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Catalog ID: LF81816
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_40-43.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Tubing Cutters Tubing Cutter Selection Material / Diameter Pipe Cutter Page No. Diameter
Catalog ID: LF28727
Brand: Hurst
Hurst_Cutters.pdf Cutters TECHNOLOGY S 120 features & Benefits STREAMLINETechnology Mini Cutter with superior cutting Extreme cutting force force for rescue operations
Catalog ID: LF81816
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_40-43.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Tubing Cutters Tubing Cutter Selection Material / Diameter Pipe Cutter Page No. Diameter
Brand: Ridgid
Size: 1 Pages ( 152 kb )
Catalog ID: GP81837
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_91.pdf cutting & drilling Cutting & Drilling Wide selection from a single source. Durable designs. Type
Catalog ID: SA81817
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_45-47.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Single Stroke Cutters Plastic Pipe Cutters For plastic PVC CPVC PP PEX PE
Catalog ID: LW82895
DRILLING I REAMING I GAUGING 2150 : PC 42 Plastic Tube Cutter up to 42 mm Patented ratchet mechanism: Quick cutting with little cutting effort no return of the blade during
Catalog ID: OI81807
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_28.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters Pipe Cutter Selection Material / Diameter Pipe Cutter Page No. Steel
Catalog ID: BO82896
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0410000.pdf GUILLOTINE PIPE CUTTER 2115 : Guillotine Pipe Cutter Practical: Fast opening. Heavy-duty: Quadruple ground stainless steel blade
Catalog ID: VS30849
139_Darley248.pdf A. Heavy-Duty Cutters RESCUE TOOLS Extra-heavy jaw bolts and straps make these the most rugged around. Center cut round edge cutters to Brinell 400 Rockwell C42 hardness. Cutters have extended nose
Catalog ID: SO41159
Brand: Wiha
Tools Toll Free: 800 494-6104 24 Wiha Insulated Pliers & Cutters Insulated Diagonal Cutters 328 Diagonal Cutters. Insulation According to VDE 0682/part 201
Catalog ID: UN81882
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_93.pdf cutting & drilling HC450 Hole Cutting Tool Hole Cutting Tools The RIDGID Model HC450 is engineered
Catalog ID: CG82893
I REAMING I GAUGING 2104 : Deburring Spare Blade - Plastic Tube Cutter Packaging Kg Ref. For pipe cutter Type 221265 210487 Plastic and multi-layer 5 0 200
Catalog ID: OP81838
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_92.pdf cutting & drilling HC300 Hole Cutting Tool Hole Cutting Tools The RIDGID Model HC300 Hole Cutting
Catalog ID: IR60634
Brand: Hurst
cu tting fo rces. Essential Elements in Cutting Capability Typically rescue cutters have been marketed by maximum cutting force. The standard has
Catalog ID: MV81813
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_36.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Power Pipe Cutters Model 258XL Power Pipe Cutter The RIDGID 258XL offers 8
Catalog ID: VI82892
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0370000.pdf 2104 : Display Box of Pipe-Cutters ZR 35 Display Box of 6 Pipe-Cutters ZR 35 210487 . Kg Ref. 2 800 210490 2104 : ZR
Catalog ID: CA81811
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_32.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Soil Pipe Cutters No. 276 Soil Pipe Cutter Provides one stroke cutting of
Catalog ID: MV82897
I SAWING I CORE DRILLING I REAMING I GAUGING SHEATH-CUTTER 2116 : Corrugated Conduit Cutter 0 45 mm Cuts corrugated conduits without damaging the pipe
Catalog ID: EC81877
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_143.pdf pressing Press Snap Soil Pipe Cutter Press Snap Soil Pipe Cutter The Press Snap Soil Pipe Cutter expands the capabilities of
Catalog ID: OQ82890
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0350000.pdf 2104 : Fast Copper Tube Cutter 8-67 mm 1 H Max thic kness: 2 mm release button for fast forward and reverse wheel adjustment 40 Cutting wheel with 4 rollers for increased cutting precision. Spare cutting
Catalog ID: FP81810
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_31.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Soil Pipe Cutters 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter Model 238-P Powered
Catalog ID: PS82891
