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Catalog ID: CT30845
fit all firefighters Quick-release buckle allows easy removal with gloves on Color-coded reflective strap for low visibility conditions B tools hands-free BB064 Iron Sling 28.95 C. Personal Fire Axe C The personal safety tool for every fireman. The
Catalog ID: VB30786
When used in AM077 Gated Wye 1 /2" Inlet 1 fire-line sprinkler systems these valves provide the x 2-1 designed for park and forestry services to combat small wildland fires and increase mop-up efficiency. They re efficient durable and
Catalog ID: CT30845
fit all firefighters Quick-release buckle allows easy removal with gloves on Color-coded reflective strap for low visibility conditions B tools hands-free BB064 Iron Sling 28.95 C. Personal Fire Axe C The personal safety tool for every fireman. The
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Catalog ID: IK30893
1 - Dixie combo CPR mask w/NRV 2 - Pairs of gloves 1 - 4"x4" burn stop pad 1 - Thumb dressing 51 vehicle seats. Very portable. The first aid kit for police fire chief and EMS personnel. Dimensions: 133/4"L x 103
Catalog ID: FO30777
to support the load. Has an outside pocket for extra gloves and small items. Royal blue with yellow lettering. Measures 131 Aide 1.800.323.0244 Portable Fire Extinguisher Bag Designed by a firefighter for all emergency responders
Catalog ID: VA30897
dressing tape 1 - Penlight with pupil gauge 5 - Pair of gloves 1 - Burn trauma pad 1 - Certi-Gel Plus w/flip gauze pads AS368 Burn Trauma Kit 65.95 Water -Jel Fire Blanket A one-step system for Emergency First Aid on
Catalog ID: EW30778
Hook & loop closures at wrists for a tight fit at gloves Medium 38"-40" 5'8"-6' R Double back D Yellow 367.95 Large Main Compartment with Double Pull Zipper Fire Fighter's Day Pack Side Pockets for Water Bottles & Flares
Catalog ID: ER30765
challenge with a traditional boot fit. You ll get a fire-grade rubber boot formulated for high-heat stability water tightness com/boots 1.800.323.0244 Sweet 16 Boot and Glove Dryer Have you ever faced the daunting prospect of putting
Catalog ID: IV45700
Brand: Fire Dex
fatigue & provides proper body alignment which adds superior shock absorbency FIRE-DEX 780 SOUTH PROGRESS DRIVE MEDINA OHIO 44256 FOOTWEAR PHONE or agility wearing conditions Quick to don and doff with gloved hand 2.2 mm silicone tanned FR Full grain Lined
Catalog ID: WJ30466
Brand: Fire Dex
Fire_Gloves.pdf Fire-Dex Fire Gloves Fire-Dex began in the protective clothing market with
Catalog ID: QC30759
072_Darley248.pdf Fire-Dex Leather Fire Gloves TURNOUT GEAR OSHA Compliant Gloves Made with double-chromed
Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Armstrong
Improve Indoor Environmental Quality 338 - 340 Improve Safety 341 - 346 Fire Resistance 341 - 344 Seismic Resistance 345 - 346 347 - 356 referenCeimpact resistance ceiling-2-ceiling BioBlock/inherent certified low Voc Fire Performance Food Preparation recycle Program open Plan office Water-repellent
Catalog ID: BQ30760
073_Darley248.pdf TURNOUT GEAR Elk/Pig NFPA Gloves Split elk hide and Shelby abrasion- Heavy-weight resistant brushed pigskin Fire retardant Gore RT7100 glove barrier fabric Shelby Black Line NFPA
Catalog ID: CR30758
071_Darley248.pdf Darley Firefighter Gloves TURNOUT GEAR Our firefighter gloves are designed with a liner/moisture barrier system that Shop
Catalog ID: AE30262
pair of latex velcro belt loop with 1 pair of gloves. gloves and 1 box of 10 alcohol wipes. Description Part Number
Catalog ID: SC36788
104049.pdf Full Range of High-performance Fire Door Components Development Testing Certification Georgia-Pacific is the only major supplier of components for fire-rated doors that does not also manufacture its own fire
Catalog ID: SB30875
165_Darley248.pdf RESCUE TOOLS Impact-X Gloves Abrasion resistant materials have been strategically placed to maximize hand ergonomic design provide for unprecedented comfort during extended wear. Mechflex gloves are highly functional comfortable and fashionable. Ship. wt. 1 lb
Catalog ID: GC30468
Brand: Fire Dex
Gear_Accessories.pdf Accessories Fire-Dex suspenders and gear bags are made with the same quality construction methods as our turnout gear gloves and hoods. Our durable suspenders and gear bags are made
Catalog ID: WM84596
Brand: Sewerin
even in strong sunshine and can also be operated with gloves. The display is clear and features large distinct symbols. The motion by controlling the volume using the Stopper at a fire hydrant. The Stopper is a battery powered intensity controlled piston
Catalog ID: RP84343
Brand: Pureline
PureCide E Page 4 of 11 PureLine MSDS SECTION 5 FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES FLAMABLE PROPERTIES Flash Point Not applicable Flammable Limits Media Not applicable-Choose extinguishing media suitable for surrounding materials. FIRE FIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS Approach fire from upwind to avoid hazardous vapors
Catalog ID: NF84342
Brand: Pureline
48 hours as delayed pulmonary edema may occur. SECTION 5 FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Flash Point & Method Not applicable. Flammable Limits Lower applicable. Static Discharge Sensitivity Sensitive to electrical discharge or flame. Fire and Explosion Hazards: Extinguishing Media: When combustibles are burning in
Catalog ID: JK84339
Brand: Pureline
formation insertion of a gastric tube may be required. 5. Fire Fighting Measures Extinguishing Media USE WATER ONLY. Unsuitable Extinguishing Media Solid sodium chlorate does not burn but if exposed to fire it decomposes to give off oxygen which feeds the fire
Catalog ID: UR83228
air scrubber & HEPA vacuum connection ports Tough fabric meets relevant fire/life safety standards AIRE GUARDIAN AG3100TMK Temporary Transition/Anteroom Module room HEPA filtration unit Tough military tent fabric meets relevant fire/life safety standards 5 Monitors and Instruments
Catalog ID: UH83226
2016_Product_Guide.pdf Restoration & Asbestos Products Guide: Water Fire Lead Mold & Asbestos About Abatement Technologies For more than 25 seal: Superior fit & protection Speaking diaphragm: Makes communication easy Nitrile Gloves DG5000 200° Field of vision Powder-free nitrile gloves Oval
Catalog ID: NE83172
Brand: Ansul
The powder compact and portable extinguishers are suited for industrial fire zinc primer provides additional protection from corrosive protection needs especially are designed for maximum portability allowing operators to fight the fire without removing work gloves. 9. Valve bodies are made from
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