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Catalog ID: LD85949
114 F 4 STD. AIR VENT 3 76 /4 5 SUPPLY 5 AIR 127 1" 25 6 152 SUPPLY DUCT 5/8" 16 O.D. STD. COLLAR SUPPLY & RETURN
Catalog ID: KQ85640
Brand: Belimo
design with zero leakage eliminates energy loss. Now Available Self-cleaning ball valve technology provides Sweat Connection superior clog resistance. 95% differential pressure regulator with a 2-way control valve to supply a speci c ow for each degree of ball opening
Catalog ID: LD85949
114 F 4 STD. AIR VENT 3 76 /4 5 SUPPLY 5 AIR 127 1" 25 6 152 SUPPLY DUCT 5/8" 16 O.D. STD. COLLAR SUPPLY & RETURN
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Catalog ID: KO85740
Brand: Colmet
Met s Open Front Paint Booths offer a safe and clean environment for any type of finishing operation. Airflow is drawn Class 2 division 2 Group F and G. and are supplied with a multi-voltage ballast to accept any voltage between
Catalog ID: KJ85709
x 1 1/2 lb per cu.ft linacoustic fiberglass. Cleanable Shell and Aesthetically coated with powder paint to Tube Condenser TOTAL QTY SIZE POWER EA. EA. EA. MAX DEEP INCH SUPPLY TYPE QTY DIA x MAX. FLA LRA MIN- FACE QTY
Catalog ID: KD86000
SmokeeterBrochure.pdf SE 50 SMOKEETER commercial air cleaners SMOKEETER ENSURE CLEAN BREATHABLE AIR First The success of any public THE establishment
Catalog ID: KA86262
resistant than plastic lenses. Its pyramid shape creates a self-cleaning effect avoiding build-up of dust and agrochemicals and provides 2 5VDC linear Weight 615 g incl. arm & cable Power Supply 5 5 VDC ... 7 2 VDC Spectral Range 400 ... 1100
Catalog ID: JV86029
Water Outlet ASHRAE compliant insulation 140 TempTrac Electronic Operating Control Clean-in-Place AquaPLEX Storage Tank Fittings Boiler Water Supply Operating Thermostat Flow Diffusers Boiler Water Return Y-strainer Bottom
Catalog ID: IU85718
to 747 TR 467 to 2627 kW . These units are supplied with rotary screw compressors that are backed by more than reliable control Bolted construction for easy knockdown Heat exchangers with cleanable copper tubes and removable water heads for easy serviceability Vessels
Catalog ID: IS85878
D. seamless copper tube on sizes 24 and 36. -Factory Supplied for Field Mounting -1/2" O.D. seamless copper tube be double wall lined with smooth galvanized steel for easy cleaning and coil removal. Quality Assurance: Blowers: Coils are factory tested
Catalog ID: IO86242
00 8120.10 8120.20 OPUS20 E 8120.30 Power supply battery Power supply USB Power supply LAN POE optional optional optional optional Measured
Catalog ID: IO85710
or repairing a faulty compressor. Scroll Compressor s 6WCPS Series Cleanable Shell and Tube Condenser Reliability No contact scroll Multiple 3 4x167.0 4x16.0 532 38870 9 25x25 Condenser type: Cleanable shell and tubes. Notes: 1. LRA Locked rotor ampere. 6
Catalog ID: IF86001
is the Model VP-1500 Portable most economical solution for cleaner factory air. iMProVes ProDuCtiVitY AnD reDuCes MAintenAnCe The V Series and a compressed air connection APPliCAtions for the in-place cleaning option. The versatile and compact V Series is ideal for
Catalog ID: HF86283
Brand: OTT
Access ports for in-situ 10. RSB: Rectangular Side Box cleaning degreased materials and spe- Aerodynamically and structurally designed to connect directly to a cial packaging and factory cleaning are centrifugal fan s inlet and reduce distribution and swirl
Catalog ID: HF85828
Brand: Clarcol
Catalog ID: GV85782
Brand: Cemline
usg.pdf USG Series Cemline Unfired Steam Generators Generate Clean Steam With Boiler Steam or High Temperature Hot Water as Steam Generators Cemline Unfired Steam Generators are designed to produce clean steam with steam or high temperature hot water as an
Catalog ID: GO85836
Brand: Clarcol
within the metalworking industry. Our electrostatic precipitators ESPs have been cleaning the air and recycling machining fluids for companies around the including a coalescing pre-filter and ESP collection cell s . Clean air is then recirculated back into the plant for a
Catalog ID: GJ85854
Brand: Colmet
booth intakes air through filters in the product doors. The clean filtered air is drawn through the booth and exhausted through Air Solenoid Valve Interlocked to the exhaust fan and air supply for the spray application equipment. Meets Quality Performance Standards Spray
Catalog ID: GE85884
is based on the most recent information available. It is supplied conditional to later modifications. We reserve the right to modify any time without prior notification or obligation to adapt previously supplied equipment. Any work on the Chiller should be carried out
Catalog ID: GC85702
COOLED PACKAGE UNITS level and eliminates the need for common Cleanable Shell and Tube Condenser transition and eliminates air unbalance. Multiple 2x16.0 532 38870 2x23.8 8 25x25 Condenser type: Cleanable shell and tubes. Notes: 1. LRA Locked rotor ampere. 2
Catalog ID: GB85606
of combustion present in air moving through an HVAC duct supply return or both in commercial industrial and res- To minimize 2 inches of water. 3 Identify a code compliant location supply or return side for the installation of the duct unit
Catalog ID: FT85628
Brand: Belimo
3 -T -200 Valve Valve Trim Material Actuator Type Power Supply Control -S Built-in -200 8 F6 2-way Size seat tearing or fatiguing due to bunching systems and are supplied in standard Cartridge seat has a much smaller mass of
Catalog ID: FQ86043
Brand: Reimers
for POWER REFILLING HEATING and ALARMS Applications Process Steam Dry Cleaning Food Service Laboratories Air Humidification VOLTAGE 1 HEATING POWER STEAM Each boiler model requires two 2 power Model Number Key supplies: Primary heating power and secondary control voltage. Nominal control voltage
Catalog ID: FH85646
removable PVC sludge screen allows for easy periodic maintenance and cleaning. Field options: Cable lengths to more than 3 000 ft ReFeRence speciFicAtions electRicAl MechAnicAl Process Connection: Removal PVC sludge screen Supply Voltage: 9 to 36 Vdc Proof Pressure: 1.5X FSO
Catalog ID: FB85959
options are: Durable 14 gauge tamper-proof cabinet Mold resistant cleanable insulation with antimicrobial coating Improved air quality with high efficiency Wa 160 F 16.2 Equiv. Main ChillCd iWater atiereTemp Supply e h lled W P p 78 ft Ho F
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