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Catalog ID: ML50384
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_14.pdf DMMs DMMs Full-Size Multimeters Full featured professional multimeters Heavy-Duty Multimeters Rugged meters built for the field XR
Catalog ID: FN50383
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_13.pdf DMMs DMMs Pocket Multimeters - Troubleshooting power in just 3 ounces Compact Multimeters Save space and money but don t scrimp on performance
Catalog ID: ML50384
2011-12_catalog_14.pdf DMMs DMMs Full-Size Multimeters Full featured professional multimeters Heavy-Duty Multimeters Rugged meters built for the field XR
Brand: Amprobe
Size: 1 Pages ( 575 kb )
Catalog ID: MU50382
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_12.pdf DMMs DMMs Industrial Multimeters - Work safely with the right meter Precision Digital Multimeters High performance at a great price AM-140-A and
Catalog ID: OH50385
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_15.pdf DMMs Pen Style Multimeters Make one-handed measurements DM73C Multimeter with Built-in Test Probe Take one-handed measurements with
Catalog ID: VV40083
Testing & Measurement For 200-series and 500-series Greenlee PRO Multimeters. Durable rubber construction protects your meter from damage. Lifetime Limited DMM Boot For 800-series and DML-series Greenlee PRO Multimeters. Durable rubber construction protects your meter from damage. Lifetime Limited
Catalog ID: BP4196
Brand: Fluke
1587_1577_Insulation_Multimeters.pdf 1587/1577 Insulation Multimeters Technical Data Two powerful tools in one. The Fluke 1587 and 1577 Insulation Multimeters combine a digital insulation tester with a full-featured true
Catalog ID: EE40109
and testers to maintain a telecommunications network. Top quality digital multimeter and telephone test set make troubleshooting a voice network easy TurTEL6 Modular Adapter and Polarity Tester DM-800 07549 Digital Multimeter 46500 46500 Pocket-Light Flashlight Fax: 1.815.397.9247
Catalog ID: UQ50378
Brand: Amprobe
Clamp Meters Clamp Meters CAT IV Industrial Clamp Meters Clamp Multimeters Extend basic clamp capabilities with multimeter functions for full troubleshooting power Safety and performance for industrial
Catalog ID: MP40169
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_11.pdf PDMM-20 Pocket Multimeter Testing & Measurement Auto-select mode for hassle-free use. Low 450 V CAT III 300 V PDMM-20 11689 Pocket Multimeter Analog Multimeter Easy to read multi-function display. AC/DC
Catalog ID: PL40165
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_07.pdf Professional Plant Digital Multimeters DM-500 features: Testing & Measurement Autoranging for convenient operation and NO. UPC NO. DESCRIPTION DM-510 07548 Professional Plant Digital Multimeter DM-510-C 07615 Professional Plant Digital Mulitmeter DM-500
Catalog ID: MO40164
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_06.pdf Digital Multimeters Testing & Measurement DM-800 features: Autoranging 3-5/6-digit Warranty. CAT. NO. UPC NO. DESCRIPTION DM-820 07551 Digital Multimeter DM-820-C 07618 Digital Multimeter DM-810 07550 Digital
Catalog ID: VH4650
Brand: Elenco
Catalog_#53_web_41.pdf MULTIMETER KITS If you are using or planning to use a below - easy construction detailed assembly manuals. Deluxe Full Function Digital Multimeter Kit Model M-2666K Features Extra-large 1 3 1
Catalog ID: GD42813
Brand: Triplett
triplett_catalog_split_05.pdf TRIPLETT 9000 Series Digital Multimeters The 9005-A and 9015-A Quality DMMs at have Security Integration HVAC Troubleshooting & Repair needs. Model 9005-A Digital Multimeter 3 1/2 Digit 1999 max. reading HUGE 1.15
Catalog ID: ND50381
Brand: Amprobe
Specialty Clamp Meters Tools that defy categories AC75B Clamp Meter Multimeter and Thermometer AC68C True-rms 600A Clamp Meter The AC75B is a clamp meter multimeter and thermometer in one that prepares you for almost any
Catalog ID: MK4185
Brand: Fluke
170_Digital_Multi-Series.pdf The Fluke 170 Series Digital Multimeters Brains and Brawn Hang meter using Fluke ToolPak Strap and Magnet 179 TRUE RMS MULTIMETER 0 Auto Range 0 10 20 30 AutoHOLD C /F
Catalog ID: TS40168
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_10.pdf Manual Ranging Multimeter Testing & Measurement A perfect choice for residential and light commercial Measurement Category CAT III 300V CAT II 600V Manual Ranging Multimeter Multi-purpose meter for most electrical needs. Includes elastomer boot
Catalog ID: JL40167
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_09.pdf Averaging Digital Multimeter Testing & Measurement Use to measure voltage resistance current and continuity Measurement Category CAT IV 600V CAT III 1000V TRMS Digital Multimeter Use to measure voltage resistance and continuity. Excellent for measuring
Catalog ID: FF40166
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_08.pdf TRMS Digital Multimeter Testing & Measurement True RMS for no-compromise accuracy when harmonics Measurement Category CAT IV 600V CAT III 1000V TRMS Digital Multimeter True RMS for no-compromise accuracy when harmonics are present
Catalog ID: GJ4186
Brand: Fluke
pdf Page 1 of 2 Document 2154 180 Series Digital Multimeters 2000 Fluke Corporation Rev. A-9/2000 Think About Working high performance DMMS ToolPak 3 2 1 189 TRUE RMS MULTIMETER 50 000 Counts True-rms ac dc Real-time Stamp
Catalog ID: VM40178
3000A AC current measuring accessory. 24" long. Perfect for any multimeter that reads AC millivolts. LISTED Accessories included: 1 9V battery measuring accessory. Measure up to 600 amps. Perfect for any multimeter that reads AC and DC millivolts. Accessories included: 1 9V
Catalog ID: LR50380
Brand: Amprobe
ACDC-100 and ACDC-100 TRMS AC40C Mini-Clamp Digital Multimeter 1000A Digital Clamp Meters AD40B Mini-Clamp Ammeter ACDC-400 Digital Clamp Multimeter Here s where accuracy quality and proven technology meet. The
Catalog ID: LB50409
Brand: Amprobe
wires Heavy duty silicone test leads with For use with multimeters or any For use with multimeters probe tips alligator clips spade attached extra-large alligator clips
Catalog ID: WU40182
UPC NO. DESCRIPTION 500V: 100k 2000M 5882 07573 Digital/Analog Multimeter 1000V: 200k 2000M 5882-C 07639 Digital/Analog Multimeter Automatic Discharge 5880 07572 Digital/Analog Multimeter Continuity Range 0
Catalog ID: OD4183
Brand: Fluke
electricians Fluke 116 for HVAC/R professionals Fluke 117: Electricians Multimeter with non-contact Voltage The Fluke 117 is the meter 20 % buy the complete Electrician s Combo Kit Fluke 117 Multimeter Fluke 322 Clamp ToolPak Meter hanger Go to www.fluke
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