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OW64356pdf ENGINEERING DATA SHEET STRATOTILE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS Primacoustic StratoTile ceiling panels offer the same absorption characteristics of
Catalog ID: OW64356
Brand: Armstrong
TA77752pdf 2013 Metal Wood translucent 2 CEILING & WALL SYSTEMS 0 Mineral FiBer 1 Between us , ideas3 - 10 One - Of - A - kInD DeSIgn WITh ot ler ceilings , all online at harmstrongcom / commceilings 1 STAnDARD PRODUCTS gal
Catalog ID: TA77752
in the future New Products 2016 FAP Strategy III Series Ceiling Loudspeakers Three years of development has produced the next generation in - ceiling loudspeaker mounting solution Our patent - pending Safety First Mounting System
Catalog ID: PA89438
Brand: Armstrong
BS77645pdf Ultima ® Ceiling - 2 - Ceiling Panels High Performance Mineral Fiber Prelude ® XL Â
Catalog ID: BS77645
SV64358pdf ENGINEERING DATA SHEET THUNDERTILE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS Primacoustic ThunderTile ceiling panels combine the acoustic absorption of Broadway
Catalog ID: SV64358
IQ64359pdf ENGINEERING DATA SHEET THUNDERTILE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS Primacoustic ThunderTile ceiling panels combine the acoustic absorption of Broadway
Catalog ID: IQ64359
Brand: Armstrong
XY Febuary 2012 teCHnICal DataSHeet CoolZone , the high thermal mass ceiling solution and service elements making up the metal ceiling tiles with a 24mm infi ll Armstrong CoolZone uses the
Catalog ID: HJ77706
Brand: ClearOne
amplifier conveniently drives loudspeakers The BMA CT is a patented ceiling tile beamforming microphone array that blends in perfectly with today s
Catalog ID: DN96820
CG64332pdf ENGINEERING DATA SHEET THUNDERTILE ThunderTile ceiling panels combine the acoustic absorption of Broadway � berglass panels with the sound - stopping
Catalog ID: CG64332
Brand: ClearOne
Ceiling_Microphone_Datasheetpdf Ceiling Microphone Array The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array enhances any conferencing application which demands high - quality
Catalog ID: BI96822
not disassemble modify or attempt to repair the product modate ceilings of different heights Do not handle the product with wet to avoid electric shock or injury Includes Plenum - rated AT8554 Ceiling Mount with RJ45 connectors and Do not store the product
Catalog ID: AI90497
AN77369pdf EVID Ceiling Speaker Systems EVID C101 10 " HIGH - POWER CEILING SUBWOOFER Supplemental LF for ceiling systems Internally damped
Catalog ID: AN77369
Brand: EAW
QE39887pdf CIS400 TWO - WAY CEILING MONITOR DESCRIPTION The CIS400 is a complete two - way bass flush - mount loudspeaker assembly designed for fixed installations into typical ceiling plenum spaces Employing a unique HF waveguide design , the CIS400
Catalog ID: QE39887
Brand: ClearOne
COLLABORATE Versa Lite CT features a USB audio - enabled Beamforming Ceiling Tile Microphone Array that brings cost - effective and superb professional conferencing
Catalog ID: ST96884
Brand: EAW
AE39969pdf CIS120 High - Output Ceiling - Mounted Loudspeaker DESCRIPTION The CIS120 is a high output ceiling - mounted coaxial loudspeaker designed for fixed installation into high ceiling
Catalog ID: AE39969
Brand: EAW
IF39970pdf CIS300 TWO - WAY CEILING MONITOR DESCRIPTION for use in studio monitors , the CIS300 delivers and seamless transition through the crossover point The result is acoustic performance not generally associated with a commercial ceiling speaker of
Catalog ID: IF39970
Brand: Metal Aire
design The WFO is suitable for fitting into standard floor tile with optional fittings for concrete slab The disc is reversible Floor Void Aircell Polymer Floor Diffusers - Pressurized Void Model WFO - Tile Installation Model WFOS - Slab Floor Installation Supplied with a steel
Catalog ID: SD97208
Advanced Design NAHB Standard Design pgs 16 - 27 INTERIOR PRODUCTS Ceilings Gypsum Insulation pgs 28 - 39 EXTERIOR PRODUCTS Fence , Railing and Saint - Gobain product Life Cycle Assessments ( LCAs ) In 2012 , CertainTeed Ceilings was the first manufacturer in families with published LCAs / EPDs
Catalog ID: MJ77805
fence , decking , railing , trim , Decking & Railing 73 insulation , gypsum and ceilings for both Trim 79 residential and commercial applications The CertainTeedof building Gypsum & Sheathing 90 materials For more detailed information , Ceilings 102 please contact us at 800 - 233 - 8990 or visit
Catalog ID: UJ77821
Brand: ClearOne
it to a computer and displays USB audio - enabled Beamforming Ceiling Tile microphone BMA CTH brings cost - effective professional conferencing audio to
Catalog ID: DF96886
SCATTER BLOCKS Scatter Blocks are an easy to install acoustic treatment used where you want to control sound but do completely to avoid completely deadening the space This helps control acoustic re� ections while leaving a sense of air or natural
Catalog ID: RG64372
Brand: Sound Tube
BE42888pdf In - Ceiling Subwoofer CM1001d - T Technical Information for System Engineers Key Features mounted flared and tuned port for maximum efficiency and frequency Tile bridge included Specifications : CM1001d - T response System Type 10 â
Catalog ID: BE42888
Brand: ClearOne
needs for mid - size meeting rooms with its DSP Mixer Ceiling Mic Array and USB PTZ Camera APPLICATIONS Ceiling Mic Array CONVERGE Huddle Mixer BYOD Video Conferencing Next - gen
Catalog ID: NI96851
Brand: USG
that resists scrapes â?? Administrative commonly caused by accessing the ceiling plenum offices ® ® â?? Combine 12 î?¹ x12 î?¹ tile with the D â?? Schools onn bra
Catalog ID: EI36003
Results: 1 to 25 out of 58
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