I CORE DRILLING I REAMING I GAUGING PLASTIC-COMPOSITE PIPE CUTTER 2104 : Plastic Pipe Cutter 8-65 mm 1 H Max thic kness: 8 mm
Catalog ID: QU82887
DRILLING I REAMING I GAUGING 2104 : Fast Stainless Steel Tube Cutter 8-67 mm 1 H Max thic kness : 2 5 release button for fast forward and reverse wheel adjustment .0 Cutting wheel with 4 rollers for increased cutting precision. Spare cutting
Catalog ID: IW82900
handle with 18 mm square drive. 5 hardened forged steel cutting blades. Ref. Kg 2 250 221220 2212 : Standard Reamer For Kg Ref. 0 115 221250 : VIIaX 57 product_id: IW82900 supplier: Industrial Fittings and Valves, Inc. brand: Stanley Virax doctype: catalog docname
Catalog ID: GA82889
I REAMING I GAUGING 2104 : Display Box of Copper Tube Cutters ZR 35 12-pieces ZR 35 Copper tube cutter - display 21 0443 . Kg Ref. 5 500 210444 21 04
Catalog ID: TL81879
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_152.pdf electrical Cable Cutters No. 1380 Cable Cutter The Model 1380 Cable Cutter is designed to shear-cut
Catalog ID: MH81808
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_29.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation 4-Wheel Pipe Cutters 4-Wheel Pipe Cutters Designed for work in areas where
Catalog ID: IA81809
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_30.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Soil Pipe Cutter Tool Capacity/Selection Soil Pipe Cutters Models 206 226 and
Catalog ID: DP81815
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_38-39.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation 122 Cutting and Prep Machine Copper Cutting This machine is designed to
Catalog ID: FO82894
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0390000.pdf 2150 : PC 32 Plastic Tube Cutter up to 32 mm Accuracy: "V" shape blade to enable easy perpendicular cutting and reduced imprint on the pipe. Practical : automatic opening: a
Catalog ID: GU28400
weller SOLDERING GUNS TIPS Replacement Tips for Soldering Guns Rope Cutting tip Cutting tip Iron Plated tip Tips compatible with Weller soldering guns
Catalog ID: WW81814
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_37.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Dry Cut Saw / Model 614 Saws The Model 614 tipped blades to cut different materials and geometric configurations without cutting fluid. Cutting with the Model 614 generates no burr abrasive
Catalog ID: UL82888
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0330000.pdf COPPER TUBE CUTTER 2104 : Mini Copper Tube Cutter 3-28 mm Max thickness: 2 mm. Very compact tube
Catalog ID: OL30860
to 1 burst on all hydraulic components The BEAST Scissor Cutter Cutter Do Your Rescue Tools Measure Up Penetration force: 248 000
Catalog ID: LE40147
pdf Hand Tools Pliers High Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers High leverage pliers design and diamond-serrated jaws for optimum cutting and gripping performance. Forged from chrome vanadium steel for greater
Catalog ID: SN82966
2621 : Rodor Tap Reamer Tap seat grinding tool. Spring holds cutter in contact with the tap seating. Cutter with serrated underside screws on to cutter-holder. M7 thread
Catalog ID: AN82884
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0290000.pdf 2101 :Steel Pipe Cutter 1 H Max thickness: 7 mm. l"'o Designed for cutting large diameter pipes it is fitted with a second handle
Catalog ID: EW82919
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0640000.pdf 4 CONNECTION I ASSEMBLY CUTTING OIL 1101 - 1102 : Mineral Cutting Oil Specially designed for manual and powered th reading. With
Catalog ID: BG82902
to crimp multi-layer tubes. 1- Recalibrate the tube after cutting operations. 2- Ream the inside of the tube to avoid its product demonstration videos NIRAX VIrax 59 product_id: BG82902 supplier: Industrial Fittings and Valves, Inc. brand: Stanley Virax doctype: catalog docname
Catalog ID: WU82876
saw is the ideal tool for all intensive or occasional cutting tasks. Electronic control: Soft starting for better tube cutting action. Electrical overload protection current and temperature . Constant electronic system
Catalog ID: LV30872
world s first 14" gas powered saw with a 10" cutting depth. This might seem impossible because a standard 14" blade has a maximum cutting depth of 5". But for the ring saw nothing is
Catalog ID: DC82873
For short lengths of sheet metal. Right left and straight cutting. Ref. 344920: For a clean cut naturally to the right. For short lengths of sheet metal. E.g.: cutting curved outlines curved sheet metal or sheet metal pipes. Capacity
