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Brand: NuAire
low cost of ownership and environmental sustainability Our quality management system is certified to adhere to ISO 9001 : 2015 and 13485 any industry NuAire s Quality Policy : Satisfy Customers Comply with System Requirements Continually Improve Choose NuAire as the safer choice for
Catalog ID: NC103137
Brand: NuAire
for use with Innovive disposable IVC mouse and rat cage systems Mobility in the Animal Resource Facility The NU - S620 can contaminated animal cages Each zone is isolated by an air barrier formed by HEPA E E filtered laminar downflow Particulate matter
Catalog ID: MJ103149
Brand: NuAire
BIOSAFETY CABINET The TouchLink Touchscreen LCD HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System The TouchLink Touchscreen LCD Control Center provides The HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow system evenly disperses control of all biosafety cabinet functions Displaying air
Catalog ID: LL103166
Brand: NuAire
preparation or product operations Performance Features : 100 % exhausted Dynamic air barrier of 105 linear fpm 054 m / s inflow separating measurements and alarms and integrates quickly with current facility security systems TouchLink also simplifies maintenance by providing detailed diagnostic information and
Catalog ID: LD103170
Brand: NuAire
the work zone from either bedding materials through an air barrier of 75 fpm 038 m / s side of the Biomedical Laboratories 5 CONTAINMENT ANIMAL TRANSFER STATION NU - 620 Airflow System Single Pass Airflow Pattern Eliminates Work Zone Heat Buildup Placing
Catalog ID: KB103147
Brand: Garlock
Applications Power Plant & Power Recovery Power plants and power recovery systems are necessary to provide power to paper - processing plants Garlock extremely successful alternatives It can be used with a pressurized barrier sealing positive displacement and centrifugal pumps fluid double - seal applications
Catalog ID: JK103089
Brand: NuAire
HEAP - filtered airflow on the work surface and an air barrier at the cabinet's opening s minimizing exposure to animal a dynamic from either side of the cabinet or air barrier of 75 fpm 038 m / s at with two
Catalog ID: IT103148
glass Safety from Sash Failure A typical sash and counterweight system uses galvanized steel or stainless steel cables to connect thesash may weigh up to 150 pounds The ISOLATOR sash system is chain driven not cable driven This counterbalancing system has
Catalog ID: HJ103131
using HART 7 DD / FDT DTM 12 for seamless system integration Easy configuration and auto calibration Emergency Shutdown ESD status Testing SOVT Full Stroke Testing FST & pressure profiling Intelligent alarm system GENERAL APPLICATION TECHNICAL DATA Designed specifically for safety valves Input
Catalog ID: EV103045
Brand: NuAire
CABINET NU - 608 Personnel & Environmental Protection Maintains an Active Air Barrier with a Constant 105 FPM 053 m / s Inflow I ANIMAL BEDDING DISPOSAL CABINET NU - 608 AeroMax Electronic Control System Airflow Indicator Up Key Down Key On / Off Lights On
Catalog ID: ET103146
Brand: NuAire
m / s true laminar down - flow creates the dynamic air barrier The nominal 6 foot 18 m wide cabinet allows 152 mm HEPA 9999 % Efficient 03 microns Control System Aeromax TM w / PressureFlow Pressure Sensor Lighting LED Password Protection
Catalog ID: EE103150
Brand: Garlock
SEAL Applications 18 Bacteria won t survive 19 2 - chamber - system guarantees product safety 20 Materials 21 Dimensions Wafer 22 Dimersions shaft is sealed against atmospheric pollution and corrosion quality management system is certified according to ISO by two o - rings TA
Catalog ID: DU103068
Brand: NuAire
SAFETY CABINETS Pharmacy Compatible Primary Engineering Control Solutions IV workflow systems that utilize barcoding and gravimetric technology enable real time error detection during Medication compounding These systems standardize the workflow increasing safety while enabling inventory optimization efficiency
Catalog ID: CL103172
Brand: NuAire
TYPE A2 BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINET NU - 540 AeroMax Electronic Control System AeroMax Electronic Control System ECS monitors and displays airflow system performance via PresurFlow - A
Catalog ID: BJ103167
Brand: Garlock
JUST_Rotary_Seal_Brochurepdf The science of sealing Introducing the Engineered Sealing System the leak - free no dilution sealing system designed to replace mechanical seals in industrial pumping applications The
Catalog ID: BJ103048
Brand: Hex Valves
The Hex gauge syphons act as thermal and liquid seal barriers between hot process vapors such as steam and heat transfer 75 8 natural Gas measurement ValVes SpringTite TM Stabilized Mounting System The SpringTite TM Stabilized Mounting System represents the next generation
Catalog ID: TA102342
Brand: Hex Valves
9 " Hex gauge syphons act as thermal and liquid seal barriers between hot process vapors such as steam and heat transfer can reduce the conventional both models provide a constant thermal barrier installation radius by 50 % Using the model HGVS A liquid
Catalog ID: PU102334
Optional shoe sizes and extensions available M Cyclone air filtration system on MTX series Cam - type clutchE Grease - and oil - bath Adjustable handle height P Compas Technology - Optional Compaction Analyzing A System on select models Technical specifications C MODEL CENTRIFUGAL EXCITER SPEED
Catalog ID: OL102415
Brand: Elkay
Bi - Level with ECH8GRN Remote Chiller No lead design water system ERPBGRNM28RAK Bi - Level Reverse with ECH8GRN Remote Chiller is free of lead - containing brass parts ECH8GRN Remote Chiller Barrier - free ADA design meets adult ADA standards when properly installed
Catalog ID: JJ102712
of your roof 108 Product Data Sheet SEISMIC & WIND COMPLIANT SYSTEMS 1 Product Name : SEISMIC & WIND COMPLIANT SYSTEMS 2 Design Emphasis : All MIRO products have the potential to
Catalog ID: EA102331
Brand: Hex Valves
a bleed screw in lieu of a and liquid seal barriers between hot bleed valve process vapors such as steam and Valves Sample & Tank Bottom Drain Valves TM SpringTite Stabilized Mounting System HS31 Series Steam Jacketed Sample Valve TM The SpringTite Stabilized
Catalog ID: CQ102341
Brand: Elkay
pitch for drainage Optional undercoating provides a sound and condensation barrier 8 high full length backsplash with 45 slope top to in this catalog are available with our Quick - Clip Mounting System See Elkay Residential Catalog for complete description and ordering information
Catalog ID: BJ102714
Brand: Burkert
TIONAL EENT TICS LOW OID ESS B rkert Fluid Control Systems NEUMA EASUR ROPOR Christian - B rkert - Stra e 13 - 17 specific market Whether it is for valves pumps or individual system solutions the en - tire product range is geared towards ensuring
Catalog ID: VU100798
Cable to IS - X 26900 155882 YDI05 - ZU1 Zener barrier RS - 232 20 m cable open end 1 00600 103055 YDI05 - ZU2 Zener barrier RS - 232 14 - pin end 1 00600 Zener barrier
Catalog ID: RQ100962
Results: 26 to 50 out of 519
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