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Catalog ID: KU85483
Brand: Acrosoft
TI NG & ENCO DI N G FARGO DTC1250e DI REC T-TO-C ARD P R INT E R The DTC1250e seconds without having to install any investments. additional software. hi d gl o ba SPE CIFICAT IO NS Print
Catalog ID: JU85502
temperature quantity and duration of discharges. damaging events. FEATURES & BENEFITS T he BC M Plus keeps an electronic log of critical BCM 2200-NM records each discharge event to most C&D Technologies battery systems up to 750 VDC. keeps a count
Catalog ID: KU85483
TI NG & ENCO DI N G FARGO DTC1250e DI REC T-TO-C ARD P R INT E R The DTC1250e seconds without having to install any investments. additional software. hi d gl o ba SPE CIFICAT IO NS Print
Brand: Acrosoft
Size: 1 Pages ( 214 kb )
Catalog ID: HB85215
Brand: Pelco
y para interiores Serie IBP de Sarix C MARA IP D/N H.264 DE HASTA 5 MEGAP XELES EN FORMA factor de forma que necesita para casi cualquier condici n o bien usando un cliente con perfil G de ONVIF activado
Catalog ID: GW85272
Brand: RBH
rk-40.pdf PHYSICAL ACCESS S OLUTI O NS pivCLASS RK40 RPK40 For the following security areas per v CLASS RE AD ER S F OR CO N T R O L L E D A R E AS
Catalog ID: GQ85293
Brand: Sielox
pivCLASS_Readers.pdf PHYSICAL ACCESS S OLUTI O NS pivCLASS RKCLB40 RPKCLB40 Readers For the following security areas RE AD ER S F OR " E XC LUS I O N " SE C UR I T Y ARE AS E
Catalog ID: GA85516
recharge sooner than batteries stored at lower temperatures. See C&D brochure 41-7272 Self-Discharge and Inventory Control for details 18 16.18 4.67 B 0.50 12.62 D 0.19 0.19 4.7 0.13 3.2
Catalog ID: DL85482
Brand: Acrosoft
Protege los datos enviados a la impresora con codificaci n o cifrado bajo el est ndard AES-256. La impresora monocrom un color simple lado nico borde a borde. est ndar o premium verde azul rojo blanco Impresi n m vil con
Catalog ID: CW85412
Brand: Aiphone
search button or move cursor to the left B E D A C F 4 5 6 10 Forward search button move cursor to the right H K N M G O J L I 4 12 7 8 9 11 Call
Catalog ID: CV85270
Brand: RBH
Event Viewer Live Status Display and L SA ER IV T our Dynamic Interactive Maps on all UN RIGH Concurrently multi 00 11 00 01 10 200 - 11 10 11 00 D-Net 00 01 11 01 II 01 11 10 01
Catalog ID: AW85289
Brand: Sielox
Audit trail is available through IB s full featured enrollment t based scanners. and management software Lower cost than token based Control Cable Included Supports Multiple Terminals 22 RS-4 C D 12V TRU650 IBHPA 7000-01 TC P/IP et rn
Catalog ID: AS85310
Brand: Suprema
CSN Ultra slim design User Capacity 40 000 - Sized to t gangbox switchbox for easier installation Log Capacity 50 000 - 12mm to 40 000 users and 50 000 logs TTL I/O 2 x input - Supports up to 128 user groups and
Catalog ID: WN85917
0.5 inch cooling-only and heat pump operation H O when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193 Direct-drive leakage less than 2.0% at 1.0 inch H O when tested in accor- Wall-hanging bracket provided dance with
Catalog ID: WG85584
recharge sooner than batteries stored at lower temperatures. See C&D bulletin 41-7272 Self-Discharge and Inventory Control for details TEL12-105FS Terminal Protectors UL94 V0 Terminal protectors available IMENSIONS D 33.7 1/4-20 UNC 1.33 1.13
Catalog ID: WE85926
cabinet with UV-resistant powder-paint finish Durable corrosion-resistant T-140 aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger Aluminum foil-facing internal 60 Unit Type Refrigerant G Gas/Electric 4 R-410A D Dual-Fuel Airflow Efficiency M Multi-Position 14 14 SEER
Catalog ID: VO85765
Brand: Cemline
Heaters Individually Mounted Elements Vertical or Horizontal CEMLINE CORPORATION P.O. BOX 55 CHESWICK PENNSYLVANIA 15024 Phone: 724 274-5430 FAX vertical package heaters are normally furnished as shown below. Dimensions D A A.S.M.E. P&T W Hot Water
Catalog ID: TU85615
Brand: Belimo
psi close-off pressure with the self-adjusting end stop o algorithm ensures reliable operation throughout the entire life of the to 120 seconds to satisfy application needs and avoid water d Flexible configurations: on/off hammer floating point modulating BACnet communication
Catalog ID: TR85950
ABL NEL OV PA A ESS D FVC A New Classic The best gets N even better ON 1/2 FR 38 3/4 19 IEW PV O T Vertical Classic Fan Coils -3/4 56 14 -1
Catalog ID: SR85726
g-100.pdf PURE LINE AIR PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT a d s o r p t i o n Carbon Housing Front Access
Catalog ID: RW85998
SFCbrochure.pdf SFC SERIES d o w n w a r d f l o w
Catalog ID: RT85912
5 1 Refrigeration System Refrigerant Line Size Liquid Line Size O.D. 3/8" 3/8" 3/8" 3/8" 3/8
Catalog ID: RG85769
Brand: Cemline
energy that can be recov- ing condensate from the F&T trap to pressures. Most often a flash tank is ered 0 - 15 PSIG Dimensional Data W W V V I D I D L Vessel Pressure Vessel H Gauge L Pressure
Catalog ID: RC85774
Brand: Cemline
Heaters E BLine LA l AI On- m AVed gra t OWmag Pr o N uto in A Siz CEMLINE CORPORATION P.O. BOX
Catalog ID: QV85634
Brand: Belimo
Range of Applications Advanced seat and disc design provides zero d percent le eakage capability at each valve s rated tem seat with encapsulated with both standard gaskets and spiral elastomeric o-ring core for resiliency. Common wound gasket designs. Outside diameter
Catalog ID: QD85809
Brand: Clarcol
592 mm H x 595 mm W x 495 mm D 4250 m3/h Rated Airflow 23.4 H" x 23.4" W x 19.5" D o o Operating Temperature Range -40 C to 70 C
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