64998
BR86230pdf Cable Restraint Systems : Challenges Cable Restraint Systems Adjustable and Non - Adjustable Project Risks Although there are adjustable
Catalog ID: BR86230
preventing oil from sensitive working environment entering your compressed air system SIMPLICITY AND RELIABILITY The SF and SF ranges of oil install the unit closer to the point of use silent acoustic enclosure to be installed directly into your work environment It
Catalog ID: TO88743
Brand: Burkert
hygienic and process applications With its unique SAW technology Surface Acoustic Waves the device has no sensor elements in the measuring also allows for extremely simple integration into existing field bus systems Flexibility thanks to modularity With their modular design FLOWave flowmeters
Catalog ID: QK86840
Brand: Burkert
UIDICS TICS OW OID OID SS B rkert Fluid Control Systems OFL FL NEUMA Christian - B rkert - Stra e 13 - 17the forefront of sensor technology 14 Electronics 16 Online Analysis System Type 8905 Our innovative approach to your success is to
Catalog ID: BJ86866
Brand: Sewerin
pro_aquaphon_a50_enpdf The reasonable entry - level model for professional acoustic water leak detection compact on - hand efficient AQUAPHON A 50 AQUAPHON A 50 : compact on - hand efficient The AQUAPHON system provides professional electro - acoustic water leak detection The A 50
Catalog ID: WT86545
Brand: Sewerin
FID with the ease of use of gas - sensitive semiconductor systems It does not require any fuel gas and is methane manual operation Alarm modes for DMD Digital Methane Detection : detection : Acoustic signal when alarm threshold is exceeded adjustable between 1 and
Catalog ID: WC86536
Brand: Sewerin
pro_secorrphon_ac_200_enpdf Correlator and acoustic water leak detector combined SeCorrPhon AC 200 professional flexible intelligent and correlation The clever combination of these processes in one system allows you to confidently locate the leak regardless of the
Catalog ID: WB86561
Brand: Sewerin
200 means that the measurement sequence is almost fully automatic acoustic location techniques Once the pipeline data has been entered and steps are performed without the intervention of conventional method of acoustic water leak detection : instead the operator The measured noises are
Catalog ID: UN86563
Brand: Sewerin
pro_aquaphon_enpdf Electro - acoustic water leak detection AQUAPHON professional flexible intelligent AQUAPHON professional flexible it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro - acoustic means the hearing and experience of the user are paramount
Catalog ID: UD86546
Brand: Sewerin
is replaced Examination and localisation of damages in compressed air systems To be used as a fast leak detector in water the completely digital signal processing does not allow to occur acoustic interferences caused by hissing re - amplifying or others Features Wireless
Catalog ID: SG86567
Brand: Sewerin
pro_aquatest_t10_enpdf Robust test rod for electro - acoustic water leak detection outdoors AquaTest T10 The AquaTest T10 is on between the probe tip and microphone Individual optimisation of acoustic results is assisted by the option of selecting one of
Catalog ID: OT86547
Brand: Sewerin
pro_combiphon_enpdf Technologies for leak detection System COMBIPHON Acoustic location of plastic pipes Acoustically locating plastic pipes ground microphone
Catalog ID: MC86550
Brand: Titus
Fantom IQ utilizes the patent pending FAST attenuator system that greatly reduces radiated sound power levels The unique FAST ECM Programming Process in the ISO certified Harold Straub Aero - Acoustics and Vibration Research Lab The TITAN process ensures the
Catalog ID: WD506
fresh 15V AA Typical , A - weighted , using Audio Precision System One Specifications are subject to change without notice battery in is â?? Pins 2 and 4 hot â?? â?? positive acoustic or both channels f Resp 90 270 oltage at Pins
Catalog ID: WB3094
desired sound source 1 Typical , A - weighted , using Audio Precision System One The AT3035 is intended for use in professional applications PER DIVISION 12 " or more on axis LEGEND LEGEND positive acoustic pressure produces positive voltage at Pin 2 Roll - off 200
Catalog ID: UQ3100
mic , especially for pickup of attached to microphone ) , 013 " acoustic guitar with included AT8444 guitar adapter ( 32 mm ) diameter professional applications where 1 Typical , A - weighted , using Audio Precision System One remote power is available It requires 11
Catalog ID: TS3095
Results: 1 to 25 out of 430
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