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Catalog ID: SK86446
Brand: Sutron
areas it packages the following components into a single enclosure: Accubar sensor SDI-12 RS232 & RS485 interfaces front panel display & keypad pump
Catalog ID: MG86432
Brand: Sutron
AquaTemp.pdf AquaTemp Submersible SDI-12 Temperature Sensor Overview Sutron s submersible SDI-12 temperature sensor is designed
Catalog ID: SK86446
areas it packages the following components into a single enclosure: Accubar sensor SDI-12 RS232 & RS485 interfaces front panel display & keypad pump
Brand: Sutron
Size: 1 Pages ( 145 kb )
Catalog ID: WS86306
Brand: Hydrolab
be used for for the monitoring of water level and other sensors water quality. Datatransfer Characteristics via IrDA interface the Quanta needs
Catalog ID: AS83981
Brand: Sutron
bfee814ece666f988f4b499e6bdb0811.pdf 5TE Soil Moisture Temperature & Electrical Conductivity Sensor SPECIFICATIONS subject to change without notice ACCURACY 1 a unitless
Catalog ID: VT80927
Brand: Hach
LIT2467Appendix-Mounting_Hardware.pdf Mounting Hardware for pHD sc Di erential Sensors 1. Sanitary mount 3. Flow-through mount 5. PVC Insertion
Catalog ID: UM80925
Brand: Hach
or total dissolved solids display in English or Spanish. GLI-certified sensor calibration Different languages such as constant. A conductivity ppm or
Catalog ID: AB86443
Brand: Sutron
DigitalSDI_SoilMoistureSensor1.pdf Digital SDI Soil Moisture Sensor SPECIFICATIONS Specifications subject to change without notice PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Width
Catalog ID: WD86256
meets WMO and ISO requirements for second class pyranometers. The thermopile sensor construction and high quality optics give the sensor a linear
Catalog ID: AK83734
Brand: Bindicator
Bindicator_MP_Series_Overview_flyer.pdf MP SERIES RADAR SENSOR The MP Series radar sensor provides non-contact continuous level
Catalog ID: KQ81287
Brand: Burkert
up of an electronic module and a meas- Mounted on S030 sensor uring element sensor fitting S030 and is quickly and easily
Catalog ID: JB81232
Brand: Burkert
cover nut / seal PC glass fibre reinforced for housing / NBR PVDF sensor version Black PPA glass fibre reinforced / NBR Stainless steel sensor
Catalog ID: PA80903
Brand: Hach
capability. Designed to complement the Orbisphere high quality oxygen and ozone sensors these instruments provide Multiple communication options including USB accurate repeatable
Catalog ID: CT86454
Brand: Sutron
VisibilitySensor56-VISI.pdf Visibility Sensor 56-VISI-1 Accurately Measures Atmospheric Visibility for Rain Smoke
Catalog ID: WL86253
provides users with a cost effective means of logging multi- parameter sensors which make use of the SDI-12 protocol. The A755
Catalog ID: NV86235
Various languages selectable - Measuring temperature humidity air ow via external digital sensors - Integrated air pressure measurement - Numerous calculated measurements - Online rmware update
Catalog ID: TJ83847
Brand: ProMinent
Notes Inputs Power 115/230 VAC 50-60Hz 5 amp Conductivity Sensor 1 Tower conductivity sensor includes integral temperature and flow sensors
Catalog ID: VT81042
Brand: Burkert
pdf Type 8619 Multichannel Transmitter/Controller multiCELL for Flow and Analytical Sensors Type 8619 Product Features and Resulting Advantages multiCELL Extended device
Catalog ID: OL81286
Brand: Burkert
fitting S030 DN15-50 mm SE30 Turn & Lock bayonet fitting isolates sensor from media Economic integration in pipe systems 3-wire frequency
Catalog ID: VC80876
Brand: Hach
as report using this single technology. measurement. Compatible with Hach Multi-Sensor Multi-Parameter Digital Controllers Using advanced laser optics and signal
Catalog ID: NB80924
Brand: Hach
meet your application requirement. Compact Size and NEMA 4X Universal Versatile Sensor Capability Mounting The PRO-P3 transmitter can be used with
Catalog ID: IW80913
Brand: Hach
Cost-E ective Trending Information Simple Accurate Calibration The NISE sc Sensor utilizes ion selective electrode ISE Easy to perform fail-safe
Catalog ID: KL86392
Brand: OTT info ECO PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensor Satlantic and WET Labs have partnered to develop the ECO
Catalog ID: LT86297
Brand: Hydrolab
HL4 Sonda multiparam trica para la conexi n de hasta seis sensores Hydrolab HL4 Sonda multiparam trica de nueva generaci n El
Catalog ID: RS83988
Brand: Sutron
WindSensor-AirQuality0202-0204.pdf Air Quality Wind Sensor 5600-0202 -0204 SPECIFICATIONS Specifications subject to change without notice
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