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Catalog ID: GM69749
Brand: Acudor
Speci cations: Box Material: Stainless Steel or Steel: 16 gauge door frame box Box Door: Flush to frame rounded safety corners Box
Catalog ID: SE80025
Today Linear opens your gates your garages and your front doors. You walk through Linear. You talk through Linear. You trust IEI s product lines include access control solutions for single doors PC based networked systems and embedded browser based integrated access
Catalog ID: GM69749
Speci cations: Box Material: Stainless Steel or Steel: 16 gauge door frame box Box Door: Flush to frame rounded safety corners Box
Brand: Acudor
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Catalog ID: JI17903
Brand: Duro Dyne
length to accommodate the one inch duct wall thickness. Access doors must not compromise duct integrity and provide a quality seal shown. . outside height dimension of the duct. Glasline Insulated Access Doors Duro Dyne's DBD Series Door is an insulated access
Catalog ID: CB31194
absorb moisture. Steel chassis is all-welded superior to bolted frames. High-quality wheels casters & hardware are used to ensure that for reduced shipping & storage costs while also protecting walls and door frames from accidental wheel impact. Eight different colors available at
Catalog ID: FB36778
also be used as a perimeter sealant or grout for door frames. Technical Data Surface Burning Characteristics Flame spread of 0 and
Catalog ID: MS37292
Lay out per construction drawings. Secure Tabbed Track as perimeter framing on 8 1 Liner Board panels may be abutted spliced panel cut 4 less than the total height of the framed horizontally with 1 Type S or S-12 screws spaced
Catalog ID: OP46048
Brand: Akro Mills
into back for hanging AkroBins Available with a quick-view door or solid door Foam gasket around door frame seals out dust Lockable latch
Catalog ID: HC50449
916-18 Easy-to-Assemble Tilt-Out Racks & Stackable Utility Frames Stackable Utility Frames 900 Series AWR3W Versatile frames are engineered for ease of
Catalog ID: MV73631
Brand: Lakeside
ea. 5" poly swivel casters 2 with brakes. Front double doors have 4 ea. pin hinges with threading on each outer top panel and bottom panel split horizontally in the middle. Doors open 270 so it can be secured along the side
Catalog ID: RH86373
Affix to any Wall Brackets included Solid Surface Top Aluminum Frame Black Durable and flexible support chassis. 3-U VERTICAL Rack Optional Vertical Rack Adjustable Trays mounts to cabinet frame with removable 1.5" for industry standard 19 27.75
Catalog ID: QP86378
the heart of the Synergy System is the patented S-Frame a unique square shaped extruded aluminum INSIDE STORY support post skeleton for supporting shelves drawers and additional advanced performance options. FRAME Removable Rear Panels allow easy access to components. Infinitely Adjustable
Catalog ID: LO86377
SALAMANDER_108.pdf built on C FRAME CONTEMPORARY CONTEMPORARY denver natural oak BARK texture Textured Natural Oak Doors Brown Speaker Grill Wood Block Feet with with Brown Tempered
Catalog ID: HU86376
and solid craftsmanship. Our furniture systems start with a unique frame construction followed by a myriad of options that allow fullAV Furniture 81 Saddle iPad Holder 11 Chameleon Collection C-Frame 82 Custom Entertainment Seating 42 Chameleon Interior Specifications 71 86
Catalog ID: HO86374
Black or Warm Cherry fits comfortably in almost any decor. Framed wooden doors with integrated mullions and glass panes complete the aesthetic. 6626
Catalog ID: GO86375
contemporary to traditional each available in up to 20 configurations. FRAME Underneath the hood is the C-frame a unique aluminum chassis that provides a strong and flexible
Catalog ID: AW86380
and Panels 80 66 S C 3 ACCESSORIZE FRAME FRAME A wide variety of options let you customize Synergy S
Catalog ID: VU85210
Brand: Pelco
Mapping Up to 3 Megapixel MPx Resolution Up to 60 Frames per Second fps Autofocus Varifocal 2.8 12 mm Lens contrast. The streams can be configured to a variety of frame rates bit rates Designed to install quickly the cameras include
Catalog ID: VQ85213
Brand: Pelco
resolution for better detail at a distance Up to 30 frames per second fps Outstanding WDR and low-light performance at The IMM Series provides near real-time capture with a frame rate of panomersive experience with seamless situational awareness which up
Catalog ID: UR85151
aluminum-alloy bracket Supports video intercom Supports live view of door stations and IP camera Noise suppression and echo cancellation Alarm processing function Supports remote unlocking door function Supports hands-free mode Supports video intercom between master
Catalog ID: TM85152
KV8X02-IM_Villa_Door_Station_V1.4.0_20160815.pdf DS-KV8X02-IM Metal Villa Door Station Key Features Basic Functions Video intercom function Access control function Issues cards via door station up to Max. 256 cards This Low illumination function
Catalog ID: SU85410
Brand: Aiphone
room numbers and/or names can be programmed Access Control door entry with keypad with up to 500 unique codes to activate door release Scrolling welcome message up to 160 characters adjustable scroll
Catalog ID: SL85163
Brand: Mobotix
Systems Live image 3darcastudio - RFID MxDisplay T25 IP Door Station Complete door alarm and video Hemispheric IP Door Station management system with
Catalog ID: SG85161
Brand: Mobotix
products. regular webinar offer and new expert lab highest MOBOTIX frame rate the intelli- training for long-standing MOBOTIX gent 3D in the MOBOTIX factory meaning there is no hidden back door for camera individually assigning port numbers. thieves and hackers. Cameras
Catalog ID: SC85172
Brand: Mobotix
and Secure IoT Ready Products: Smart Home Advanced IP Video Door Station MOBOTIX is able to provide a complete IP-based door system for smart homes and offices. With the T25 and
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