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Catalog ID: BT31526
Brand: 3M
the restriction of wires Introducing Peltor's new Wireless Solutions headset featuring the latest in technology. This headset allows for ultimate flexibility when "synched-up" to your existing
Catalog ID: GC41137
Brand: VXI
Switch System CT Switch Benefits Allows the Use of One Headset for Both Easy alternation of computer and telephone applications increases The TuffSet CT Switch System is perfect for customer service Headset/Handset switch representatives who need to operate both telephone and
Catalog ID: BT31526
the restriction of wires Introducing Peltor's new Wireless Solutions headset featuring the latest in technology. This headset allows for ultimate flexibility when "synched-up" to your existing
Brand: 3M
Size: 2 Pages ( 301 kb )
Catalog ID: LH76908
RES_03.pdf 5 Gaming Headsets Mono MG51-USB 140.63 Magnum True 5.1 Surround Built-in noise canceling microphone for VoIP and Lane Party Cord: 9 feet Q-HOME-FX 400.00 HB-S1USBM 54
Catalog ID: SA31545
Brand: 3M
pdf PROGRAMMABLE MORE COPY UHF 2-WAY WAY HERE RADIO HEADSET 430-470 MHz Indianapolis IN 46278 8001 Woodland Drive 37154 SPECIFICATIONS PROFESSIONAL SERIES GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS UHF UHF TWO-WAY RADIO HEADSET. Channel Capacity 30 Channels Weight Without Batteries 14 oz/400
Catalog ID: PM31560
Brand: 3M
your noisy environment rely on the latest line of electronic headsets from Peltor. The TACTICALPro has been designed with a unique at the same time instantaneously suppressing dangerous impulse noises. This headset is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications
Catalog ID: SN41143
Brand: VXI
TuffSet USB For contact center computer applications High Performance USB Headsets for Internet Telephony VoIP With the implementation of Voice over with the use of sound cards. VXI's TuffSet USB headsets utilize a 24-bit high signal to noise ratio CODEC
Catalog ID: OT41136
Brand: VXI
Stylish translucent graphite colored plastic Observer port 10 ft coil cord with quick disconnect Compatible with five different VXI headset models Sleek attractive design Only 4 inches long Unconditional two
Catalog ID: RG76907
USB Headphones Deluxe USB Headphones Deluxe USB Headphones Deluxe USB Headsets w/Boom Mic w/Gooseneck Mic Personal On-Ear Design Dolby 5.1 CH effects Compatible with Windows 7 8 Cord: 8 feet Cord: 8 feet Compatible with Windows 7 8
Catalog ID: KK76963
Brand: Califone
limit. centers either for individual or small group use. Replaceable cords ensure long life Windows and MAC compatible. EH-3SV for mono plug no volume Go online to see more Titanium headsets control replaceable cord 19 EH-2 3.5mm mono plug
Catalog ID: JA85051
Brand: Bogen
Convenient economical operation with AAA alkaline or NiMH batteries 2x Headset microphone BCHM is also available 2-1/4" W x 8 oz. w/o batteries Lavaliere Mic: 4 ft. long cord 0.6 oz. UBP800 UDR800 800-Channel PLL-Synthesized UHF
Catalog ID: AL3199
Brand: Belden
this catalog. construction part no. 8723 or in a ZIP cord style part no. 1504A for easy separation in two-channelStranded TC Drain Wire PVC Insulation PVC Jacket in Zip-Cord Construction Red & Green Red & Black Red & Purple or Red & Gray
Catalog ID: BC4675
Brand: Kenwood
F6A GENERAL BT-13 KHS-21 Frequency Range Battery Case Headset without VOX & PTT Main A-band TX/RX 144MHz: 220MHz B band: AM approximate 7.08 2.24 Cigar Lighter Cord with Noise Filter 500MHz Sub B band: FM approximate 108MHz
Catalog ID: WJ6143
continuous use Adjustable mic speaker and chime volume Pig-tail cord with external control contacts Line output with both 1/4 activation modes Five year warranty External microphone input terminal Optional headset microphone model WH-4000H DM-1200 CD-ROM tone library
Catalog ID: IJ22375
Brand: Phonic Ear
RF field strength 135dB max 80mV/m at 3m SSPL headset 120dB max modulation FM wide-band and FM narrow-band transducer 137dB antenna output LH-TNC jack FCC Regulation SSPL headset 120dB ground plane LH-TNC jack FCC Regulation max cable
Catalog ID: EM30890
2100 command module 1 - 50' cable with 1 - 50' probe cord/snap hook 1 - Probe behind-head 1 - CSI-2131 power talk box connectors 1 - Carrying case headset-double w/mute 1 - Cable splitter - Double w/mic 4
Catalog ID: SQ35527
indicator charging charge complete . YP-M101 YP-M301 Tie-clip Headset Microphone Microphone cation in classrooms conferences banquets... System Example Receiver F to 122° F Accessories AC adaptor x 1 Power cord 6.6 x 1 Operating Humidity 30% to 85% RH
Catalog ID: MH40114
test in any mode. Unique quick-release belt clip. Premium cord set with bed-of-nails and piercing pin clips. PE961 Two-Way Hands Free and DigAlert PE901 60492 Ground Start Cord Set PE902 60493 Cord Set FeatUre Pe930 Pe945 Pe961 USA
Catalog ID: EQ40115
lockout High current detect and lockout Amplified loudspeaker line monitor Headset or handset operation PE830 Tone and pulse dialing Large 10 circuit allows verification of power and phone number assignments. Patch cord included. Heavy-duty stainless steel belt clip. Lifetime limited warranty
Catalog ID: VC41141
Brand: VXI
this technologically advanced can only be called remarkable. VXI TuffSet Headsets are designed and built like no others. They can take in a monaural without an amplifier. Variations of this head- headset. Including our unique gooseneck set work with Nortel Norstar sys
Catalog ID: JJ40681
10ft. 20ft. High Performance Mic Cable Dynamic Boom Microphone with Headset Adjustable headband boom microphone Low impedance cable Use with camcorder 250 Ohms 200 - 4 kHz Lead and Cadmium-free 5 cord with 3.5mm mini-plug for microphone insulation exceeds all
Catalog ID: UV43685
Brand: Kenwood
KNB14/15A KEP-2 with Earphone KBH-8DS Earphone Coil Cord Kit Beige Swivel Belt Loop with for KMC-17/21 D-stub Backplate KHS-1 KHS-22 KSC-24 Headset with VOX/PTT Behind the Head Headset Rapid Charger KBH
Catalog ID: TL43686
Brand: Kenwood
2 Rapid Charger KHS-7A KSC-30 KSC-25 Earphone Cord Kit Lightweight Single Charger for KNB-25A for KMC-17 Muff Headset and KNB-26N All accessories and options may not be
Catalog ID: SR43678
Brand: Kenwood
VHF Low Profile Lightweight Single 1 200mAh Helical Antenna Muff Headset KEP-2 KNB-26N Ni-MH Battery Pack Earphone Cord Kit KHS-8BL KRA-23 2 000mAh for KMC-17
Catalog ID: PV66524
to 50° C cable 2-way DC cable hand strap headset aC line cord DC cable battery customizable bezel storage temp. -4° F to
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