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Today’s diverse education market demands versatile, flexible audiovisual solutions that deliver top-notch performance while remaining affordable and easy to use. We meet these requirements with a wide range of high-quality products for virtually any educational application. Schools can choose from more traditional analog products to equipment utilizing advanced digital technology to meet their specific needs.



Whether you need a front projection screen or are considering the benefits of rear projection, you have come to the right place. You can search our comprehensive line of projection screens from the product categories identified on this page.

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Learning Centers

Califone group learning centers support auditory learners in customized learning situations ranging from classroom-wide audio amplification for K-12 schools and adult learners to wireless assisted listening, hearing systems and personalized sound fields. Monaural centers are invaluable in schools to provide audio modeling in speech language, special education, literacy, bilingual, ESL reading situations and can help teachers address the five reading skills identified by No Child Left Behind and Reading First! - phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. Califone stereo listening centers are often used in higher fidelity applications such as multimedia and technology-oriented computer and ed tech applications, music appreciation classes and even wireless listening.

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PA Systems

Everything to make yourself heard. Portable PA systems, disco PA systems, band PA systems, outdoor PA systems, school PA systems, vocalist PA systems, 100v line PA systems - we've got the lot!

Whether you are looking for a small portable PA system for presentations, a full PA system rig for a live band, a small compact system for acoustic music, or a complete public address solution for a new leisure centre, we have the products you need at a price you can afford.

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AV Furniture

Suppliers of flexible and innovative classroom furniture to suit the changing needs of your facilities. Our top quality classroom furniture is designed to be tough and durable to take the daily use of class life, yet modern and aesthetically pleasing for today’s contemporary classrooms. With ergonomics and anthropometrics firmly in mind you can ensure you and your students will be comfortable, allowing you to focus on the matter at hand.

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Digital Recording

In many instances, our industry-leading solutions are helping educators break new pedagogical ground. For example, speech pathologists can utilize fast, efficient digital recording and archiving to better capture and track individual student progress over extended periods of time. Digital audio files can be easily transferred to the computer and instantly integrated into Kay, Praat, or other sophisticated spectrum analysis software packages. Solid-state solutions also enable rapid, trouble-free recording and distribution of lectures, presentations, and performances via the Internet and myriad other avenues—facilitating distance learning opportunities and greatly extending the audience educators can reach.

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Electronic Response System

Capture the learning moment

Spark excitement, engage students and create collaborative lessons by incorporating student response systems into your interactive lessons. There are no wrong answers when it comes to measuring student learning. Multiple choice, open-ended and true/false are just some of the options.

Motivate students

Ongoing formative assessment helps to engage student in lesson content, gauge student knowledge and facilitates interactive discussions

Empower teachers

Quickly understand what students know and adapt lessons to learning needs, without losing precious learning moments. Encourage student participation, facilitate class discussion, take attendance, grade quizzes, and track performance, minimize administrative tasks.

Choose the student response system that best fits your needs and capture the learning moment.

CD/DVD players
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With over 55 years of excellence in creating surfaces, PolyVision pioneered the ceramic-on-steel method. Manufacturers, contractors and architects all around the world choose PolyVision's environmentally certified e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ for a sustainable, forever-warranted solution that stands up to the rigors inside the classroom or the weather and elements outside a building. As a result, PolyVsion surfaces encompass over two-billion square feet of teaching surfaces, walls and infrastructure globally.