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Catalog ID: GS43385
Brand: Elmo
Visual X G SPECIFICATIONS PROFILE All dimensions in inches mm Camera Image pick-up device 1/3" progressive scan CCD 850 Min. 1 1/8" x 7/8" 30 x 23mm Focus Auto/Manual powered Functions White balance Full-Auto/One-Push
Catalog ID: AB43390
Brand: Elmo
rate 16x Optical 8x Digital Total 128x Zoom Auto / Manual Focus Image rotation Image save and recall to SD card PinP 5Kg Weight True color reproduction crisp clear Note: image Flexible free-angle camera and SKU 1309 Upper light arms Optional Base
Catalog ID: GS43385
Visual X G SPECIFICATIONS PROFILE All dimensions in inches mm Camera Image pick-up device 1/3" progressive scan CCD 850 Min. 1 1/8" x 7/8" 30 x 23mm Focus Auto/Manual powered Functions White balance Full-Auto/One-Push
Brand: Elmo
Size: 2 Pages ( 929 kb )
Catalog ID: RC49143
and up to a 32 LCD TV of your choice. Camera height is adjustable with either the HD or the Focus Lifesize cameras. Easily setup or retrofit your Express system to
Catalog ID: GU60578
Cer- berus systems. The site survey tool utilizes proprietary multiple cameras alarms event management and video integration of new and existing security systems provide nate the appropriate intervention and threat assessment. focused surveillance capabilities suitable for ARGUS rapid deployment. Cerberus platforms pro
Catalog ID: MW64251
title-out movement the way you want it. You can freely make and combine the settings for where Slide is positioned RT Stretch RT Push Out Zoom Fade Moving Split Out Focus One Type of Filter Effect Added p. 33 Partial Magnifier
Catalog ID: DP64252
Remote Control of Multiple Units via LAN for managing multi-camera shoots via LAN for managing multi-camera shoots most: out in the field where every shot counts
Catalog ID: VW66465
Brand: Mobotix
Pages_from_[Mbotix_Catalog]_03.pdf Hemispheric Camera Q24 Q24 unt mo g ilin ce in - i th Allround Secure. An elegant ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 360° allround view to capture an entire
Catalog ID: VV66538
ready housing designed to withstand regular autofocus color flash-enabled camera enables the easy exposure to the harsh cleaning agents required support for the most advanced encryption and power management and free-fall event logging authentication algorithms as well as Virtual private
Catalog ID: NP66461
Brand: Mobotix
Hemispheric_Q24_Camera.pdf Q24M Hemispheric Camera Q24 The HiRes Video Company Q24M Hemispheric: 3.1 Megapixels data as a high-resolution video sequence. Thanks to the camera s integrated distortion correction feature image data can be corrected
Catalog ID: JG66473
Brand: Mobotix Made in Germany T24 Hemispheric Camera with LEDs Full two-way communication intercom Lip-synchronous sound door station in the world can offer this: MOBOTIX hemispheric camera technology enables the user to view the entire area in
Catalog ID: HL66464
Brand: Mobotix
Pages_from_[Mbotix_Catalog]_01.pdf FlexMount Camera S14 S14 Discreet. Flexible. Hemispheric. The S14 allows you to microphones using a two-meter long connector cable to the camera housing. Two horizontally or vertically adjacent rooms can be completely
Catalog ID: HD66472
Brand: Mobotix
Panorama View For Superior Overview The high-resolution Hemispheric door camera with 3.1 megapixel image sensor and internal MicroSD storage Specifications T24 The HiRes Video Company Technical Specifications T24 Hemispheric Camera Virtual PTZ Models Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom continuous 8x zoom
Catalog ID: GB72522
Brand: Clary Icon
pdf Large 60 flat panel multi-touch display HD PTZ camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics Audio conferencing with built-in microphone collaboration solution 1 1 PTZ camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics 5 8 2 Large 60-inch
Catalog ID: IT76432
Brand: Bretford
ideal for learning solutions. Tables helps students stay calm and focused feature a flip-up door that provides easy with comfortableessential in any meeting or learning Keep participants relaxed and focused When working alone or in groups space. With the addition
Catalog ID: FN76939
works with your iPhoneTM or iPadTM via WiFi and a free app available from the Apple App Store. It sends the video to your device. WiFi 500X Microscope with stand Features Camera type: 1600x1200 1/5 CMOS Works with iOS devices via
Catalog ID: AA77020
Brand: Chauvet
crisp features strobe effects and high-frequency dimming for flicker-free on-camera operation. gobos from almost any distance use the motorized focus
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