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Catalog ID: DH78044
Catalog_6.4.1_Master_R0_026.pdf PIPE ATTACHMENTS THREADED BASE STAND A Figure 138 The Figure 138 is designed for use
Catalog ID: VT70664
Brand: Da-Lite
with reduced spring tension for easy raising and lowering. Floor stand with its rigid base for stability cradles screen securely in place Ideal for rental
Catalog ID: DH78044
Catalog_6.4.1_Master_R0_026.pdf PIPE ATTACHMENTS THREADED BASE STAND A Figure 138 The Figure 138 is designed for use
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Catalog ID: QB70656
Brand: Da-Lite
screen is subject to abuse during rental situations. The floor stand sold separately is required. Floor stand with its rigid base for stability cradles screen securely in
Catalog ID: AW70700
Brand: Da-Lite
E E N S PiPe AnD DRAPeRY BAcKgROUnD SYSteM Free standing system assembles in minutes without tools. Multi-purpose applications such 13 305 366 2 x Uprights fit into flat steel base with mounting stud. FlAt Steel BASe With MOUnting StUD Size
Catalog ID: DC78054
The Figure 247 is used in conjunction with a pipe stand 11 4 2 1.35 50 32 0.61 and flange at the base to support piping from below. Both 11 2 3 2
Catalog ID: RW77102
Brand: Da-Lite
from a floor model to a tabletop with matching projection stand. Features built-in electrical receptacle and heavy-duty carpet casters 48 lb. Electric Height Adjustment option Electric Height Adjustment option Base Only: 303/4"H x 25"W x 22"D
Catalog ID: ON77104
Brand: Da-Lite
gain 55 half angle degrees Below normal 2. Determine the base material DA-100 1.0 gain 35 half angle degrees repairing rear projection screens are assumed by the user. Acrylic base for breakage resistance lightweight Cleaning: high optical quality ease of
Catalog ID: KH77105
Brand: Da-Lite
SELECTING THE RIGHT SCREEN deterMIne the oPtIMuM Screen SIze 1 based on room dimensions planned audience seating size and arrangement. The ambient light is moderately controlled. With its specially designed gray base material and reflective top surface this screen material is able
Catalog ID: DL46052
Brand: Akro Mills
Healthcare_Dec2010_03.pdf AD3511PAST AD3517BS Optional Base Stands for 12 - and 18 -deep Stackable Cabinets provide eight more
Catalog ID: FE46047
Brand: Akro Mills
12 AkroDrawers and one for 18 AkroDrawers Optional 8 high Base Stands for each size cabinet available in matching colors for either
Catalog ID: DH78044
Catalog_6.4.1_Master_R0_026.pdf PIPE ATTACHMENTS THREADED BASE STAND A Figure 138 The Figure 138 is designed for use
Catalog ID: NH64890
Brand: Tripp-Lite
295 403 enough runtime businesses SUINT1500RTXL2Ua BP48V24-2U BP48V60RT3U RUNTIME stand to lose up to 50 000 600 14 80 165 load is utilizing under normal operating conditions. Included or optional base stands 2 Fault/Warning & UPS System Operational Conditions: LED set
Catalog ID: VI64891
Brand: Tripp-Lite
enough runtime businesses SMX1500XLRT2U Extended Runtime BP36V15-2U BP36V42-3U stand to lose up to 50 000 500 18 75 206 you to check UPS status including battery charge level Optional base stands and AC power status as well as reboot Customized
Catalog ID: PI70240
Brand: Calrad
Accessories 10-19 DESKTOP 10-37 USB PC MICROPHONE MICROPHONE BASE Calrads new professional podcasting PC microphone is easy to use XLR output. Sturdy reproduction. Great for making digital voice weighted base. Color is recordings. black. Front view SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response: 50hz
Catalog ID: QH29730
Brand: Justrite
crack. Top self-locates into sturdy im- pact resistant polyethylene base and is secured with hand-tightened screws. Top lifts off be filled with sand if desired. Impact resistant black polyethylene base stands up to abuse Three molded in "feet" provide greater
Catalog ID: BI47128
Brand: KSB
pres- sure-tight coupling of the pump. Transportable installation - with base stand and flange connection D - Open single vane impeller for handling
Catalog ID: JS50439
DS5 DS2 DS14 DS7E Vibration General Purpose Adjustable Contemporary Isolating Stand Stands Stands Stand DS2. Low-silhouette DS5 / DS5E. Fixed-height DS7
Catalog ID: FT77610
Brand: Gator
Catalog ID: EH64894
Brand: Tripp-Lite
Tel/DSL Ethernet & Coaxial Surge Protection Options Versatile cabinet can stand vertically R or lie horizontally. LCD display can M Extended 2-point connector. 2-9USTAND Tower kit with 2 adjustable base stands 2U to 9U. Adapts BP24V28-2U or BP24V70-3U
Catalog ID: WO86441
Brand: Sutron
and reliable cloud height information is required. The measurement is based on the LIDAR principle. The light emitting component is a ORDERING diode to transmit the pulse signal to the cloud base 5600-82CH Ceilometer compact The receiver is a silicon avalanche
Catalog ID: SK86446
Brand: Sutron
is both a logger & sensor capable of working as a stand-alone or Agrometeorology with other loggers/communications devices via SDI Dual Orifice Maximum Purge Pressure 50 psi or 70 psi based on model Bubble Gauge & Recorder 25 PSI max dual sensors
Catalog ID: HU86376
AUDIO OPEN High-end components are typically RACK MOUNT RACKS & STANDS deeper and heavier than standard ones. Professional audio gear isB L ED D L EE Salamander is proud to stand behind our products with industry- TE BUILT T N G
Catalog ID: AW86380
Furniture MAte DEFINING ORIGINAL The Furniture Mate is a free-standing TV Synchro Furniture Mate mounting system that will handle flat SY/FM1 TVs as large as 60 diag . Its free-standing Floor-standing TV mount with a manual or motorized 30
Catalog ID: IW86357
A wide range of accessories such as LiftBoxes or mobile stands makes the solution a zero-compromise Interactive Whiteboards TRIUMPH BOARD easy handling No need for maintenance Elegant modern design Mobile Stand with Electric Lift for LED LCD Specifications EAN: 8592580082825 The
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