Catalog ID: BJ82885
I SAWING I CORE DRILLING I REAMING I GAUGING 2101 :Cutting Wheel- Steel and Cast Iron Pipe Cutter Amm A1mm Emm For pipe cutter Type Packaging Kg Ref
Catalog ID: MU40155
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_07.pdf Cable Cutter Hand Tools Easily cuts heavier copper and aluminum cables up to 2/0 70 mm . Precision-ground shear-action curved cutting blades. 727 has PVC-covered high-leverage handles for easier
Catalog ID: VL41160
Brand: Wiha
Tools Toll Free: 800 494-6104 25 Wiha Insulated Pliers & Cutters Insulated Long Nose Pliers 328 Long Nose Pliers With Cutters. Insulation According to VDE 0682/part 201 EN/IEC 60900
Catalog ID: GG41161
Brand: Wiha
494-6104 26 328 81 2 Pc. Insulated Pliers and Cutters 2 Pc. Insulated Pliers Set In Pouch Insulation According to NFPA70E up to 1000 volt. Individually Tested. DIN ISO 5746 Cutting edges additionally induction hardened to approx. 60HRC. Special CV tool
Catalog ID: VI40086 COPPER TERMINATION Voice Data Video Center Conductor Cutter Precisely trims the center conductor of coaxial cable to a life. Cat. No. UPC No. DesCrIPtIoN 45481 45481 Center Conductor Cutter sPeCIFICatIoNs Stamped from high-carbon tool steel Rust-resistant black
Catalog ID: QV40072
SPLIT_Hand_Tools_09.pdf PVC Cutters Hand Tools 861 Cuts PVC conduit plastic pipe and rubber for safety. Cat. NO. UPC NO. DesCriPtiON 861 09861 PVC Cutter for up to 1" 862 89806 Plastic Pipe Cutter 07995
Catalog ID: OM82931
2-6 Portable grooving machine 11 000 162400 Set of cutting wh eels 2 300 162431 1.1/4-1 .1 /2 Set of cutting wh eels 2 400 162432 2-6 Set of cutting
Catalog ID: WL41158
Brand: Wiha
Tools Toll Free: 800 494-6104 23 Wiha Insulated Pliers & Cutters Insulation Standards: 1000V EN/IEC 60900 ASTM F-1505-01 and or According to VDE 0682/part 201 NFPA70E Cutters additionally induction hardened Soft grip ergonomically designed handle body Safety
Catalog ID: IE41164
Brand: Wiha
6104 8 Wiha Insulated Electrician s Knives Wiha Insulated Cable Cutters Insulation Test Standards: For cutting solid aluminum & Insulation according to copper conductors ASTM EN/IEC
Catalog ID: HI81850
Brand: Ridgid
are designed and manufactured to assure the longest possible Bolt Cutters blade life. One-step internal cam mechanism provides the quickest and simplest way to keep the cutting blades precisely aligned. Handles and grips designed to allow greater
Catalog ID: MU28726
Brand: Hurst
Hurst_Combination_Tools.pdf Combination Tools TECHNOLOGY SC 350 features & Benefits Cutting and spreading in one tool The STREAMLINETechnology Combi Tool SC 350 performs spreading and cutting functions with one Pulling with the Hurst chain set rescue
Catalog ID: RQ40122
aramid yarn. Serrated blade prevents slipping. High-leverage handles facilitate cutting. Cushioned-grip handle for comfortable use. Manufactured from hot-forged a registered trademark of E.I. Dupont Inc. Ceramic Kevlar Cutter Quickly and precisely trims the Kevlar strength member in fiber
Catalog ID: BI40156
pdf Flex Splitter MC Flexible Cable/Conduit Cutter Hand Tools Cut steel or aluminum metal clad cable or 5 33735 5 Pack Replacement Blades for 1940 EMT Conduit Cutter Patented cutting wheel cuts clean and eliminates the need to
Catalog ID: BQ61799
Catalogo_Speedy_Cutter_Inglese_24-01-2011.pdf Model speci cations Speedy Cutter 1000 Speedy Cutter 1200 Range speed 0 to 5.1km/h Remote control
Catalog ID: WR81885
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_96.pdf cutting & drilling Reciprocating Saw Blades Reciprocating Saw Blades High quality blades carbon or bi metal consisting of a high-speed steel cutting edge welded to a flexible alloy steel back for wood
Catalog ID: TH30841
you may encounter. Features your choice of standard or metal cutting claw machine-grooved non-slip grips. Duckbill has long smooth and gently curved to fit a lock or latch. Metal Cutting Claw Electroless Nickel finish. Ship. wt. 13 lbs. Standard Claw
Catalog ID: RV30873
Multi-Purpose Blade 200.95 AZ414 12" USAR Diamond Metal Cutting Blade 478.95 Multi-Purpose USAR Diamond Metal Cutting Masonry Blade AZ415 12" Metal Cutting Blade 20.95 Blade
Catalog ID: KM30851
top-quality industrial-grade hand tools built to deliver Metal Cutting Saw - 16" blade years of dependable service. The kit features Sandvik Aircraft Cable Cutter - cuts 1/8" to 1/4" capacity and 14" long
