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Catalog ID: UC86009
Brand: Amercable
soow.pdf 37-921 TYPE SOOW CABLE 600 VOLTS 90°C MSHA APPROVED CSA & UL CERTIFIED PORTABLE CONDUCTORS FEATURES n Available in 2 - 18 AWG Flexible bare copper n Highly flexible and durable INSULATION n Excellent resistance to
Catalog ID: TR86010
Brand: Amercable
telecom.pdf 37-614 Telephone Central Office Power Cable Low Smoke Non-Halogen Non-Braided Flexible RHH RHW 600V Applications Conductors A flexible single conductor low smoke Tinned annealed copper per non-halogen 600V power cable suitable for ASTM B33
Catalog ID: UC86009
soow.pdf 37-921 TYPE SOOW CABLE 600 VOLTS 90°C MSHA APPROVED CSA & UL CERTIFIED PORTABLE CONDUCTORS FEATURES n Available in 2 - 18 AWG Flexible bare copper n Highly flexible and durable INSULATION n Excellent resistance to
Brand: Amercable
Size: 1 Pages ( 114 kb )
Catalog ID: SI85695
Brand: CPS Tools
data logging of output readings to a PC USB connection cable included . Versatile for testing AC/DC voltage AC/DC current air Surface General Air Liquids: -40 F to TMX2G Purpose Copper pipe 257 F TMX2G 1 Yes n/a Yes Probe
Catalog ID: OQ86012
Brand: Amercable
utility.pdf Utility Cables Best On-time Delivery Rate and Shortest Lead Times n Standard Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks Type SH Portable Substation Cable n 5000 - 35000 Volts Features Ratings & Approvals n Shielded for
Catalog ID: NR86042
Fittings The rst advantage of this design is an inherent- Copper Matrix ly corrosion-proof tting Application where others use steel Featuring a 3-step Anticorrosion Process Step 2: Step 3: Copper matrix application PTFE infusion with post-cure Step 1: Base
Catalog ID: NQ86003
Brand: Amercable
AMER_Cable_104.pdf 37-105VFD MMV-VFD Power Cable Three Conductor: 8kV - 15kV 133% Insulation Level Rated 90°C flexible stranded meeting UL 1309 IEEE 1580 and UL1072. tinned copper per power cable specifically engineered IEEE 1580 Table 11. Insulation
Catalog ID: NJ85717
Controller for precise cleanable and removable and reliable control enhanced copper tubes Compact quiet MSC Compressors Economizer to enhance performance Bolted reliable MSC Vertical Rotary Screw Cleanable and Removable Integral Fin Copper Tubes. Compressors with up to 2 integral oil separators. One
Catalog ID: NB85703
and fans starters control relays Constructed with seamless inner-grooved copper etc. tubes expanded into die-formed aluminum fins in staggered via BMS communication or Low Level Interfacing through a telephone cable. The terminal display allows LLI via an external hardwired 4
Catalog ID: MP85706
Direct driven fans for small floor space and improve part copper tubes and removable water increase capacity requirement load efficiency heads up to 12 dB A for twin compressors Integral finned copper tubes to maximized heat models at part load operation transfer
Catalog ID: LO85704
nce Fan Guard Protection G Evaporator Coil r Inner Groove Copper Tubess Rated in Ac ccordance AHRI Standard 4 410 Co with seamless Condenser coils are manufactured of staggered inner-grooved copper tubes expanded into die- row of 3/8 OD inner
Catalog ID: LF85551
12V unit 77°F 25°C voltage Terminal: Inserted Threaded copper alloy insert terminal accepts 1/4-20 UNC bolt Terminal 12-1117. Welded construction reduces parts and bolted connections. Optional cable kits include all cables necessary for string connections. ACCESSIbLE Open
Catalog ID: JS85575
increases performance High-impact resistant PVC container and cover provide Copper-to-copper connections minimize resistance especially excellent water vapor retention preventing dry
Catalog ID: IU85718
control Bolted construction for easy knockdown Heat exchangers with cleanable copper tubes and removable water heads for easy serviceability Vessels designed reversal phase available as option losses and imbalance Integral finned copper tubes to maximized heat Unit mounted Remote/Off/Local R
Catalog ID: IC85930
compartment Convertible airflow: horizontal or downflow with convenient access panels Copper tube/aluminum fin condenser coils Louvered condenser coil protection All two heights coil on 2- to 4-ton units Aluminum-copper evaporator coil on 5-ton units Totally enclosed permanently lubricated
Catalog ID: GE85884
flow coaxial evaporator proven for durability efficiency and performance and copper tube aluminum fins condenser water pump and controls installed in are provided in unit base to arrange spreader bars and cables to prevent damage to the condenser coils or cabinet. CAP
Catalog ID: DK85617
Brand: Belimo
LR NR AR GM Electrical connection 3 ft. 1 m cable with 108 2 50 B249VSS conduit tting excluding SY 6 power supplies are connected and overload protection as required. Use copper twisted pair conductors only. to the same power transformer and
Catalog ID: AS85638
Brand: Belimo
Manual override all models Electrical connection 3 ft. 1 m cable with conduit tting terminal block Tech.Doc - 03/16 - Subject supplies are connected disconnect and overload protection as required. Use copper twisted pair to the same power transformer and the DC
Catalog ID: AQ86008
Brand: Amercable
Pages_from_[AMER_Cable_102.pdf 37-431 Portable Power Cable Type W Three Conductor 600-2000 Volts Qualified for P tinned Nexans AmerCable s 600-2000 Volt three Separator annealed copper per ASTM conductor cables are recommended for A suitable separator
Catalog ID: DD84611
Brand: Sewerin
pipe location When it comes to locating underground pipes and cables precision is key. The more precise the measurement the lower Passive location Passive location involves locating signals already present on cables or pipes with just the receiver. This measuring method is
Catalog ID: UO84063
Brand: Cla-Val
Break surfaces are anodized or coated to prevent corrosion. No copper zinc or alloys thereof are used in construction. The 347GF PSI HOSE END REGULATOR STOWAGE BAR WITH SWIVEL CONNECTION GROUNDING CABLE STOWAGE BAR 7-DEGREE HANDLES CIRCULAR HANDLE Available Options for
Catalog ID: QQ83985
Brand: Sutron
7AH Battery GROUNDING KIT Ground Kit w/8ft. ground rod copper wire 5100-0600-1 clamps & plate. Basic IridiumLink w/ External connect not thru enclosure 1291-1034 3dB Iridium Antenna internal CABLES - For Basic Models SMA- F LL400-15-S-T Iridium
Catalog ID: QC83706
is possible via RS232 IEEE-488 or optional USB interface cable Furthermore the AMC910 has the ability to store up to output ranges 100mV RS232 IEEE-488 or optional USB interface cable using a stan- 1V 10V and 100V all with 0
Catalog ID: PE83784
Brand: LowFlow
inrush i.e. in line resistor or inductor for long cable interfaces. Provide clamping devices at or near inductive loads i mA Transmitter with 8-28 Vdc loop power FNPT conduit cable interface with internal terminal strip CSA & UL Certified to US
Catalog ID: NL83785
Brand: LowFlow
Options Model 240 The switching components are housed under a copper free Aluminum cover the combination of the gauge body and in Connector Switch Compression plug accepts 4.5 to 7mm cable Output: 3 amps SPST 60W 240 VAC/VDC Normally Ope
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