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Catalog ID: TC30327
GLOVES High performance supported nitrile gloves with numerous comfort and protection options. FEATURES AND BENEFITS High nitrile content offers superior resistance cuts snags abrasions and punctures while adding comfort to wearer. Hand portion is treated with a permanent anti-bacterial and anti
Catalog ID: RU30351
Cleanroom-ready disposable glove. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Cleanroom packaged for protection against airborne contamination. Double bagged with cleanroom compatible packaging and has a positive grip in wet and dry applications. Embossed hand sizes makes sorting after decontamination easy. Gloves are certified incinerable
Catalog ID: TC30327
GLOVES High performance supported nitrile gloves with numerous comfort and protection options. FEATURES AND BENEFITS High nitrile content offers superior resistance cuts snags abrasions and punctures while adding comfort to wearer. Hand portion is treated with a permanent anti-bacterial and anti
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Catalog ID: RS30330
permeation resistance to gas and water vapor for greater worker protection especially when handling toxic substances. Highly resistant to ketones MEK Flexible and sensitive even at lower temperatures. Curved finger and hand design provides a better fit for greater worker comfort. Available
Catalog ID: OS30353
applications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Industrial weight 9 mil cots provide protection for heavy-duty applications. Longer wear better durability than tissue FREE Carbon impregnated latex cots avoid static build-up and protect sensitive components. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Static dissipative quality will not
Catalog ID: LS30335
Purpose Gloves NORTHFLEX LIGHT TASK POLYURETHANE COATED NYLON GLOVES Mechanical protection with maximum dexterity. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Polyurethane palm coating provides on the palm and finger tips provides good grip and protection for the worker from light mechanical hazards such as abrasions
Catalog ID: JM30341
power for handling a wide range of materials. Fits the hand securely and comfortably for better feel. 3 dimensional stretch to reduce hand fatigue. Rust color won t show soiling as quickly as
Catalog ID: HH30343
blasting cabinet glove FEATURES AND BENEFITS Extended sleeve provides arm protection. Cotton liner in glove and sleeve absorbs perspiration. T14413228 Available 1 pair NORTH POLAR INSULATED LEATHER PALM GLOVES High performance protection from the worst of winter weather. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 3M
Catalog ID: GA30293
50 SAF-T-LINE SYSTEM One important aspect of fall protection is a custom designed The horizontal Saf-T-Line allows continuous system which simply increases or decreases the tension by hand until the ideal tension is allows the user to travel
Catalog ID: EL30810
Brand: Cordova
open back styling" provide excellent coolness and flexibility, which minimize hand fatigue, thus increasing productivity. A soft yet durable nitrile coating gloves available in the market, ActivGrip'"' Advance offers more promising protection to oil penetration. Double coated surface keeps hands clean for
Catalog ID: EJ30342
_split_16.pdf ROUGH TUFF LAMINATED NATURAL RUBBER GLOVES Heavy duty protection for the toughest jobs. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Heavy seamless cotton general purpose applications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Knuckle strap provides additional protection for the back of the hand. Safety cuff allows rapid
Catalog ID: DH30344
comfort added sensitivity and productivity Reinforced knuckle band provides additional protection Leather palm is reinforced to add additional strength and wear on palm thumb & index finger Padded palm patch provides additional protection Blue stretch Spandex backing for comfort & fit Velcro closure provides
Catalog ID: CG30363
to be made from nitrile for superior comfort and better protection. FEATURES AND BENEFITS One piece design is more convenient and nitrile formulation offers a great combination of chemical resistance mechanical protection and wearer comfort. Nitrile provides good protection from a broad
Catalog ID: WO30257
BLACK PRINT CAMOUFLAGE AND FLAME RESISTANT NAVY. SUPERCOOL SUNSHIELDS Extra protection for outdoor workers is provided by SUPERCOOL sunshields designed to AVAILABLE IN ROYAL BLUE AND FLAME RESISTANT NAVY. BUGOFF SKIN PROTECTION KIT Prevention of outdoor skin injuries is possible if appropriate
Catalog ID: TW30236
be used as a secondary inner glove. Allows worker maximum protection in heavy-duty jobs where the dangers of mechanical damage solvents without dissolving. Superior resistance to PCBs. Curved finger and hand design provides better fit for greater worker comfort. Available in
Catalog ID: VM30811
Brand: Cordova
open back styling" provide excellent coolness and flexibility which minimize hand fatigue thus TM increasing productivity. Already known for its performance vest offers the high Corporate Headquarters assurance of cut resistant protection. 2085 W.E. Freeman Drive Memphis TN. 38114 Oil Resistant
Catalog ID: QR30339
FULLY COATED GLOVES Full nitrile coating provides all-over mechanical protection but is also breathable for comfort. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Unique shrinkage when recycled. Ambidextrous design can be worn on either hand. Longer wear because of the four wearing surfaces. No need
Catalog ID: BK30391
allows you to write all important information such as names HANDS OFF dates and expected completion time as well as any all potential hazards and EQUIPMENT WORKING EQUIPMENT energy sources. TO PROTECT BEFORE Informed operator supervisor about work to be done. SERVICING
Catalog ID: BB30359
most oils and acids. 8F2032 Soft and flexible feel reduces hand fatigue and enhances worker comfort. Solvent based multi-dip manufacturing which results in a glove of superior quality. Ambidextrous and hand specific styles available. North glovebox gloves can be customized Port
Catalog ID: RF30259
Disasters_Preparedness_split_01.pdf Hand Protection Worknit HD Gloves Viton Glove Nitrile coated Worknit HD gloves
Catalog ID: JI30821
Brand: Cordova
Monarch_Sheet_email.pdf Amazingly Comfortable Hand Protection with CE Level 5/ANSI Seamless Shells Made with TAEK
Catalog ID: SB30875
Gloves Abrasion resistant materials have been strategically placed to maximize hand protection and supply superior grip and dexterity. Our quality craftsmanship and
Catalog ID: NC30237
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_18.pdf Hand Protection NITRI-KNIT SUPPORTED NITRILE GLOVES High nitrile content offers superior
Catalog ID: QO30336
pdf ECO KNIT GLOVES Economical general purpose gloves for basic hand protection. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 4 hand sizes available. Reversible design can
Catalog ID: MH30239
2008_Focus_Catalog_split_20.pdf Hand Protection NORTHFLEX RED FOAMED PVC PALM COATED GLOVE NorthFlex Red and
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