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Catalog ID: DB45653
nozzles.pdf Industrial Hose Nozzles 1575 1 1/2" combination fog nozzle constructed of from polycarbonate material. Designed for booster lines and small diameter hose. Standard threads: 1": NHT NPSH BSP and others 3/4
Catalog ID: HG53853
Vendor: Universal
Hose_Reels__&_Accessories.pdf CONTINUOUS FLOW HOSE REELS AND ACCESSORIES CONTINUOUS FLOW REELS FUNCTION: Used to allow continuous flow of water at all times during deployment of hose. One-person operation. Use with Model 2850 series non-collapsible
Catalog ID: DB45653
nozzles.pdf Industrial Hose Nozzles 1575 1 1/2" combination fog nozzle constructed of from polycarbonate material. Designed for booster lines and small diameter hose. Standard threads: 1": NHT NPSH BSP and others 3/4
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Catalog ID: LD72016
equipment lockers are designed to protect your protective gear--from fire equipment to helmets coats fire hoses and more. These custom configured and designed boxes utilize
Catalog ID: JC86326
on combustible Agent Capacity 30 lb. 13.6 kg metal fires this extinguisher features FM Rating D a discharge assembly that the Operating Pressure 195 psi 1344 kPa agent on the fire. Mounting Type Wall From the heat of the fire the
Catalog ID: WU30740
your firefighting capabilities are also diminished water still extinguishes the fire however by reducing the nozzle pressure to apply that flow you merely lessen the reaction force of the fire stream and that equates to less wear-n-tear on
Catalog ID: WD30784
to be a workhorse for any department. 52" oil resistant hose for greater 5 gal. UV resistant polyethylene tank will pump BE038 5 Gallon Poly Indian Pump 175.95 C. Indian Fire Pump A 5-gallon portable hand-operated pump and tank
Catalog ID: VB30786
When used in AM077 Gated Wye 1 /2" Inlet 1 fire-line sprinkler systems these valves provide the x 2-1 designed for park and forestry services to combat small wildland fires and increase mop-up efficiency. They re efficient durable and
Catalog ID: TV30782
1 standards H back style Dark green straps with Wildland Fire Fighter woven Clear Gray Amber into the heavy-duty non 1.800.323.0244 Quic-Tote Hose Pack Bag of movement Transport Hose Quickly and Easily BD017
Catalog ID: TP30794
to be used with AFFF and Protein type foams for fire brigades Ideal for use with compressed air and hazardous materials Designed stainless steel with powder-coated red finish. by a fire captain with Ship. wt. 5 lbs. firefighter safety quality Cat
Catalog ID: TM30797
110_Darley248.pdf Halotron I Clean Agent For A B & C Fires FIRE PROTECTION The most broadly tested and approved 1211 replacement product
Catalog ID: TB30846
lbs. 65.95 makes prying easier plus the combination rake/hose design M724 10' 7 lbs. 95.95 makes this an Handle 14' 236.95 148.95 Developed to find hidden fire in deep-seated smoldering fires normally found in dumps or
Catalog ID: SM30717
029_Darley248.pdf The Hose Monster WATER SUPPLIES The Safest Most Accurate Way to Test Fire Pumps Flush & Evaluate Water Supplies Through Hydrants A built-in
Catalog ID: SF30792
used successfully to extinguish Clear PVC many flammable liquid tank fires. The Hydro-Foam is available in pick-up hose two gallonages. The Y246 350 gpm is pre-set for
Catalog ID: SE30804
offer a variety of features to meet the needs of fire departments all across the world. The Super Vac 18" leads and basements. It s the only smoke ventilator in the fire industry that has this feature. Other features include Honda Tecumseh
Catalog ID: RV30743
11/2" Constant Flow Nozzle 100 gpm 90.95 Handline Fire Fighting Nozzles These direct-connect handline nozzles offer lightweight aluminum come with integral shutoff. Ship. wt. 3 lbs. Cat Description Hose Thread GPM Price AC662 Handline Nozzle 1" 1" 10-23
Catalog ID: RV30709
021_Darley248.pdf Large Diameter Hose Strap HOSE The Large Diameter Hose Strap LDHS assists in getting large
Catalog ID: RR30719
40 gpm. Comes standard with pages p283 - 304 a suction hose strainer and garden hose coupler. Ship. wt. 17 lbs. Engine - Honda 4-stroke single
Catalog ID: QU30796
109_Darley248.pdf ABC Fire Extinguishers Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers FIRE PROTECTION Discharges a white cloud of snow which smothers a
Catalog ID: QA30801
114_Darley248.pdf Lexan Combination Nozzles FIRE PROTECTION A. 11/2" Straight Stream/Fog Nozzle Constructed of Ideal for industrial and commercial installations as well as small fire companies. Available Threads: 11/2" NST SIPT NPSH Height: 45
Catalog ID: PU30748
alleviate This monitor is the smallest and lightest of twisted hose Integrated all 1000 gpm monitors in the firefighting Stream Shaper will Akron s ball free up valuable time at the fire scene Reflective shut off with its quick deployment and free
Catalog ID: PE30739
and wear Exclusive TFT slide valve Flush without shutting down Hose Thread GPM Z315 Nozzle with Pistol Grip 1 /2" 1 95 TFT Handline Low-Pressure Nozzles Use on any size hose The Handline series of automatic low-pressure nozzles is ideal
Catalog ID: OL30734
for feeding to or Convenient carrying handle. from large diameter hoses. This valve Ship. wt. 18 lbs. has full flow 41 lines. Particularly useful in supplying multiple apparatus with large diameter hose. Ship. wt. 56 lbs. Locking Storz AR120 Super Flow Ball
Catalog ID: NU30798
111_Darley248.pdf Extinguisher Cabinets Heavy-Duty FIRE PROTECTION Extinguisher Brackets Brackets listed below are for Amerex extinguishers 20 lb. and CO2 Extinguishers 33.95 Dry Chemical Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Brass chrome-plated operating valve 240 PSI operating pressure
Catalog ID: NN30802
115_Darley248.pdf Smoke Escape Hood Smoke Detector Tester FIRE PROTECTION Provides a safe convenient timesaving way The Smoke Hood ladders. A for self-rescue in the event of a fire. simple one or two-second It protects the wearer for
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