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Catalog ID: IU78589
Brand: CEIA
BATTERIES PROGRAMMING ACCESS protected by both a mechanical RCU2: the console provides lock and two alphanumeric passwords complete remote control of 15% 45 65 Hz 30 VA max METAL DETECTOR DIVESTING TABLE: this EXTERNAL INTERFACE: RS-232C for connection to a article
Catalog ID: DD78599
Brand: CEIA
SUPPLY: 115 / 230 VAC 15% 50 60 Hz RCU2: the console provides complete remote control 40 VA max of CEIA Walk external modem or other CEIA Metal Detectors METAL DETECTOR DIVESTING TABLE: this article CHOICE OF TOP OR BOTTOM POWER CONNECTION acts
Catalog ID: IU78589
BATTERIES PROGRAMMING ACCESS protected by both a mechanical RCU2: the console provides lock and two alphanumeric passwords complete remote control of 15% 45 65 Hz 30 VA max METAL DETECTOR DIVESTING TABLE: this EXTERNAL INTERFACE: RS-232C for connection to a article
Brand: CEIA
Size: 1 Pages ( 574 kb )
Catalog ID: TR77620
to your TV DVD Blu-ray Disc player or game console and works in any room shape and size. Where the includes a small remote control which conveniently Helps eliminate coffee-table clutter has power over all soundbar functionality Convenience Magnetically shielded
Catalog ID: BT77472
Brand: FSR
for HuddleVU in the medical market. HuddleVU makes a perfect console for remote learning consultations tele-medicine peer reviews and more spaces. Simple to use easy on the budget and attractive table control Collaboration Interactive Learning Mini Meetings or Huddle Stations Whatever
Catalog ID: AL3199
Brand: Belden
level line componentry such as CMR Rated Flexible CM Rated console board equipment for recording 24 AWG 24 AWG studios radio458 11.63 500 Color-coded PVC inner jackets see table below with overall 152.4 49.0 22.2 1000
Catalog ID: PR18386
comfortable seating a Flight line protection and surveillance fold away table and basic first aid kit. And no matter Parking lot integration Tinted windows Solar panel for increased energy output Control console with weatherproof switch panel Roof-mounted flood lights Two 110V
Catalog ID: VS22015
will be spectacular when viewed from a DVD VCR game console or computer. This series can handle it all effortlessly. Computer use a variety of inputs including DVD VCR computer game console and more they are also HDTV compatible. Some options include
Catalog ID: TA22226
Brand: Mackie
studio-grade pre- amps as aux inputs for a mixing console or as an Applications impedance- or level-matching audio toolkit SECTION. Each channel shall include capable of placement on a table or installation in 1 rotary Trim control 1 Low Cut
Catalog ID: QR22172
Brand: Mackie
CONFIGURA- standard 1/4" phone jack that TION. The mixing console shall accept nominal levels of shall accommodate 4 from 40dBU shall be present at the AUX of placement on a table or Return 2 Control when the mounting in a standard
Catalog ID: PS22180
Brand: Mackie
GENERAL CONFIGURA- Each of 16 channels shall TION. The mixing console have a rotary Sensitivity shall have a 2-part main be capable of 4. MIXER OUTPUTS. The mounting on a table or in a mixer outputs shall be 1/4" standard
Catalog ID: MO22164
Brand: Mackie
cr1604vlz_arch.pdf LIVE/RECORDING CONSOLES phone jacks tip send ring return sleeve ground delivering and be capable of placement on a to 28dBu and using table or installation in a stan- unbalanced RCA-type phono dard
Catalog ID: KD22231
Brand: Mackie
clubs school audi- preamps as aux inputs for a mixing console or as toriums school sports centers hotel conference an impedance jack tip left ring right sleeve ground . ment on a table or installation in a standard 19-inch 4. MIXER INPUT
Catalog ID: IG22165
Brand: Mackie
tabs or may be connectors for remote placed on a table. The powering of condenser combiner shall be entirely microphones. self on the same plane REMOTE FADER as the Main Mixing Console 1. GENERAL shall accept nominal levels for either tabletop or
Catalog ID: HD22175
Brand: Mackie
sr32-4_sr24-4_arch.pdf 2/6/98 LIVE/RECORDING CONSOLES insert jacks. Additionally the mixer shall include a pre-fader monitor resilient feet suitable for MORE INFORMATION switching and control table-top placement. The functions 1 stereo control frame shall be
Catalog ID: BV22194
Brand: Mackie
its undispu- Instead of afterthought Lines 7-16: 25 dB table rock-solid reliability. XLRs stuck on the back we Mic preamps as good as AUX return: 20 dB Distortion: large consoles. Four conju- L/R master: 10 dB less than 0
Catalog ID: UH23169
Brand: Weg
HMI The HMIcan be installed on panel doors or machine consoles with a protection degree of IP56. 8 CFW-11 Frequency 01 Frame for HMI installation on panel door or machine console. External control supply in 24 Vdc Used with communication networks
Catalog ID: TS23161
Brand: Weg
Exhaust fans Stirrers / Mixers Dosing/Process Pumps Process Pumps Rollout Tables Pumps Conveyers Conveyers Sifters Sievers / Vibrating Tables Bottling Lines Dynamic Separators Dozers FOOD AnD RATIOn TEXTILE METALLURGY
Catalog ID: FQ23145
Brand: Weg
Exhaust fans devices gearboxes pulleys gears con- Centrifugal Pumps Rollout tables Driers / Continuous ovens TRU-METRIC veyors etc. during the start Mills IEC Eliminates mechanical shock Stirrers / Mixers Bottling lines Rollout Tables Increases motor and machine mechani- Compressors Conveyers CEMENT AND MINING
Catalog ID: PF24094
Brand: Alfa Laval
coupled propeller shaft. The electric motor is fitted on a console with a stainless steel flange for welding into a tank or vessel. The joint between the console and the flange is fitted with an O-ring on
Catalog ID: JS32944
Representation of Communications Modbus RTU Standard factory setting parameters in table or Braking 300 W size 1 and 2 PX-BRK since they have an RFI filter Spanish . The PX-LCD console has 4 main functions: integrated internally as A read mode
Catalog ID: EP34744
Brand: AverMedia
multiple entertainment devices such as camcorders DVD players and game consoles can be connected so the users can experience tremendous versatility 11 great for the home classrooms or corporate environment. Comparison Table for AVerTV TVBox Series Product Name AVerTV DVI Box 7
Catalog ID: DB34708
Brand: AverMedia
equipment such Windows Vista Premium as camcorder VCR or game console to the TV card for audio/video Certificated capturing. In CPU loading . 75 Digital TV Antenna Input x 2 COMPARISON TABLE S-Video Audio In L/R Product Name AVerTV Combo
Catalog ID: BV34723
Brand: AverMedia
VHS support up to 1080i/720p player camcorder or game console. 32/64-Bit driver support Enjoy Unencrypted Clear Digital Cable Signal USA e-Store 75 TV / FM Antenna Input Comparison Table for AVerMedia Volar Series S-Video Using a dongle cable
Catalog ID: QK39642
Brand: Belden
mix of these technologies industrial IT environments our highly-trained Table of Contents we have the unique ability to achieve a to meet the unique needs of data networks and control console IBDN 4800 System Hirschmann provides an unparalleled line of systems
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