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Catalog ID: AB66570
READERS CENTRAL PAY Available in 18 lb 8.0 kg washer and dryer capacity. STACK WASHER/DRYER Get the complete package in a
Catalog ID: TO85802
Brand: Clarcol
Efficiency Pressure Abrasion Chemical Filter Media Special Characteristics Efficiency Loading Washable Operating Applications Industries / Dust Types Rating Drop Resistance Tolerance Rating or difficult dust cake release. Highly recommended processing Fluidized bed dryers Food processing repels water while allowing air and moisture 275
Catalog ID: AB66570
READERS CENTRAL PAY Available in 18 lb 8.0 kg washer and dryer capacity. STACK WASHER/DRYER Get the complete package in a
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Catalog ID: RW85998
fire enter the dust collector. retardant Explosion Relief Vents minimize Washable High-efficiency with 275° F For applications with Salt sugar unlikely Fibrous-FW includes special hygroscopic or powder stearates etc. washable media agglomerative dusters. event of an explosion that may result
Catalog ID: OP85987
Retainer UAS CARTRIDGE FILTERS Unique Max. Cartridge Media Characteristics Applications Washable Temp. UAS Units Supra- Composite cellulose For most Abrasive blasting Cocoa for better dusts. Filters can Coffee dust release. be washed Detergents and reused. Supra- Spun-bond For applications Cardboard Yes
Catalog ID: VP84774
Brand: TLV
steam trap for use with coils heat exchangers tank heaters dryers and other heating equipment. 1. Constant water seal and unique PTFE 8 Air Vent Strip Bimetal 4 10 Screw & Spring Washer Stainless Steel AISI304 SUS304 Cover Gasket Fluorine Resin PTFE PTFE
Catalog ID: FE83965
Brand: Drain All
L x .125" T Epoxy Fiberglass Translucent 4 20 301570 Washer 1/2" SAE Zinc Plated Steel 1 21 300292 Clevis receiver tanks Before installing the Drain-All blow intercoolers aftercoolers dryers separa- No. They will not all be of precisely the
Catalog ID: PL83255
Brand: Generac
ensure reliability and long life. By using materials designed for dryer hotter burning fuel the engines last longer and require less maintenance sheet metal components. gaskeTed doors sTainless sTeel laTcH nylon WasHers Handles Provides additional protection All potential metal to metal from
Catalog ID: NS82845
Brand: Kohler
For added comfort Veil features a heated seat and air dryer both with adjustable KOHLER intelligent toilets temperature settings Easy to as well as automatic ush Self-cleaning bidet wand Front wash: air-infused gentle Rear wash: spiral spray offers Pulsating wash
Catalog ID: QJ81957
Brand: Ridgid
system. Fits all RIDGID brand vacs 5 gallons and larger. Washable and reusable. Includes 1 filter per package. Specifications Best for system. Fits all RIDGID brand vacs 5 gallons and larger. Washable and reusable. Includes 1 filter per package. Specifications Best for
Catalog ID: ON80896
Brand: Hach
addition for corrosion and scale protection as exchangers condensers and dryers where heat transfer well as microbial protection in cooling towers optimize sludge extraction manage recirculation and warn of potential solid wash outs or process upsets by continuously measuring the depth from
Catalog ID: LG80797
Brass ASTM B-16 8 Spring Stainless Steel 9 Spring Washer Brass ASTM B-16 10 Disc Brass ASTM B-16 4 11 Seat Teflon Faced EPDM 12 Washer Brass ASTM B-16 10 3 11 2 12 1
Catalog ID: WL79657
Brand: Unimac
commercial laundry equipment. We produce sell and support more commercial washers and dryers in North America than any other company and we continue
Catalog ID: WG79794
of not wasting valuable time searching for corners they can washing and folding equipment finished linen load up to twice as on ironing speed the is the microprocessor control condition of washed linen and operator routine. Edge s high that directs all
Catalog ID: WF79811
Ef cient and Convenient Dries linen taken directly from the washer/extractor. No Powerful and cost effective drying loading tumble dryers with time consuming cycles of sheets Eagle Eye touchless temperature
Catalog ID: UD79664
Brand: Unimac
CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN NO MORE JUDGMENT CALLS Our revolutionary rotary Dryer stops automatically transfer switch enables when desired dryness the system to thousands of dollars annually. MINIMIZE LABOR COSTS Your tumble dryers dictate the pace of your laundry facility. With OPTidry the
Catalog ID: TE79801
especially true where linen is exposed to constant usage and washings which quickly take a toll on its appearance. Tumble dried because it is designed to finish linen directly from the washer-extractor thus eliminating or reducing the time energy consumption and
Catalog ID: TE79683
Brand: Milnor
march_2015.pdf 2015 Service Seminars for PulseFlow and Continuous Batch Washer CBW /PBW Systems Seminar 1 March 16 - 20 2015 New PC Based Controls CBW Mentor Controller MultiTrac System Controller Drynet - Dryer Shuttle Controller Due to changes in technology and control systems
Catalog ID: TD79662
Brand: Unimac
ABOUT LAUNDRY. -75 50 UT SERIES 50-75 LB TUMBLE DRYERS As the leading manufacturer of on-premises laundry equipment UniMac WITH UNIMAC Drying cycles are usually 30 percent longer than wash cycles. Reducing dry times to match wash time allows you
Catalog ID: TB79812
of-the-art system for your quality finished linens After washed linen is placed on the Tri-Star or CrosStar s objective equipment recommendation based on your production space utility CHICAGO DRYER COMPANY 2200 North Pulaski Road Phone 773.235.4430 Web
Catalog ID: TA79699
Brand: Milnor
The more moisture removed the more money you save in dryer fuel costs. Ratcheting Ram. Ruggedly built. control is versatile simple for fast drainage. Extracted water is pumped to the CBW washer for reuse. After completion of a cycle two hydraulic cylinders
Catalog ID: SH79701
Brand: Milnor
laundries with limited space the ability to install a tunnel washing system based on the proven design and technology of the Milnor CBW tunnel washers. This allows both small and large laundries to process their
Catalog ID: PT79667
Brand: Unimac
XT -E SERIOUS ABOUT LAUNDRY. ER SH WA UY SOFTMOUNT WASHER-EXTRACTORS 20 70 LB As the leading manufacturer of on features: Many laundries operate inefficiently due to a simple fact: dryer cycles are usually 30% longer than wash cycles. Each of
Catalog ID: PN79696
Brand: Milnor
Catalog ID: MJ79799
Two ironing rolls use greater ironing contact and wrinkles from washed and extracted drying and ironing is the most effective way providing professional sales and service. 2 D C 1 CHICAGO DRYER COMPANY Phone 773.235.4430 2200 North Pulaski Road Fax
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