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Catalog ID: OQ86282
Brand: OTT
Surface_Water_Sensor_Selection_Guide_ott_en(1).pdf Introducing the OTT Surface Water Sensors: Radar Level Sensor OTT RLS ? Measures the distance from the water surface to
Catalog ID: SK86446
Brand: Sutron
it packages the following components into a single enclosure: Accubar sensor SDI-12 RS232 & RS485 interfaces front panel display & keypad pump that measure water temperature density & suspended sediment. User-set measurement & logging. The -2 model makes separate measurements in 2 locations. Bubbler
Catalog ID: OQ86282
Surface_Water_Sensor_Selection_Guide_ott_en(1).pdf Introducing the OTT Surface Water Sensors: Radar Level Sensor OTT RLS ? Measures the distance from the water surface to
Brand: OTT
Size: 1 Pages ( 586 kb )
Catalog ID: WL86253
GPRS SDI provides users with a cost effective means of logging multi- parameter sensors which make use of the SDI-12 protocol. The A755
Catalog ID: SJ86416
Brand: Sutron
7446dfbfba11ed919d8e9d5ecfa5f1ae.pdf Leaf Wetness Sensor 237-L The Leaf Wetness Sensor 237 is designed to emulate the surface area of a
Catalog ID: NC86451
Brand: Sutron
HSPALink1.pdf HSPALink Logging Transmitter Supports Modbus over Cellular Networks Overview Sutron s Multi-Sensor Input Logger plus Flexible Economical 2-Way HSPALink now has
Catalog ID: GS86440
Brand: Sutron
CDMALink1.pdf CDMALink Logging Transmitter over dbus ts Mo orks ppor Netw Su lar Cellu Overview Sutron s Multi-Sensor Input Logger plus Extremely Flexible & Economical 2-Way CDMA now
Catalog ID: QE86448
Brand: Sutron
gprslink-2-way-logging-transmitter.pdf GPRSLink Logging Transmitter Supports Modbus over Cellular Networks Overview Sutron s Multi-Sensor Input Logger plus Flexible Economical 2-Way GPRS now has
Catalog ID: KL86392
Brand: OTT
com info ECO PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensor Satlantic and WET Labs have partnered to develop the ECO-PAR sensor which provides highly accurate measurements of PAR 400 700 nm
Catalog ID: IM86433
Brand: Sutron
AquatrakSensorController1.pdf Aquatrak Absolute Liquid Level Sensor & Controller Overview The Aquatrak Sensor calculates the true average level even in the presence of
Catalog ID: LA86397
Brand: OTT
PT86307.pdf ECO FL Fluorescence sensor The Environmental Characterization Optics ECO series of single channel fluorometers output resolution 14 bit Linearity all 99% R2 Internal data logging Optional Environmental Internal batteries Optional Temperature Range 0 30 oC
Catalog ID: IK86252
s A753 addWAVE is a flexible general purpose radio data logger. It features high analog resolution WMO compliant measurement methods an rate and power stainless cover screws internal battery consumption of sensors 4x Binder M9 7-pin to sensors Connectors Frequency bands
Catalog ID: MT86442
Brand: Sutron
Dielectric-Leaf-Wetness-Sensor-Datasheet.pdf Dielectric Leaf Wetness Sensor Innovative and easy-to-use the new Dielectric Leaf Wetness Sensor enables accurate and affordable leaf wetness monitoring. Many fungal and
Catalog ID: JW86248
digital inputs and supports up to 40 SDI-12 values. Logging and transmission intervals are customizable over a wide range. A even in harsh environments. Waterproof Binder connectors are used for sensor and solar panel connections making field installation quick and simple
Catalog ID: IP86419
Brand: Sutron
8310-0 Overview The new 8310 exceeds Sutron s 8210 logger s capabilities while maintaining the same popoular interface 8210 users Hardened design multiple 8310-0 Datalogger communications paths & field-proven logging power expand the 8310 s Applications reliability over other loggers
Catalog ID: RS83988
Brand: Sutron
WindSensor-AirQuality0202-0204.pdf Air Quality Wind Sensor 5600-0202 -0204 SPECIFICATIONS Specifications subject to change without notice Range 360° mechanical 355° electrical 5 open High resolution wind sensor designed Accuracy 3 degrees specifically for air quality applications Threshold
Catalog ID: TL86415
Brand: Sutron
PC or other devices. Built-in measurement circuitry to handle sensors commonly used. Flexible measurement schedules and logging schemes. Built-in BASIC to support custom measurements processing and
Catalog ID: AS83981
Brand: Sutron
bfee814ece666f988f4b499e6bdb0811.pdf 5TE Soil Moisture Temperature & Electrical Conductivity Sensor SPECIFICATIONS subject to change without notice ACCURACY 1 a unitless contact with 0.75 a unitless from 20-80 the sensor prongs provides the soil temperature while the screws on the
Catalog ID: GK86438
Brand: Sutron
c75913c643cef24cbef6e665d7d8c877.pdf Minisonde Multiparameter Water Quality Sensor Compact lightweight 1.75 diameter housing fits into groundwater wells maintenance this multiparameter water quality sonde offers Hydrolab s superior sensor technology on a multi-parameter platform. Their optimized combinations of
Catalog ID: OC86281
Brand: OTT
the water level change to the float pulley of the sensor. The rotation caused by this is converted into an electrical variable output signal is suitable for connection to external data loggers or SPS systems. The SE 200 can be programmed via
Catalog ID: GM86244
an values of recorded temperature data mulate in the data logger minimum and same diagram. Mean Kinetic Temperature which is re The manual and automatic data export in as well as sensor breakages and system want to have an overview of the
Catalog ID: JF86447
Brand: Sutron
Almost unlimited I/O Expansion power and go. Multi-tasking loggers with Ethernet/USB Ports Intelligent: Automatic adaptive sampling based on optimizes your discharge measurement from bank to available in other loggers bank thus ensuring the highest quality data without your intervention
Catalog ID: UP83978
Brand: Sutron
or other devices Built-in measurement circuitry handles commonly used sensors Flexible measurement schedules and logging schemes 8310-N Basic Built-in BASIC to support custom
Catalog ID: WC86296
Brand: Hydrolab
a complete calibration. Produce valid scientifically defen- sible conclusions with sensor status that is saved with every line of data and continuous monitoring applications the Hydrolab HL4 has on-board data logging and dedicated communications modules that are used for easy integration
Catalog ID: QQ83985
Brand: Sutron
iridiumlink-2-way-logging-transmitter-datasheet.pdf IridiumLink Logging Transmitter Overview Sutron is an authorized Iridium ° Valued Added Reseller connections 3. Operates 8-16VDC -- 12V recommended for SDI-12 sensors 4. TCXO real-time clock with battery backup /-4ppm 5
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