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Catalog ID: OL86019
unidrive-m-overview-brochure.pdf Unidrive M: Drives for Industry AC and Servo Drive Family for Industrial Applications 0.25 kW
Catalog ID: AS86014
High-Power-F300-Brochure.pdf Powerdrive F300: High Power Modular AC Drives Fan pump and compressor drive Optimum energy efficiency flexible functionality
Catalog ID: OL86019
unidrive-m-overview-brochure.pdf Unidrive M: Drives for Industry AC and Servo Drive Family for Industrial Applications 0.25 kW
Size: 1 Pages ( 1089 kb )
Catalog ID: HG32942
has been designed to be a simple compact cost effective AC motor speed controller that delivers performance with simplicity and ease for 90% of applications printed on the front of the drive Commander SK ensures installation and commissioning are straight forward. However
Catalog ID: RK32953
com 800-893-2321 UnidriveC Free Standing Fully Engineered Cabinet Drives 150 hp to 1000 hp Unidrive SP Free Standing is a range of compact AC drives for high power motors. They inherit their reliability Incomer
Catalog ID: DP32955
ST-Z Internal EZMotion Module The Digitax ST-Z EZMotion drive provides a very high level of control by allowing the has many powerful software features to help programming this servo drive is easy in fact it s meet the most demanding
Catalog ID: JS32944
893-2321 Commander SX Commander SX NEMA 4X Washdown Duty Drive Dirt dust water pollution all environments that can mean additional cost whenever a variable speed drive is needed. From washdown food and drink applications to dust
Catalog ID: IR32941
or download stored rotor Flux control rFc parameters to a drive or dozens of drives. This is a standard feature that With the Commander GP20
Catalog ID: HJ86022
unidrive-m600-brochure.pdf Unidrive M600 High performance drive for induction and sensorless permanent magnet motors 0.75 kW and terminal and onboard EMC filter superior diagnostics Power on / Drive status LED RS485 communications as standard Aluminum chassis - allows flexible
Catalog ID: FP86017
Powerdrive-F300-en.pdf Powerdrive F300 Fan Pump and Compressor drive Optimum energy efficiency flexible functionality and ease of use Powerdrive flexible functionality and ease of use Powerdrive F300: Cabinet-mount drive solution End users OEMs and integrators need to maximize energy
Catalog ID: IO86020
identified within Industrial Automation. The Unidrive M100 is a value drive that provides class leading quality and performance for open loop the full Unidrive M family please download the Unidrive M Drives for Industry brochure or the Discover Unidrive M App available
Catalog ID: ML32954
SP Safe Torque Off function meets the new Old 3 AC requirements of EN954-I : category 3 for machine safety K1 serve as a part of a category 4 application. 3 AC 24V 24V Control Techniques Safe Torque Off safety solution has
Catalog ID: FO86023
and EMC filter superior diagnostics Industry standard dual Power on / Drive port Ethernet switch status LED supporting IEEE 1588 V2 synchronization shielded control and Features and their locations vary on some drive sizes power cables 3 Performance control for
Catalog ID: JM32943
users have come to expect from more powerful and flexible drives from Control Techniques. TyPICAL APPLICATIONS Mixer Conveyor 0.3 to through Easy commissioning pack allows OEMs fast commissioning of multiple drives 10 800-893-2321 Commander SL FEATURE
Catalog ID: AW86016
mentor-mp-brochure.pdf Mentor MP High Performance DC Drive 25 A to 7030 A 400 V / 575 V / 690 V Two or four quadrant operation Mentor MP DC drive features AC supply input connections wih removable safety covers Drive
Catalog ID: NB32957 800-893-2321 Epsilon EP 16 Amp Drive Compact and Economical The Epsilon EP Series is the most digital servo There are five sizes of each Epsilon EP drive: 2.2 A drive in the Control Techniques lineup. Designed
Catalog ID: HW32960
01.pdf 800-893-2321 MDS Modular Drive System The Modular Drive System MDS is a powerful and cost- effective solution for
Catalog ID: HJ32945 800-893-2321 Mentor II The Intelligent DC Drive DC drives are widely used in applications that require regeneration precise speed
Catalog ID: NN86018
pdf Servo Solutions for Continuous and Pulse Duty Applications Servo drives servo motors and geared servo motors Digitax ST Unidrive M700 fm Dynabloc hd Digitax ST is available in five variants: Drive features EtherCAT Plus EZ Motion Indexer Base Two option module
Catalog ID: GA86015
AI-Back-up Adaptor and AI-Smart Adaptor allows the drive to use an SD card for parameter cloning and acts Easy-to-disconnect Useful parameter guide on internal EMC filter drive front panel User-friendly power connections Drive rated to IP21
Catalog ID: BT86021
for RS485 communications Optional AI-Back-up Adaptor allows the drive to use an SD card for parameter cloning and acts and superior diagnostics Optional IP66 NEMA 4 Remote Power-on / drive status LED Dual onboard Safe Torque Off STO Keypad available
Catalog ID: QI32948
pdf 800-334-3040 Fincor Non-Regen Drives Non-regenerative drives are typically used on applications contact closure to initiate the
Catalog ID: LU32958
Ready EP-IDN & EP-PDN Both the Indexer and Programmable drives have a DeviceNet option Epsilon EP which makes them a natural fit in any DeviceNet related motion application. The drives retain the same footprint as the standard drive. Both use
Catalog ID: KT32949
APPLICATIONS Regenerative Material Payoff 40 60 20 80 0 DC Drives MOT Performance OR 100 SPE ED % RU N STO P JO G Regenerative adjustable speed drives also known as four-quadrant drives are capable of controlling
Catalog ID: EC32959
or 3 Flying Leads or Flying Leads with MS or Drive Encoder 3 MIN EP204-I00-0000 Mounting Flange: E English SN 0610E014 connectors. NT Motor Family digital i/o J3 Drive J8 Motor Power Cable - CMDS J10 J6 J5 Epsilon EP
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