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Catalog ID: MI50494
8 95-12 E410-11 E410NT 96-4 Extra-Depth Enclosure Enclosure with for 4" Loudspeakers Internal Mounting Holes 96-4X Series
Catalog ID: WR50495
SES SE198-4 SM191-78-8 191-78-8 Economical Enclosure Contemporary Enclosure 193 Series. Cost-efficient enclosure is provided in SE175-4
Catalog ID: MI50494
8 95-12 E410-11 E410NT 96-4 Extra-Depth Enclosure Enclosure with for 4" Loudspeakers Internal Mounting Holes 96-4X Series
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Catalog ID: HT50492
78-8 96-8 SM191-78-8 198-8-8 Enclosures EZ Mount Enclosure System for Enclosure for Extended Suspended Ceilings Loudspeaker Performance Extra
Catalog ID: JS50493
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_43.pdf Q Series Enclosures QS408 Q4915 Q408 Q4612 Q4712 Q428-SA with QPLATE40 Enclosures QPLATE20 QR30 QPLATE40 Surface Mount Enclosure with Premounted CRS Q
Catalog ID: NL50496
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_46.pdf 75 Years of Excellence Baffle / Enclosure Mounting Accessories Tile Bridges for 4" & 8" Loudspeakers 81-8S prevent ceiling tile sag in ceiling installations by distributing loudspeaker enclosure and/or baffle assembly weight to overhead T-bar support
Catalog ID: NF50465
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_15.pdf Strategy One Series Loudspeakers Grilles & Enclosures General Description Strategy One Series loudspeaker systems U.S. Patent signaling non-fire when used in combination with UL listed enclosures and baffles. Strategy One Series System Components C hoose from
Catalog ID: SM50486
Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_36.pdf 75 Years of Excellence APF Series Baffles Enclosures & Mounting Rings L20-100 Round grille CRS construction with baked x 3 16" 5mm Deep. L20-100 L20-201 Baffles Enclosures & Mounting Rings for APF Series Loudspeakers Recessed 20-gauge. CRS
Catalog ID: EI50463
Tuned & Ported Pendant Mount Mounted down-firing in an attractive enclosure the Speaker Systems PM4FA provides natural sound with full range Fan Hardware and performance requirements with three different ttractive Cylindrical Enclosure Will Compliment Any A 8" offerings that are factory assembled
Catalog ID: SV50490
or textured white W where noted. Wood Slope-Front Baffle / Enclosures 410-8 417-8WD These wood slope-front baffles are ideal for installations that require the aesthetics of classic enclosure design particularly classrooms offices reception areas and retail outlets. Offered
Catalog ID: BQ50467
three welded and serrated studs for push-on installation to enclosures or mounting rings. FA170 Square models feature an exclusive designed weight to the ceiling s into applications where a of enclosures / mounting loudspeaker to mount an 8" support members. The backbox
Catalog ID: VH50498
of Excellence 840-89A 830-812A Analog Clock / Speaker Baffles & Enclosures SM194-812 Universal Mounting Bracket Analog Clock / Speaker Baffles Atlas mounting. Grille and frame are finished in textured white epoxy. Enclosures for Clock / Speaker Baffles Enclosures are heavy-gauge CRS undercoated
Catalog ID: LW50472
for Conduit or Plenum Wire I Termination Low Profile Conical Enclosure ompact 2-Unit Master Pack Saves Warehouse C Space The cover is smartly positioned on the side of the conical enclosure to facilitate rigid or flexible conduit. An external tap selector
Catalog ID: WV50518
two-part assembly not sold separately consisting of a transducer / enclosure and an external transformer interface. The transducer employs NXT exciter plate mounted coil housed in a discrete high impact plastic enclosure with 10' insulated lead wire for termination to the external
Catalog ID: QH50517
into the plenum space. The innovative 712in 3 M1000 square enclosure ensures ample low frequency response. M1000 is finished in neutral removable plate. AM1200 AM1200 Sound Masking System features a compact enclosure utilizing two efficient wide range 2" x 4" speakers that
Catalog ID: GK50539
Series Compression Driver I8SC / I8SCM / I8SCH Shown with SEA-I8SC Enclosure I8SCM Same as I8SC with built in microphone. IP Speakers installation 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' tile Integral enclosure Efficient 8" paper cone loudspeaker I128SYSM Same as I128SYS with
Catalog ID: TT50453
Loudspeakers four 81-8 Tile Bridges R four CS95-8 Enclosures and 100 of plenum rated 18/2 speaker cable. Loudspeaker 876.3333 4 product_id: TT50453 supplier: Bonnin Electronics, Inc. brand: Atlas Soundolier doctype: catalog docname: Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_03.pdf Filename: C:\D\Big
Catalog ID: NU50497
including dry wall plaster and conventional ceiling applications when protective enclosures are not required. CRS construction. Finished in black epoxy. Four epoxy. Four 76-8E2 8-32 J-nuts included. Baffle & Enclosure Mounting Accessories P Series Plastic mounting rings are ideal for
Catalog ID: CR50499
UL263 ASTM E119 NFPA 251 . FR Series assemblies include an enclosure-fiber kit UL Listed speaker / transformer assembly and UL Listed baffle. Each enclosure-fiber kit includes pre-cut fiber panels metal enclosure rail
Catalog ID: SS50464
rich sound and high burial with wiring run to the enclosure. A protective durability is required such as outdoor malls theme the base at this time. This cover helps keep The enclosure is constructed of weather-resistant debris from falling into the
Catalog ID: NT50458
Dog Leg mounting system appeals to system designers and ported enclosure. The FAP40T is makes additional drywall support architects and is ideal for high- UL1480 listed and the enclosure is unnecessary in most installations. intelligibility voice music and constructed
Catalog ID: NJ50521
is 1 4" x 4" wide. 3 Wall-Mount Shelf / Enclosure System WME150. Extremely versatile six-piece Wall-Mount Shelf / Enclosure System unit is easy to assemble in a variety of
Catalog ID: GQ50461
Exceptional Performance V-Resistant Talc-Impregnated Polypropylene Injection U Molded Enclosures Available in Black or White owder Coated Aluminum Grilles P 800.876.3333 product_id: GQ50461 supplier: Bonnin Electronics, Inc. brand: Atlas Soundolier doctype: catalog docname: Atlas_Catalog_2011_s_11.pdf Filename: C:\D\Big
Catalog ID: WC50541
Mounting Included or Optional Pipe Mount Systems E Attractive Cylindrical Enclosure will Complement Any D cor op Cover Blends Perfectly with Enclosure to Conceal Interconnect - Providing a Very Clean Appearance T Input
Catalog ID: HC50449
assemble and stack easily for mounting electronics in custom cabinet enclosures or free-standing situations. for 19" Equipment They are ideal 99 product_id: HC50449 supplier: Bonnin Electronics, Inc. brand: Atlas Soundolier doctype: catalog docname: Atlas_Catalog_2011_s2_35.pdf Filename: C:\D\Big
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