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Catalog ID: WE30854
is Cuts through seat belts. Precision designed for one-person emergency entry. 30" long and made of high-strength aluminum weighs Hook to be placed in the shackle of a is light enough to be carried on your turnout gear high rise
Catalog ID: WB30920
210_Darley248.pdf Electric Rewind Cord Reel Honda Generator Lights APPARATUS EQUIPMENT In an effort to continue to supply the of the great features of our portable Extenda-Lite s light heads-up to their rated power capacity. cord reels along
Catalog ID: WE30854
is Cuts through seat belts. Precision designed for one-person emergency entry. 30" long and made of high-strength aluminum weighs Hook to be placed in the shackle of a is light enough to be carried on your turnout gear high rise
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Catalog ID: VH30696
w/high carbon steel Reflective striping to aid in low light Made in USA BH044 6lb. Sledge Hammer 24" with Hi Spill Kit Includes: 2 - Poly socks 3 x 46 1 - Emergency response guide 10 - White oil only sorbent pads 1 - 55
Catalog ID: UQ30891
181_Darley248.pdf EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator The First Defibrillator Available Without placing each pad on the patient to Blinking green Ready light means the OnSite has passed its last self-test delivering
Catalog ID: TH30841
Halligan Tools. Now available with a machined alloy shaft for lighter weight these heavy-duty tools were designed to pry pound and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency service and saving lives. Ship. wt. 11 lbs. Doubles as
Catalog ID: RV30959
268_Darley248.pdf Fleet Emergency Safety Kit Three-Triangle Vehicle TRAFFIC CONTROL Warning Kit Includes complete with handy carrying case for easy storage. BE021 Fleet Emergency Safety Kit 129.95 Ship. wt. 15 lbs. P639 Three
Catalog ID: QQ30970
Dura-Lite flags have superb wearing strength yet are so light they fly in even the slightest breeze. These quality flags durable protection BC129 Buff n Polish Combo Pack 35.95 Emergency Vehicle Reflective Striping Fireman s Friend Drying Cloth For improved
Catalog ID: QC30948
0244 to secure SCBA. Cabinets can also accommodate protective clothing emergency equipment or emergency respirators. Available in single or double cylinder styles. Double cylinder
Catalog ID: PK30992
maintaining a potable water supply in the event of an emergency situation. A total of six PuriFire systems have been developed 110 VAC Model Purification process: 3 stages 3S3P Disinfection: Ultraviolet light Capacity: 3 gpm Operating pressure: 45 psi An optional water
Catalog ID: PD30918
15 125 298.95 15Amp 20Amp 125Volt 125Volt Optimum Portable Light Brightest Lampheads Available Efficiency - The brightest and best designed lights in the industry. A unique reflector design transfers more light
Catalog ID: ON30843
of handles. Fiberglass handle fire axes are stronger than steel lighter than aluminum and as flexible as hickory. Fiberglass handles won of halligan tool Patent Pending BG300 FireAxe 174.95 D. Emergency Fire Tool Set Marrying Strap Includes: Marrying strap 30" pro
Catalog ID: NN30802
detector. Ship. wt. 1 lb. which can be used in emergency situations occurring in homes office or apartment buildings schools hospitals calibrated at four CO levels for greater accuracy. Flashing red light and 85db horn will sound full-alarm before CO reaches
Catalog ID: LN30917
options our towers can be mounted on small commercial and emergency vehicles trailers containers or our patented Tri-Pod Assemblies. Towers internal cable for flood- Portable Series Towers WITH Internal Cable light or communication device applications. Exclusive Twin-Lock system secures tower
Catalog ID: JJ30877
Made to help protect against the hazards encountered by paramedics emergency medical technicians and search and rescue personnel. Offers Chinstrap designed a dual purpose urban search halogen bulb for long-range lighting and a battery-sav- and rescue and structural firefighting ing
Catalog ID: JF30783
and transport durable urethane coated nylon which makes the VesTank lighter Excellent to control mop up and more flexible and is be without a personal fire shelter. Nozzle included In an emergency situation the fire shelter could save a life. The shelter
Catalog ID: IO30898
188_Darley248.pdf Derma-Lite Nitrile Gloves Darley First Aid Kit EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES Keep It Anywhere - 25 Person Durability & Puncture Resistance features include ambidextrous fit non-sterile and your choice of lightly handle. Kit will assist in compliance powdered or powder free
Catalog ID: DN30961
83 FPM 800 000 CP and can be seen up emergency scenes. Ship. wt. 5 lbs. to 3 miles. Easily attaches Clear Red Specify color AH024 Lightman Strobe 21.95 LED Light Kits The Lightman ultra-bright wide-angle LED models give
Catalog ID: BU30951
This pressure-lubricated 5000 psi compressor is ideal for the emergency response team that requires a highly portable compressor for filling to 6000 psi reduction NEMA 4 enclosure Constantly reading Alarm light All airline connections Audio and visual alarms Audible option switch
Catalog ID: AN30896
186_Darley248.pdf Splint Stretchers Nylon Safety Belts EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES For controlling movement of a person in a 95 This Medical Corps type litter/stretcher is made with light- weight aluminum poles and shaped hardwood handles. The cover is
Catalog ID: MW45997
NYRELXTE.pdf exit NYRELXTE LIGHTING City of New York approved Edge-lit LED exit signs only and less than 5 watts for battery backup units Emergency backup model EM is completely self-contained 17.5 4
Catalog ID: SI47973
Brand: ASCO Power
amperes Industrial grade user interface with integrated controls and indicating lights. 4000 SERIES Convenient one line diagram with switch position and when switch mechanism. When combined with a programmable is in emergency position. microprocessor controller with keypad and LCD display Local/remote
Catalog ID: EO47972
Brand: ASCO Power
n t ro l independent Digital generator Control Panels manage emergency standby systems comprised of up to four engine-generators Independent cooldown automatic test off line and test on line. Indicator lights signal when the generator is running and when controls are
Catalog ID: JJ30900
190_Darley248.pdf Hotshot II Emergency Light The Darley Tear Drop EMERGENCY LIGHTS & SIRENS This aerodynamic light
Catalog ID: EL29786
NYDXR.pdf NYDXR emergency LIGHTING LISTED app r ov e d City of New York
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