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Catalog ID: EE78482
Brand: Viega
brass - Union connection female pipe thread Note Includes 1 red-handled and 1 blue-handled ball valve. Model 2877.2 137 4.1 Expansion set
Catalog ID: UA77496
Brand: Gator
GATOR-FULL-LINE-2014-PRINT-2ND_16.pdf ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT BAGS Drum bag with divider system for electronic drum set Storage for
Catalog ID: EE78482
brass - Union connection female pipe thread Note Includes 1 red-handled and 1 blue-handled ball valve. Model 2877.2 137 4.1 Expansion set
Brand: Viega
Size: 1 Pages ( 2102 kb )
Catalog ID: RI77497
Brand: Gator
pdf my Elcock Gator artist Jim Removable rolling cart ROLLING DRUM CART Rugged nylon drum hardware bag 25mm steel cart construction 100 pound capacity in
Catalog ID: QE77498
Brand: Gator
bottoms for all sizes. Deluxe steel GP-PC307 Bongo Case drum cases incorporate special foam and dividers for optimal protection. Additional GP-PC307D Deluxe Bongo Case include timbales bongos cajon frame drums and tambourines. GP-PC305 Conga Case GP-PC305W Conga Case
Catalog ID: NM77502
Brand: Gator
as many touring miles as any musical equipment marching percussion drums carriers and accessories must be durable enough to withstand the provide ultimate protection without the need for foam. Fold out handles and oversized wheels come standard. Rugged strap and heavy-duty
Catalog ID: NG77494
Brand: Gator
made contours and shaped foam strips to securely cushion each drum. The drum rests in the middle away from side walls which provides
Catalog ID: GO77499
Brand: Gator
in place and accommodates racks up accessories such as snare drums stick to 52 with typical clamps and accessories. bags or Trap MOD comes standard with wheels and a fold out handle for convenient transportation. Drum Rack Case GP-PC311 Modular pieces
Catalog ID: FW77501
Brand: Gator
This revolutionary spring-loaded quick-release system provides quick bass drum mallet placement for 14 and 16 inch deep marching bass drums. The attractive and strong black anodized finish creates a slick
Catalog ID: EK1116
Brand: Water King
the same thing since acids are difficult to control and handle a chloride anion dealkalizer is a simple safe economical way to handle cooling waters. ANION EXCHANGE RESIN The anion exchange resin used
Catalog ID: BJ661
and comfortable in the hand Solaris door 98% Front Ergonomic Handle handles exemplify the attention to detail that improves up to 30%
Catalog ID: WC3055
HANDHELD DYNAMIC MICROPHONES 6 7 AE2500 DUAL-ELEMENT CARDIOID KICK DRUM MICROPHONE 8 9 AE3000 CARDIOID CONDENSER INSTRUMENT MICROPHONE 10 AE5100 and true condenser design Superior anti-shock engineering ensures low handling noise Superior anti-shock engineering ensures low handling noise and
Catalog ID: QB3114
11-52V DC 3.5 mA typical Perfect for kick drum guitar amps and instrument use REQUIREMENTS condenser SWITCHES condenser only pickup of low-frequency ambient noise such as traffic air-handling systems etc. room reverberation and mechanically-coupled vibrations. The ATM250DE
Catalog ID: MN3054
omni. Operates on 48V Patented floating diaphragm reduces phantom power. handling noise. 500 50 100 200 2k 10k 1k 5k 20k environments. Ideal for use with a wide frequency response. kick drum toms acoustic bass Excellent for close-up vocals piano Response
Catalog ID: LE3066
77 dB 1 kHz at 1 Pa From vocals to drum overheads from Phantom Power Requirements 48V DC 3.2 mA and most versatile microphones. I use it on everything from drums and horns to vocals. Incorporating a transformer-coupled out- put
Catalog ID: KL3057
a distance while bypassing ambient noise such as traffic air-handling systems room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations. With their smooth pickup of low-frequency ambient noise such as traffic air-handling systems etc. room reverber- ation and mechanically coupled vibrations. It
Catalog ID: FU3061
These rugged mics offer a broad frequency response and low handling noise in a tough durable design that delivers consistent performance up vocal use in performance. Superior internal shock mounting reduces handling noise Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the
Catalog ID: CT3119
8"-27 threaded stands 5 Frequency response tailored for kick drum percussion brass and /8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter 5 other highly dynamic instruments soft protective pouch Handles very high SPL at close range In the interest of
Catalog ID: CF3056
enough We ve packed the culmination of 40-plus and drum mics. for stage use we know a thing or two a dual-element kick These microphones are created to bring drum mic that the working musician can clear sound rock-solid
Catalog ID: SC5877
Brand: Shure
of high output and broad frequency response. They feature minimal handling noise in a nearly indestructible design that ensures consistent performance W 50Hz - 15kHz 55Hz - 14kHz 50Hz - 18kHz 50Hz - 18kHz INSTRUMENT DRUM Equally legendary versatile and durable SM instrument microphones are at
Catalog ID: PD5872
Brand: Shure
53 provides clear and natural frequency response and creates an handling noise to an absolute minimum. speech reproduction through an ideal capture low No microphone can be all things tailored for drums and instruments it s frequency sound the Beta 52 delivers
Catalog ID: NG5874
Brand: Shure
addition the KSM44 has a 15 dB attenuation switch for handling high input SPL sound sources and a 3-position switchable and breath noise. An internal shock mount to reduce unwanted handling and stand noise. KSM32. What You Hear is What You
Catalog ID: MS5594
Brand: Samson
Processors S-gate 4 - Four Channel Gate/Ducker Accessories DMC100 - Drum Mic Clips PS01 - Pop Filter WS03 - Windscreen WS1 - Windscreens The bands of highly accurate C-com opti - selectable filters. Its handling of audio is fast and precise offering subtle control and
Catalog ID: BV5664
Brand: Samson
Samson Audio S Mini S-direct - Direct Box Accessories DMC100 - Drum Mic Clips PS01 - Pop Filter WS03 - Windscreen WS1 - Windscreens C Perfect for stage and studio D-3500 Switchable input level handles instrument and speaker levels DI01 48 Volt phantom power or
Catalog ID: KJ6888
front and rear leaf spring suspension and self-adjusting rear drum brakes making the Shuttlemaster the best value in its class 8 load range B pneumatic Brakes: Two wheel mechanical rear drum w/foot operated parking brake Vehicles may be shown with
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