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Catalog ID: SV50379
Brand: Amprobe
AC current down to microamps. If an industrial or utility testing application demands a higher level of safety reach for these Minimum Resolution 0.01mA Relative value measurement to determine Diode test Peak hold differentials True-rms provides accuracy and Audible continuity
Catalog ID: QN50377
Brand: Amprobe
max and It s a fast and easy way to test both HVAC and electrical applications. power factor to ac/dc Clamp Meters make accurate measurements so quick and easy Audible continuity you can do it one handed. With the joystick control
Catalog ID: SV50379
AC current down to microamps. If an industrial or utility testing application demands a higher level of safety reach for these Minimum Resolution 0.01mA Relative value measurement to determine Diode test Peak hold differentials True-rms provides accuracy and Audible continuity
Brand: Amprobe
Size: 1 Pages ( 616 kb )
Catalog ID: OQ50395
Brand: Amprobe
large LCD or downloaded to a PC in real-time Test insulation of wires cables transformers and electrical motors using Amprobe Suite Software Programmable timer to perform the Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test Capable of recording all parameters single- or three-phase simultaneously
Catalog ID: OH50385
Brand: Amprobe
Multimeters Make one-handed measurements DM73C Multimeter with Built-in Test Probe Take one-handed measurements with this pen-style digital multimeter and its built in probe. Continuity beeper LCD display plus analog bar graph Auto power-off
Catalog ID: ND50381
Brand: Amprobe
400 k 4 M 40 M Resistance 4.000 k Continuity Capacitance 4 nF 40 nF 400 nF 4 F 40 up to 1.3 35 mm in diameter DL248D Deluxe Test Leads Kit InCLUDED ACCESSORIES: AC68C Users manual carrying case test
Catalog ID: MU50382
Brand: Amprobe
graph Data hold Dual temperature AM-160-A only Audible continuity Optical isolated PC interface for safe data downloads Large easy backlight Crest peak hold min/max max-min recording Diode test and relative zero mode AM-250 only Audible continuity Peak
Catalog ID: ML50384
Brand: Amprobe
withstands transients up to 12 kV For non-contact voltage testing Amprobe VolTect technology is built into CAT IV 1000 V with magnetic hanging strap frees both hands for work logic test. If you re an engineer designing or troubleshooting industrial Automatic
Catalog ID: LR50391
Brand: Amprobe
faults and broken wires Locates breakers without power interruption. Performs tests without having to interrupt power Traces unenergized wires wire continuity and wire grounded Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment
Catalog ID: LR50380
Brand: Amprobe
offer quick and accurate measurements. The ACDC-400 is Audible continuity Relative zero mode a full-featured clamp suitable for facility maintenance to field service with wide Third hand test probe holder Auto power-off measurement capabilities. Rubber over-molded
Catalog ID: QM50386
Brand: Amprobe
2011-12_catalog_16.pdf Electrical Testers Electrical Testers Wiring Testers Test wiring in seconds Voltage and Continuity Testers
Catalog ID: HS5907
Brand: Steren
full2004catalog_017.pdf Display-Boxed Cable Continuity Tester 203-550 Pocket Short-Continuity Toner Confirms DC continuity with
Catalog ID: PB6037
Brand: Steren
Clamp On Amp Meter Digital Back Lit LCD Display Insulation Test Function w/Optional Unit Display-Boxed Audio Continuity Test Data Hold Functions: AC/DC Voltage Voltage 200mV-1000
Catalog ID: CN4619
Brand: Elenco
4 digit 4 000 count display Frequency to 20MHz Audible continuity test Capacitance to 20 F Data hold / rel. value Diode and
Catalog ID: AA40160
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_02.pdf Electrical Tester Testing & Measurement GT-220 features: Hassle-free automatic measurement of voltage
Catalog ID: JV6030
Brand: Steren
G3 Cable Locator ......................................G8 Surge-Protected Strips....................G3-G4 Cable Continuity Tester ........................G8 AC Plug-In Adapters.............................G1 Rack-Mounted Power Strip
Catalog ID: OB40177
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_19.pdf AC Clamp-on Meter Testing & Measurement Measures to 600 volts AC and DC and 400 amps AC. Data hold to capture important readings. Audible continuity test. LISTED Auto power off for longer battery life. Accessories
Catalog ID: JM17187
Brand: Steren
PocketTonerKit.pdf New Product Release Pocket Toner Test Kit Cable DC Short/Continuity Testing Efficient easy-to-use method for I tracing cable
Catalog ID: EC6038
Brand: Steren
x 1 D Cable Locator 602-810 Cable Locator Tone-Test Set 602-805 Amplifier Probe and Tone Generator Helps locate Tip and Ring Identification Line Condition and Verification Functions as Continuity Tester R 3-Color LED Polarity Tester 9V Peak-Peak
Catalog ID: MO40164
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_06.pdf Digital Multimeters Testing & Measurement DM-800 features: Autoranging 3-5/6-digit 5000 for greater accuracy. Frequency and capacitance measurements plus diode and continuity tests standard. Data hold to capture measurements. LISTED RS-232
Catalog ID: NP42886
Brand: Steren
G.pdf Power Conditioning & Test Equipment AC Plug-In Adapters Equipment AC Power Cords Plug 1 7/28/08 2:58:09 PM Power Conditioning & Test Equipment Analog Multimeter Digital Multimeters Cable Locator Inductive Voltage Detector
Catalog ID: DI40161
SPLIT_TestingMeasure08_lowrez_03.pdf Automatic Electrical Tester Testing & Measurement Hassle-free automatic measurement of amperage voltage and resistance
Catalog ID: GD42813
Brand: Triplett
to 750V AC/DC Current to 10A Resistance to 200M Continuity Test Diode Check Transistor Check Data Hold Auto Polarity Low Battery
Catalog ID: RF4197
Brand: Fluke
for commercial industrial and utility applications The clamp-on ground testing technique used by the Fluke 1630 simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement. The compact and
Catalog ID: PD40173
pdf 1000A AC True RMS Clamp Meter Testing & Measurement True RMS for the most accurate measurement when harmonics added versatility. Analog bar graph to view quick changes. Audible continuity test. Selectable Auto Off for longer battery life. Accessories included
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