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Vendor: Technical Distributors
Brand: Greenheck
MPX_catalog.pdf Make-Up Air with Packaged Cooling & Heating Model MPX Commercial Industrial Institutional 100% Outdoor Air 1 MPX Product Overview 100% Outdoor Air System with Packaged DX Cooling The thermal comfort of employees in kitchens industrial and commercial
Vendor: Tomas Cuerda, Inc.
Brand: Modern Water
MW_Factsheet_Evaporative_cooling_highres.pdf Membrane Processes Forward Osmosis: for Evaporative Cooling Modern Water owns installs and operates highly innovative membrane technologies
Vendor: Universal
Brand: Mueller Industries
Swivel screw connection to float & NIPPLES Chain connects onto rod EVAPORATIVE COOLER VALVE BRASS Part UPC-A Valve Inner/Master Master No
Vendor: Montequin Distributors, Inc.
Brand: McDonnell and Miller
applications such as: Pharmaceutical Laboratory Industrial Distillation equipment Receiver tanks Evaporative coolers Humidifiers Aquariums Steam baths Wet and dry hygrometers Water Feeding
Vendor: Interport Trading Corporation
Brand: Vestil Mfg.Co.
18H-TE 18" 5750 4700 3200 27 Heavy-Duty Portable Evaporative Coolers These Portable Evaporative Coolers have large internal water reservoirs that
Vendor: Technical Distributors
Brand: Clarcol
EN1822 Visit for more information. 6 A Cooler Option for Upgrading Your MW Output Every evaporative cooler is run through a first-piece qualification performance test
Vendor: Tomas Cuerda, Inc.
Brand: Modern Water
to 30% lower than conventional Reverse water desalination. These include: evaporative cooling systems Osmosis RO secondary oil recovery and the development of
Vendor: Technical Distributors
Contact Us Mechanical Equipment We are distributor for centrifugal pumps, cooling tower systems, heat transfer package and other mechanical equipment products See All Catalogs ) Buffer Tanks Centrifugal Boiler Blow Off Condensate Cooler Chilled Water Buffer Tanks Flash Tanks Heat Exchangers Steam Generators
Vendor: Technical Distributors
Floors Actuators Adhesives Air Air Cleaning Equipment Air Conditioners Air Cooled Split Systems Air Dehumidifaction Air Dispersion Systems Air Duct Cleaning Purifiers Central Station Air Units Centrifugal Boiler Blow Off Condensate Cooler Centrifugal Fans Centrifugal Pumps Chargers Chilled Water Buffer Tanks Chiller
Vendor: Technical Distributors
Brand: Dunham-Bush
TFC_Catalog.pdf WHAT IS TFC Cross Flow Closed Cooling Tower TFC cross flow series cooling tower is designed to follow the development of TFW cross
Vendor: Montequin Distributors, Inc.
Brand: Chicago Laundry
automatic dynamic burner adjustment Interior double walled piping for better cooling resulting in high efficiency from low emission burner. NOx levels lift-off than 90% fast heat response and extremely high evaporative power canopy has metal framework with acrylic side windows to
Vendor: Montequin Distributors, Inc.
Brand: Chicago Laundry
processed. Peak combustion efficiency and a hotter flame enable the evaporative capacity of the ironer to match the strong cooling effect of wet linen at higher speeds while also consuming
Vendor: Technical Distributors
Brand: USA Coil & Air