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Catalog ID: BO78459
pressure and flow control for high purity piping systems. Polytetra Heat Exchangers We stock and sell Polytetra series heat exchangers. Constructed of
Catalog ID: JH32527
R E S Mechanism Yoke 304 Stainless Steel Mechanism incorporates heat-treated stainless steel Ball Float 304 Stainless Steel wear items CONDENSATE STEAM AIR VENT AIR VENT RETURN LINE RETURN STEAM HEAT EXCHANGER HEAT EXCHANGER HOT HOT OUTLET WATER OUTLET COLD COLD
Catalog ID: BO78459
pressure and flow control for high purity piping systems. Polytetra Heat Exchangers We stock and sell Polytetra series heat exchangers. Constructed of
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Catalog ID: PG66414
CommercialHotWaterSupply_RR102C-6.pdf Gas Hot Water Supply Heaters Gas Hot Water Supply Heaters RECOVERY CAPACITIES MODEL NUMBER STYLE TEMPERATURE RISE DEGREES F GALLONS
Catalog ID: JA86033
power_vt_plus_1000.pdf Power VT Plus Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 399 to 900 MBH 96% thermal ef ciency at full with seamless VFD modulation AquaPLEX engineered duplex alloy tank and heat exchanger No tank lining No anode rods Superior to 316L
Catalog ID: DV85909
Goodman_114.pdf GMVC96 Two-Stage Variable-Speed Heating Input: 40 000 120 000 BTU/h ECM Gas Furnace upflow horizontal left or right Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger Certified for direct vent 2-pipe Stainless-steel secondary
Catalog ID: DK85907
Goodman_112.pdf GMS8/GDS8/GHS8 Single-Stage Multi-Speed Heating Input : 40 000 140 000 BTU/h Multi-Position Gas Cabinet Features Heavy-duty aluminized-steel dual- Installation: diameter tubular heat exchanger GMS8/GHS8 -upflow Single-stage gas valve horizontal left
Catalog ID: FH84715
Brand: TLV
discharging condensate at high flow rates. Suitable for large process heat exchangers. 1. Self-modulating free float pilot mechanism ensures discharge at
Catalog ID: UK81959
Brand: Navien
boiler The only compact combi-boiler strong enough to support heating and DHW for the whole house Navien NCB-E is E 2016 combi-boiler with the capacity to supply both heat and also saves installation domestic hot water for larger homes
Catalog ID: RI79592
Brand: Fulton
Condensing Hydronic Boilers 300 000 - 850 000 BTU/HR The heat transfer innovators. CALIBER CONDENSING HYDRONIC BOILERS FEATURES DURABLE AND RELIABLE boilers are ideal for light commercial Ultra High Efficiencies building heat applications. The coiled stainless steel water tube heat exchanger allows
Catalog ID: EM23963
Brand: Liebert
W Rack Enclosure With Integrated Water-Based Cooling For High Heat Density Electronics Blade servers and other rack-based extreme density XDK-W utilize closed air circulation for cooling. The server heat load data center. is dissipated into the process cold water
Catalog ID: VG33925
HR_Silencer-Axial.pdf 045 5-41-5 Heat Recovery Silencer - Axial The HRSA Series waste heat recovery silencers are compact cylindrical heat exchangers designed for either
Catalog ID: BP44671
page_cogen_HRSA.pdf 045 5-41-5 The HRSA Series waste heat recovery silencers are compact cylindrical heat exchangers designed for either dual or single exhaust small engines
Catalog ID: AF66398
Comm_SPIDERfire_RR-180_Rev3.pdf Product Brochure Commercial Water Heaters SPIDERfire Series SPIDERfire: Delivers high efficiency and real savings for 97% thermal efficiency 80 and 100-gallon capacity models atented heat exchanger system P eliminates hot spots CD diagnostics L uiet
Catalog ID: UR82094
Brand: Viega
Viega_2016_Catalog_USA_English_Heating_Cooling_30.pdf ProRadiant Heating and Cooling Sensor well Quantity Part No CTS Wt lb temperature sensor 12128 1.000 1 4 - Suitable for basic heating control Model 2871.0US - Fits into solder cup or Viega
Catalog ID: TN81961
Brand: Navien
Condensing Technology NPE-A and NPE-S Condensing Tankless Water Heaters Navien makes it easy to go tankless in residential and ultra condensing DUAL STEEL STAINLESS VENTING UP TO 60 FT HEAT EXCHANGERS condensing tankless tankless water heater technology with GAS24 NG
Catalog ID: JR80569
notice. 2010 Watson McDaniel Company Steam Injection Humidification Overview Steam Heat Exchanger WSX Provides humidification for today s stringent indoor air quality
Catalog ID: IR80520
is used when draining condensate from a single piece of heat transfer equipment whose steam flow is being controlled with a a modulating valve controls the flow of steam to a heat exchanger a stall condition can develop. Stall occurs when the
Catalog ID: QT79594
Brand: Fulton
Hydronic Boilers 750 000 - 2 000 000 BTU/HR The heat transfer innovators. ENDURA CONDENSING HYDRONIC BOILERS A Design Features: Available high efficiencies up to 99% Condensing firetube duplex stainless steel heat exchanger Ideal for primary variable flow applications Fully modulating high
Catalog ID: UK255
1.pdf Bulletin A-50L Hydronic Heating and Plumbing Products Bell & Gossett Table of Contents Page Number JR Enhanced Air Separator 14 Tanks HFT Pre-Charged Hydronic Heating Tanks 15 Plain Steel Compression Tank 15 ATF Airtrol Tank
Catalog ID: TS32534
Watson McDaniel WPT Pump-Trap Combinations are excellent for draining heat exchangers or other equipment that is being fed by a temperature
Catalog ID: RH33372
Brand: Emerson
demand flexible efficient and at the same time more individual heat loads supported by and more importantly expandable compact in their portfolio. ments change considerably especially in tackling technical and physical heat CoolTherm has set a benchmark that is load issues and
Catalog ID: SI61803
Brand: Hot Patch
Hot_Patch_Presentation.pdf Hot Patch Heater The Intelligent Solution for all Your Asphalt Patching Needs Advantages: Uses your own truck s engine coolant to heat the asphalt mix patented thru a serpentine heat exchanger unit
Catalog ID: WH66453
RH_SolaraideHE_SpecSheet_101-16.pdf Residential Solar Electric Solaraide HE Water Heaters Water INT EG RATED H O ME C OM FORT Tanks Solaraide HE tanks are available as electric backup water heaters and as storage tanks designed for use with closed loop
Catalog ID: OJ66406
RH_Mid-Efficiency_Brochure_TK-901C_Rev5.pdf Product Brochure Residential Water Heaters Condensing Tankless Series C NDENSING TANKLESS The Next Level of Tankless: Prestige high efficiency condensing tankless gas water heaters 4% energy efficient and exceeds 9 EnERgy STaR requirements ndoor
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