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Catalog ID: LV85811
Brand: Clarcol
Air filtration products offer extremely high levels of on inlet house size turbine protection in a wide range of environments with its selection of Pressure certifications: inlet system components and filters. CLARCOR Industrial Air s expertise PED and ASME compliance in
Catalog ID: LS85611
of building innovative and reliable products the SM-501 is housed in our popular traditional compact housing. The unit provides two sets of 10 Amp form C
Catalog ID: LV85811
Air filtration products offer extremely high levels of on inlet house size turbine protection in a wide range of environments with its selection of Pressure certifications: inlet system components and filters. CLARCOR Industrial Air s expertise PED and ASME compliance in
Brand: Clarcol
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Catalog ID: KO85740
Brand: Colmet
open front across the work area and exhausted through a filter bank in the back of the booth. The dry arrestor filters trap the airborne overspray particles before the filtered air is
Catalog ID: JR85792
Brand: Clarcol
High-Efficiency-Filters_Fact_Sheet.pdf fact sheet altair System2 High Efficiency Filters KEY BENEFITS The CLARCOR Industrial Air altairSystem2 inlet filtration unit in offshore and coastal High volume flow leads to small filter face area up to environments. Optimized to operate at high
Catalog ID: IU85718
current to virtually zero inrush current MOTOR Built-in harmonic filter MALE DRIVE Built-in Radio Frequency Interference RFI filter ROTOR Maintain displacement power factor at minimum 0.95 at
Catalog ID: IT85719
pdf COMP LINE AIR FILTRATION COMPONENTS SPECIALTY METAL PRODUCTS Panel Filter Support PANEL Wires are designed by BLC to effectively support all types FILTER of filter medias. Available in a variety of sizes and
Catalog ID: IS85721
d-150.pdf SPECIAL FILTER MODULE FOR CRUCIAL APPLICATIONS CA99 FOR HVAC FILTRATION BLC s CA99 Special Filter Holding Modules are so versatile and flexible in the ASHRAE
Catalog ID: IR85730
i-150(1).pdf FILTER-LINE and MERV - DEFINITION OF TERMS FILTER The percentage % of test dust by weight that an air
Catalog ID: HT85958
FL-121-StudentHousingDesignFlyer-I100-90009986_-_Copy.pdf Student Housing Design Design Considerations Sound Durability/Safety Comfort/IAQ Efficiency Design Flexibility/Adaptability RESIDENCE HALL/STUDENT HOUSING Challenges Applications IEC Product Features Sound Sound evaluation tools that
Catalog ID: HF85828
Brand: Clarcol
wall or ceiling or on a portable stand. Their interchangeable filters can be fitted with either disposable pleated filters or an electrostatic filter and come standard with a remote
Catalog ID: GN85692
Brand: CPS Tools
and reliable refrigerant recovery machine in a compact rugged contemporary housing. The TR600 offers the ideal combination of form and function with fastest R-410A flow rates in its 100 Mesh Filter class with protective cap 550 psi high pressure shut-off
Catalog ID: GH85807
Brand: Clarcol
Filter-LM6000-Fact_Sheet.pdf Fact Sheet clearcurrent PRO Reverse Cartridge Filter for LM6000s Improving compressor health while meeting industry standards it overall turbine degradation and improve compressor health. The clearcurrent PRO filter incorporates elements of degradation-based maintenance to help power generators
Catalog ID: GB85606
PREPARATION 5 When installing duct smoke units down stream of filters fires occurring in the filters will be detected but if the Remove mounting template from
Catalog ID: FH85646
durable design features a corrosion- resistant all 316L stainless steel housing and pressure cavity. The removable PVC sludge screen allows for jacketed cable with integral vent tube pRessURe RAnges and hydrophobic filter 0 to 5 PSI thru 0 to 300 PSI 344
Catalog ID: FA85708
The 3D nylon injected corners forming the structural frame to house all internal components. The unit is designed with aesthetic and is also available. Your Choice of Filtration Various options of filter type filter media and filter efficiency are available to meet
Catalog ID: EO85733
SV17715.pdf A Quality Manufacturer of Air Filtration Equipment Filters and Components A Dynamic Team at Your Service BLC Industries it s the best equipment products for use in replacement filters. We quickly in the industry. expanded by manufacturing such items
Catalog ID: DW85827
Brand: Clarcol
are more likely to save on overall energy costs and filter replacements. That s because operators are able to set differential especially effective for dust collectors that use UAS ProTura Nanofiber filters. Due to a unique surface treatment on the filter dust
Catalog ID: CA85680
to 300 PSI 344 mBAR thru 21 BAR and hydrophobic filter 0 to 12 FTWC thru 0 to 700 FTWC 762 ConstRuCtion Effect on Zero/Span: 2.0% FSO/100 °F Housing and Pressure Cavity: 316 stainless steel Optional Titanium Cable: Hytrel
Catalog ID: BL85727
h-100.pdf SURE LINE HIGH EFFICIENCY EQUIPMENT HEPA Lock Housing HEPA LOCK HOUSING HEPA Lock Mechanism Operated by an over-center style Spring
Catalog ID: BC85839
Brand: Clarcol PRODUCT ENHANCEmENTS REDUCE COSTS UAS Mist-Stop filter dramatically reduces the amount Another product enhancement is the expanded is spent servicing and cleaning a unit 1" aluminum mesh filter and optional 2" Mist-Stop filter because intervals between cleanings
Catalog ID: AK85825
Brand: Clarcol
back to the atmosphere or into a genuine UAS replacement filter for further processing. 2 Options and Accessories dusts. Silencer Package Duct-type and acoustical foam-lined fan housing silencers reduce unit noise levels. Fully Welded Construction Provides a
Catalog ID: US85036
Bracket Adjustment 3-Axis Design FEATURES Day & Night Yes - ICR Filter with Auto Switch FEATURES DNR Digital Noise Reduction 3D DNR software or web browser Network Storage Compatible Mechanical IR Cut Filter Alarm Trigger Motion Detection Tampering Alarm 30 IR LED s
Catalog ID: TQ85037
Supply 360° Endless Panning True D/N Mechanical IR Cut Filter 6 High Power IR LED's / 395' IR Range 8 NTSC: 1-1/10 000s True Day & Night IR Cut Filter Digital Zoom 16x Privacy Mask 8 Programmable Privacy Masks Focus
Catalog ID: TN84964
Browser IE 10 11. Firefox Chrome Security HTTPS SSL IP Filtering Multi-level access with password protection Onboard Storage Card Support 0.55 lbs Cable Length 6.1 m 20 ft Housing Color White Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C 1
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