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Catalog ID: RV30873
163_Darley248.pdf RESCUE TOOLS Pro-Saw/Cut Off Saw Cut Through Virtually Any Material The Pro-Saw/Cut Off
Catalog ID: LV30872
162_Darley248.pdf K950 Ring Saw Kit RESCUE TOOLS The world s first 14" gas powered saw with a 10" cutting depth. This might seem impossible because
Catalog ID: RV30873
163_Darley248.pdf RESCUE TOOLS Pro-Saw/Cut Off Saw Cut Through Virtually Any Material The Pro-Saw/Cut Off
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Catalog ID: FH30870
Fits on 4" 41/2" hand-held grinders 7" circular saws 12"-14" gas saws and chop saws. Includes 22mm bushing. Uses: Copper pipe Masonry
Catalog ID: EU30868
has requested one blade that cuts all materials for rescue saws. The Piraya Diamond Blade is as close to meeting this fast smooth cutting and long blade life. Fits all rescue saws using 12" and 14" diameter blades. Uses: Wood Concrete Auto
Catalog ID: KA30871
core drill motor is ideal for drilling into concrete and masonry application. This drill is suitable for fire/rescue agencies FEMA BD112 5" Bit 518.95 Super VC3 Power Pro Cutoff Saw Rescue operations demand fast and reliable cutting equipment. Super Vac
Catalog ID: JE35963
Brand: USG
Low in-place cost compared to exterior-grade plywood and masonry Description Sheetrock brand gypsum sheathing features a moisture-resistant gypsum of regular drywall construction: quick score-and-snap cutting no sawing or special tools and rapid screw or nail attachment. Weather
Catalog ID: MW1285
drill bits 1-1/2" metal drill bit or hole saw bit and round file Copyright 2002 Zoeller Co. All rights bit. 3. Complete hole using a 1-1/2 hole saw Fig. 8 or a drill bit. Remove any burrs with
Catalog ID: WV36654
U 425. used under exterior finishes 4. Little or No Sawing: such as vinyl siding Gypsum Sheathing can be STRUCTURAL clapboard to Racking tests have been conducted for the Gypsum Association masonry veneer stucco exact size without cutting by an independent laboratory
Catalog ID: NP36633
over the damaged area and using a razor blade or Masonry Walls very sharp knife make straight cuts Do not apply over through both layers of film. The wet or damp masonry walls. damaged film underneath is then Mildew or staining problems
Catalog ID: GM35969
Brand: USG
sheds water. Quick Dry Installation Quick score-and-snap no sawing or special tools and rapid screw or nail attachment. Exposure effects of cascading water. 4. Not recommended for lamination to masonry surfaces. Use furring strips or framing. 5. Maximum stud spacing
Catalog ID: PO36645
inclusion in specific siding brick/stone veneer or directly to masonry surfaces flashed and sealed according to UL fire-rated designs Type X gypsum panel No special tools or fasteners over masonry surfaces. resistive barrier manufacturer s can be utilized for exterior
Catalog ID: MU36811
wood must not remain in direct contact with concrete or masonry stamps does not affect performance. Vertically orient the largest dimension each end of the I-joist. stickers i.e. measuring sawing Hard dry one above 10 -0 max. 9. When stacking
Catalog ID: MU75603
Brand: Armor-Tile
for concrete. The blade can be used in a circular saw or a mini-grinder and should be guided by a accept one. The drill bit used may be the same masonry bit used to drill the holes in the concrete. The
Catalog ID: QA36647
require- see use of a hand or power saw. ments caution must be used to UL Classified and approved walls and to laminate wallboard to other surfaces such as masonry or other layers of wallboard. Features/Benefits Resists the growth
Catalog ID: EN37290
20 and 18 gauge stud and track structural steel or masonry. Fy min 33 KSI Low in place and Performance CostsCutting of steel framing members may be accomplished with a saw or FF-P-395 Pin Drive Guided and Pin Drive