Catalog ID: TN82886
STANLEY-VIRAX_2016_Files_Products_0310000.pdf 2104 : ZR 35 Stainless Steel Tube Cutter 3-35 mm Soft Touch non-slip knob fast action 165 3 2 0 450 210471 2101 : Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter 10-90 mm 1 H Max. thickness: 5 mm. l
Catalog ID: TE28733
Brand: Hurst
for operation laminated glass metal wood and plastic material. High cutting capacity and cutting speed It can be used for rescue work traffic accidents
Catalog ID: VH30696
of a crashed vehicle EMS scissors Heavy duty seat belt cutter Mini pry bar Heavy duty spring window punch Water-resistant glass for the triage of multiple vehicles Heavy duty cable cutter BH012 The Mini Crash Kit 199.95 Stanley FuBar Forcible
Catalog ID: FR30861
tool. non-ferrous and is faster than conventional oxy-acetylene cutting. Our Combining ease of handling very low air consumption and power output. It is an ideal tool for rescue work. cutting. It is easy-to-use and is cost effective for
Catalog ID: BD30862
only for emergency extrications but for all types of emergency cutting such as: factory doors casement windows S878 fire doors and Release the trigger and the tool stops instantly unlike some cutting tools that gradually slow down leaving the operator vulnerable. Completely
Catalog ID: EE40109
Kit Kit contents may be purchased separately: 45482 45482 Cable Cutter 46023 46023 Punchdown Tool with 110 Blade 46022 46022 66 International Tel: 1.815.397.7070 1955 06857 Wire Strippers/Cutter 10-18 AWG Solid 12-20 AWG Stranded 47439 47439
Catalog ID: QP81819
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_49.pdf pipe/tube cutting & preparation Pipe Bevelling B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller The B Welders Requirements. Produces A Machined Finish Due To 6 Replaceable Cutter Inserts Working Simultaneously. Simplicity Fast To Set-up And Operate
Catalog ID: HV81888
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_99.pdf cutting & drilling RT3422 Tapping Tool Tapping Tools The Model RT3422 is in bleed valve. Allows for easy purge of chips. Independent cutter feed gives the operator total independent control of the cutter
Catalog ID: ON30848
blades cut better and stay sharper longer. Removable pins allow cutting sideways and flush to a surface. 16" length. Ship. wt ice wood sheet metal etc. Features 10 two-sided cross-cutting teeth that cut on pull as well as push strokes
Catalog ID: FH30870
TOOLS Fire Tiger Tooth and Safety Diamond Blades outlast abrasive cutting discs 100 to 1 saving valuable time replacing abra- sive tooth design deposits cut materials outside the blade guard keeping cutting performance high. It lasts like no other blade the heavy
Catalog ID: GG40199
Stripping_&_Crimping.pdf CUTTiNG sTriPPiNG AND CriMPiNG TOOls Hand Tools Pro Wire Strippers Strips add superior comfort and reduce hand fatigue. 1950 Long curved cutter blades reduce force required by 25% and can cut NM
Catalog ID: AU82898
gullet size guarantee: A fast regular cut. Low vibration during cutting. Easy removal of the blank. Increased durability. Low pressing force gullet size guarantee: A fast regular cut. Low vibration during cutting. Easy removal of the blank. Increased durability. Low pressing force
Catalog ID: CM81884
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_95.pdf cutting & drilling Variable Pitch Hole Saws Hole Saws Outperform and outlast varying teeth height and gullet sizes result in much faster cutting and longer life. For wood mild tool and stainless steels
Catalog ID: EU30868
vacuum-braised using high-quality grade diamonds for fast smooth cutting and long blade life. Fits all rescue saws using 12 Carbide Chip blade four rescue abrasive wheels for Blade Sold cutting both steel and concrete safety gas can hearing protector Separately
Catalog ID: VW40188
SPLIT_VoiceDataVideo_tools_03.pdf Kwik Stripper Flat Telephone Cable Cutter/Stripper Voice Data Video Designed to cut and strip flat UPC No. DesCrIPtIoN 45480 45480 Kwik Stripper Flat Telephone Cable Cutter/Stripper 430-500 Poly Line The 430-500 poly line
Catalog ID: WO81887
Brand: Ridgid
999-997-517_RIDGID_Catalog_V8_815_LR_98.pdf cutting & drilling Tapping Tools RT1000 Tapping Tool The Model RT1000 Mini corrosion-resistant materials combine to provide dependable lifelong operation. Independent cutter feed mechanism gives the operator full control of drilling to
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