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Catalog ID: OM60904
Brand: Atlona
AT-3GSDI20SR.pdf Miniature Fiber Optic 3G/HD/SD-SDI Digital Video Extension Kit 3G/HD
Catalog ID: FE42885
Brand: Steren
F.pdf Fiber Optic Products Fiber Preparation Tools Fiber Connector Crimp Tool Fiber Jumper
Catalog ID: OM60904
AT-3GSDI20SR.pdf Miniature Fiber Optic 3G/HD/SD-SDI Digital Video Extension Kit 3G/HD
Brand: Atlona
Size: 1 Pages ( 747 kb )
Catalog ID: OP4654
Brand: Elenco
Catalog_#53_web_45.pdf FIBER OPTICS Fiber Optics Voice & Data Kit with training course Model FO
Catalog ID: FG40030
Brand: Gefen
Catalog ID: WW85403
Brand: Senstar
terminal inputs. The UCM supports direct USB connections to the connector with a high/low terminal arrangement to ease wire routing Silver Network communications card EIA-422 multi or single-mode fiber optic or Ethernet Expansion port for up to 8 Ultralink
Catalog ID: VK85391
Brand: Senstar
standalone or networked whereby can be RS-422 single-mode fiber and a minimum of 10 cm 4 in apart. The sensor cables are connected together multi-mode fiber or over the sensor maximum spacing results in a detection
Catalog ID: VJ85406
Brand: Senstar
a central control point over a network. The Multi-mode fiber optic network card for Silver Crawling target: 5 to 150 m
Catalog ID: VE85375
Brand: Senstar
FiberPatrol-PR-US-English-R6-LR.pdf FiberPatrol -PR Fiber Optic Point-Reporting Intrusion Detection System FEATURES AND BENEFITS FiberPatrol -PR
Catalog ID: UV85386
Brand: Senstar
FlexZone processor supports up to solution. A FlexZone processor receiving fiber or Ethernet links. Senstar s Windows- 600 m 1 968 data. The UCM connects to processors over a local USB connector or remotely over the network. FlexZone Ranging Fence-Mounted Intrusion
Catalog ID: TB85378
Brand: Senstar
LR.pdf TM FiberPatrol -ZR Zone-Reporting Intrusion Detection System Fiber Optic Fence-Mounted Sensor FEATURES AND BENEFITS Detect perimeter intrusions over
Catalog ID: NW85405
Brand: Senstar
tool can be EIA-422 single-mode or multi-mode fiber or in the case of OmniTrax and FlexZone over the software GATEWAY HARDWARE 00EM0200 SNIU EIA-422 and multi-mode fiber- optic Silver Network connections One Ethernet connection RJ-45 00EM0201
Catalog ID: MU85374
Brand: Senstar
pdf FiberPatrol -PL Third-Party Interference Detection System for Pipelines Fiber optic buried sensor FEATURES AND BENEFITS Detect and locate pipeline third
Catalog ID: JW85373
Brand: Senstar
or damage the pipeline. The detection sensors shall consist of fiber optic cables. The cables shall connect to a signal processing module
Catalog ID: GU85376
Brand: Senstar
FiberPatrol-PR_AE_Specs-0517.pdf Architectural and Engineering Specification: FiberPatrol-PR Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Architectural and Engineering Specification for a
Catalog ID: DU85377
Brand: Senstar
ladder-based intrusion attempts. The detection sensors shall consist of fiber optic cables. The cables shall connect to a signal processing module
Catalog ID: CW85371
Brand: Senstar
transponders 400637-206 8-in/8-out transponder and M2BA0101 fiber-optic transceiver or Crossfire network support items required to support these
Catalog ID: OE85566
prior to shipping assures performance of every battery upon delivery. Fiber Optic Regenerator Sites Suspended positive plates permit free growth without pressure
Catalog ID: CN85585
or end mounting Flame-arresting one-way pressure-relief recommended. Fiber Optic Regen Sites vent for safety and long life Threaded copper
Catalog ID: SM78805
Brand: Opthellios
Pre-terminated sensors available for on the company s proven fiber-optic sensing technology. quick deployment Up to four sensors per processor
Catalog ID: QL78810
Brand: Opthellios
detection system is specially designed to promote physical security of fiber-optic data links and other cable infrastructure. The In active use
Catalog ID: QG78806
Brand: Opthellios
The FiberPatrol FP1400 is a scalable easily configurable multi-zone fiber-optic intrusion Industry Leading Environmental Rejection system providing high performance and
Catalog ID: KV78811
Brand: Opthellios
of buried pipelines and other in-ground infrastructure. Long Range Fiber-Optic Sensor The FP6100-X system utilizes a fiber-optic cable
Catalog ID: GA78804
Brand: Opthellios
free The FiberPatrol FP1100-X system features the most advanced fiber-optic sensor Long Range Fiber-Optic Sensor technology available for fence
Catalog ID: EK78809
Brand: Opthellios
configuration Layered security options in one system Description Long Range Fiber-Optic Sensor The FiberPatrol FP4100-X is the first and only
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