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Catalog ID: CO37260
Brand: HENRY
1/4 sq. notched trowel BONDS TO: Interior concrete cement backer boards drywall terrazzo masonry 38 sq. ft. per 40 lb. bag 1
Catalog ID: MJ70269
Brand: Calrad
for a flush mount bracket with mounting bracket designed for drywall and bend the tabs standard single gang wall adjustable locking easy installation. Can be installed back inside the wall then use opening. mounting tabs quickly using
Catalog ID: CO37260
1/4 sq. notched trowel BONDS TO: Interior concrete cement backer boards drywall terrazzo masonry 38 sq. ft. per 40 lb. bag 1
Brand: HENRY
Size: 2 Pages ( 174 kb )
Catalog ID: JI83390
180 wide viewing angle for commercial and residential presentations Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction Black Dual wall and ceiling installation design Includes wood screws and drywall anchors Optional 6" and 12" brackets available Control System: Slow
Catalog ID: KK77882
tooth carbide tipped saw blade Swivel-head 18 gauge shears Drywall Roto-Zip Jig-Saw Flat edge nishing tool putty knife in selecting the appropriate adhesive. 3 NEW GYPSUM BOARD OR DRYWALL New gypsum should not be painted or primed. Tapered joints
Catalog ID: CR77895
proper expansion space. FRP Installation Tips Trowel adhesive to the back of the panel - not the wall substrate. Check to make Based Adhesive for non-porous substrates. A flattened bead on back of the panel with no adhesive Only use Titebond Advanced
Catalog ID: UJ77821
PVC Decking CERTAINTEED 12/01 AirRenew Gypsum Board Diamondback Tile Backer Advanced Framing SoftTouch Duct Wrap ToughGard T Duct Liner ToughGard12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Diamondback Tile Backer 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Advanced Framing
Catalog ID: WK35795
Brand: USG
Paper Faced 5/8 Type X Resistant Cycles Abuse Resistant Drywall Performance 50 0.284 0.468 0.462 Note: Values 5/8 Paper-Faced 5/8 Type X Abuse Resistant Drywall 0.11 0.12 0.21 Note: Values reflect the
Catalog ID: HJ35860
Brand: USG
gypsum ceiling board offers the speed and economy of regular drywall construction with quick score-and-snap cutting no sawing or of grillage should be the same as for single-layer drywall application see USG Drywall Suspension Steel Framing System brochure AC3152
Catalog ID: QP36636
Warranty Composition SIZES & PACKAGING 30-year limited warranty for Cementitious Backer Unit Size: Thickness Width & Length of Pcs. Per Unit interior mm x 1219 mm x 2438 mm 30 Conventional paper drywall tape Accessories 5/8" x 36" x 5' 15.9
Catalog ID: QA36647
to 90 percent of their design in gypsum systems. In backed by the industry s most advanced technology. Sporgard time indoors Mold and Moisture face side and a heavy mold/mildew/ Back Paper Resistant Type X Core moisture resistant 100% recycled gray
Catalog ID: MD36516
Brand: Ardex
to the ARDEX Substrates: z Technical Brochures for Concrete Cement Backer Board installation instuctions. Masonry Drywall Exterior Grade Plywood Plaster For information about these and Existing
Catalog ID: GW36658
its unique edge either configuration allows Sta-Smooth is a drywall system easy alignment of the panels offering maximum joint in be used in any board. The taper is scientifi- gypsum drywall system cally designed to reduce where conventional types of crowned
Catalog ID: TN37262
Brand: HENRY
x 1/4 sq. notched trowel BONDS TO: Concrete cement backer boards drywall terrazzo and masonry. For wood surfaces use HENRY TileFlex PlusTM
Catalog ID: QU41339
Brand: Mifab
CAD-FL access door is designed for flush installation in drywall or plaster surfaces. The door panel is flush with the SIZE WALL OPENING SHIPPING LAT- Door Flush to frame. Turned back around edges Inches mm WEIGHT CHES for extra rigidity. B
Catalog ID: HS41528
Brand: Mifab
P O R AT E D I N T O BACK OF CARRIER 18 X FACEPLATE FINISHED 11 1/4 5 AUXILIARY INLET 1 -3 is specified rear anchor support for drywall construction 4 7 4 1/2 9 1/2 X
Catalog ID: FR41459
Brand: Mifab
dimension if option -3 is specified rear anchor support for drywall 2 VENT 6 construction CONNECTION FOOT SUPPORTS SHOULD BE 13 4 6 1/4 6 1/2 9 1/2 BACK OF CARRIER FACEPLATE 1 1/2 X SUPPORT STRUT BREAKAWAY
Catalog ID: BQ50467
slotted cut outs for independent grille rotation regardless of mounted back box position. Three push-mount grille studs rotate within the Units and 8" sizes in 24-gauge install prior to drywall and NOTE: Strategy Series electrogalvanized steel mark cut-out and
Catalog ID: TC83391
included residential presentations Automatically retracts into housing hands-free Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration Warranty: or superior color reproduction 6" and 12" hanging mounting brackets Includes wood screws and drywall anchor Flatness Treatment: Fiberglass-backed material has added flatness www
Catalog ID: JJ17986
polystyrene EPS foam available in a number of dimensions see back Conventional Wall Form page for details that work well with face to facilitate application of finish Concrete Footing materials like drywall. ThermaEZE is suitable for both interior and exterior walls consult
Catalog ID: WE35880
Brand: USG
made with a unique cross-fiber construction to provide greater drywall joint strength than conventional fiberglass leno-weave mesh tapes. SHEETROCK mesh tape is used. In reinforcing joints in factory-built drywall interiors setting-type joint compounds such as SHEETROCK MH Brand
Catalog ID: VN36095
Brand: Trim-Tex
4" 10' 30 5150 1/4" deep reveal in the drywall and are available 1/2"x1/2" 5108 8' 20 can be used with either 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. Special ridges are designed into the product allowing the fiber
Catalog ID: NB35865
Brand: USG
Corner products are ideal for use in a variety of drywall applications including vaulted ceilings coffered ceilings and bay windows. Manufactured corners of any angle. Warranty SHEETROCK Brand Paper Faced Metal Drywall Tape-On Bead and Trim is backed by a lifetime
Catalog ID: KL35788
Brand: USG
Exposure 1 classification or better with tongue and groove or back blocked at the unsupported edges. 4. Maximum dead load for must be 20-gauge or heavier. 6. Do not use drywall screws or drywall nails. 7. Do not use either 5
Catalog ID: IL35839
Brand: USG
dry apply the finish plaster using a scratch and double-back technique. Complete the finishing when the material is firm. Leave heavy-duty 200- to 300-rpm electric drill with a drywall compound-type paddle. Drill speed must not exceed 400 rpm
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