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Catalog ID: FR78904
Brand: VICON
IP_datasheet(1).pdf DATA/ SPEC SHEET V920D SERIES NETWORK ROUGHNECK CAMERA DOME 3 MP 2 MP/1080p 1.3 MP/720p and SD resolution models True day/night camera with a built-in varifocal autoiris lens models available with
Catalog ID: FB78894
Brand: VICON
Shadow provides an open platform that allows integration with IP cameras including Support for third-party network cameras megapixel cameras encoders and IP edge devices from numerous industry
Catalog ID: FR78904
IP_datasheet(1).pdf DATA/ SPEC SHEET V920D SERIES NETWORK ROUGHNECK CAMERA DOME 3 MP 2 MP/1080p 1.3 MP/720p and SD resolution models True day/night camera with a built-in varifocal autoiris lens models available with
Brand: VICON
Size: 1 Pages ( 670 kb )
Catalog ID: EF78780
DS-2CD7254FWD-EIZ H S 3.0MP WDR Outdoor Network Camera DS-2CD7254FWD-EIZ S DS-2CD7254FWD-EIZH S Camera Image sensor 1/3 progressive scan CMOS 0.17 lux
Catalog ID: CG78910
Brand: VICON
1).pdf Data/Spec Sheet V960B Series Network Bullet IR Camera 1080p 720p and SD resolution models True day/night camera with a choice of built-in varifocal lenses including remotely
Catalog ID: CE78899
Brand: VICON
Surveyor-Fixed-datasheet.pdf Data/Spec Sheet SurveyorVFT Fixed Camera Dome Series Indoor in-ceiling and pendant color cameras in IP and analog versions Outdoor pendant color and day
Catalog ID: BV78787
DS-2CD2632F-I S 3.0MP VF IR Bullet Network Camera DS-2CD2632F-I S Camera Image sensor 1/3 progressive scan CMOS 0.095 lux
Catalog ID: BI78803
pdf DS-2AE7123TIA E Series IR turbo HD720p PTZ Dome Camera Key features IR function: 0 Lux minimum illumination Up to communication diagnosis Scheduled PTZ movement UTC Up the Coax function Camera function: Auto focus auto white balance backlight compensation and auto
Catalog ID: AQ78903
Brand: VICON
V-CELL-HD_Datashee.pdf DATA/ SPEC SHEET CORNER MOUNT NETWORK CAMERA Heavy-duty stainless steel corner-mount housing designed specifically for prison cells 1080P 1920 x 1080 resolution True day/night camera with 2.6 mm lens Digital WDR Wide Dynamic Range
Catalog ID: PD79612
Brand: Pro Sony
HVR-Z5U.pdf HVR-Z5U Digital HD Video Camera Recorder click: 2 Bringing the HVR-Z5U
Catalog ID: GT79616
Brand: Pro Sony
X500 offers pool-feed operation to record an Control the camera from a tablet or smartphone stream HD-SDI input. In The viewfinder can also display Waveform Vector Scope or Histogram. Digital Extender expands images two to four times in size without
Catalog ID: AH79610
Brand: Pro Sony
HDC-P1_V-2455_(2).pdf HDC-P1 HD Multi-purpose Camera Sony is proud to introduce a highly sophisticated and compact Point-of-View POV style HD camera the HDC-P1. This camera system has been introduced to
Catalog ID: VK4091
Brand: Elmo
PTC-401CIP network makes high quality video viewable by standard CAMERA web-browsers or through PC software at the same time to alert F number F1.6 - 2.7 security personnel. Digital zoom 16X IP filtering assures site security by restricting access
Catalog ID: JI4087
Brand: Elmo
of documents and media. Progressive scanning with a free-angle camera arm and detailed 48X zoom ensures crystal-clear imagery and Size Software Free Angle 850 000-Pixel CCD Frame Rate Camera Arm & Lamp SD Memory Split Display Shooting Area Option Card
Catalog ID: GQ4081
Brand: Elmo
of use. 18x optical powered zoom with Auto focus/iris Digital image magnification and scrolling Max. 420x310mm 16.5x12.2" wide OSD on screen display control Flat stage body with foldable camera arm and carrying handle All these in one model - ELMO
Catalog ID: ED4093
Brand: Elmo
TT02s.pdf TT-02s DOCUMENT CAMERA Teacher s Tool Seeing is Believing... Retaining and Learning Students are fascinated by digital image technology like the video games they play at home
Catalog ID: UI40733
VIDEOCAT2010_31.pdf Speco Control Series Cameras Full OSD CVC6705SCS CVC700VFSCS Miniature Indoor Color Weatherproof bullet with Board Camera 4-9mm varifocal lens Includes video See pg. 81 for
Catalog ID: TQ40731
e e with T & WM series DVRs Up To 64 Camera Views Site Tree By IP or DDNS Login PTZ control Security PTZ Pop Up Disk Space Status Controls Pop Up Camera Video in Window EMAP Central Management Software is an application
Catalog ID: TH40719
VIDEOCAT2010_19.pdf Square Bullet Cameras Includes video Includes video test connector test connector HTB10X HT7816DNV 10X - RS-485 control Weatherproof operation SLC Speco Light Compensation Digital Zoom 10X Operating Temperature: low middle high off selectable Dual
Catalog ID: TF40764
Pentaplex DVR PC-Based 8 or 16 Ch. Hybrid Pentaplex Digital Video Recorder with Advanced Features High-end PC DVR performance the cost of an embedded unit iPhone Compatible DVR8PCL250 8 camera channels DVR16PCL250 16 camera channels PC -Based Pentaplex DVR Features
Catalog ID: SH40711
IP Solutions C Protocol IP Server and Intensifier In the Camera Access All Intensifier & WDR Functions Over the Internet or Network of password protected remote access Linux Operating System built into camera No virus threats Includes advanced IP locator software to make
Catalog ID: RD40724
VIDEOCAT2010_23.pdf Motorized Color Dome Cameras High Resolution Motorized Color Dome Cameras with Varifocal Lens or Motorized Zoom Lens 650 Series Optional
Catalog ID: PQ40720
to 4 channels with popular Per channel built-in PTZ camera protocol through RS485 : protocols supported including Speco Internet Protocol SIP Fastrax JVC ACTi Axis Sony Vivotek Hunt Sanyo & others Automatic camera detection Plug & Play Selectable H.264 MPEG4 or MJPEG compression
Catalog ID: PP40774
L AY B AC K SMS/MMS messaging and PTZ camera 1 4 8 9 13 16 multi-camera display modes LCD alarm indicator on front panel Synchronized multi
Catalog ID: OJ40734
VIDEOCAT2010_32.pdf Focus Free Speco Control Series Cameras Full OSD control of all NO MORE RETURN TRIPS TO RE-FOCUS CAMERA major camera functions VLD7SCSFF VLD8SCSFF Weatherproof FOCUS Dome Camera Weatherproof
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