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Catalog ID: TA77752
Brand: Armstrong
Wood t ra n s l ucen t CEILING&WALL SYSTEMS M in er a l F i B er Betweeninstallation 11 - 22 InSTALLATIOn gALLeRy Education Health Office Retail Hospitality systems Transportation & walls 23 - 24 overview PORTfOLIO AT-A-gLAnCe 25
Catalog ID: IT76432
Brand: Bretford
We were the very first company to introduce the mobile computer cart. The first to build a comprehensive line of audiois Bretford: 4 STORE & CHARGE 28 COLLECTIONS p p Classroom Computer Lab Classroom Learning Lab Waiting Room Large Meeting Room Learning
Catalog ID: TA77752
Wood t ra n s l ucen t CEILING&WALL SYSTEMS M in er a l F i B er Betweeninstallation 11 - 22 InSTALLATIOn gALLeRy Education Health Office Retail Hospitality systems Transportation & walls 23 - 24 overview PORTfOLIO AT-A-gLAnCe 25
Brand: Armstrong
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Catalog ID: TJ39630
Brand: Belden
BND_212409_10GXBrochure.pdf Belden s IBDN System 10GX 10GX: The Most Advanced End-to-End UTP Structured Cabling System Designed for Beyond 10G Performance Belden: The Brand You Rely
Catalog ID: RQ84898
Brand: Amag
WHITE PAPER Assessing Always On Requirements for Physical Access Control Systems The Increasing Importance of Strong Physical Access Control 5 Nov Some common and easily exploited vulnerabilities in physical access control systems PACS are: Failure to disable access control privileges immediately when
Catalog ID: NJ84896
Brand: Amag
a defined identity management interface to allow the real-time validation of DOD credentials. The IMM Client comes in a version IMM Client can be used as a real-time identity validation system for installation entry or it can be used as
Catalog ID: WG23958
Brand: Liebert
Safeguarding Our Information Infrastructure Liebert: Your Partner In Assuring IT Systems Availability Protecting The Taxpayer s IT Investment We Understand The control infrastructure that is vital to the operation of these systems. We can offer you an unprecedented array of IT support
Catalog ID: FE79975
need them making Linear the natural choice for your entry system solutions. Linear products are distributed by: All these brands are Control Transmitters 29 Access Control Products The ideal access control system balances the competing demands for security and convenience. It fulfills
Catalog ID: GE23960
Brand: Liebert
Network Power Products And Support Services We Help Make Sure Systems Are Available IT Suppor t Ser vices Offered By Lieber to these critical IT critical to the operation of these computing operations the need is greater than ever to network and
Catalog ID: BH39492
Brand: Avocent
8 Secure Channels Dual-Head DVI Video Switch Between Multiple Computers Without Compromising Network Security Bene ts With the SwitchView SC DVI switching system from Avocent you can safely switch between Agency Approval. NIAP
Catalog ID: HV76433
Brand: Bretford
COVER EXPLORE Flip and Nest Collaborative Table with Juice Power System EXPLORE Chair EDUCATION IS CHANGE. IT S LEARNING NEW THINGS IS SOCIAL EXPLORE 4-Leg Teaming Table with Juice Power System EXPLORE Chair MOTIV Freestanding Soft Seating AND IT'S ENERGIZED
Catalog ID: MH79520
Seamlessly integrates with C CURE 9000 security and event management system Assigns elevator passengers to an elevator that provides the most the C CURE 9000 monitoring station Provides a Destination Dispatching System DDS showing personnel elevator activity Create triggers for activating C
Catalog ID: NM22159
Brand: Avocent
8 Secure Channels Dual-Head DVI Video Switch between multiple computers without compromising F E AT U R E S A I T S network security. Agency Approval. NIAP Common Criteria validated to EAL 4. Specifically designed for secure environments. Dual-Head
Catalog ID: TH84830
Brand: Amag
end users meet rigid timetables and plan ahead for complex systems Authorized Resellers and end users with our versatile Symmetry ensuring and product optimization of its Custom Solutions Symmetry Security Management System. We believe by offering Symmetry Custom Solutions a division of
Catalog ID: EA79981
TM AE2000Plus The Ultimate in Telephone Entry. A multi-tenant system network-ready for expansion. The AE2000Plus. 1 The big picture welcomes and informs. As befitting Linear s flagship telephone entry system Linear has equipped the AE2000Plus with an attractive highly functional
Catalog ID: HW79980
Entry for up to Four Doors/Gates A multi-tenant system network-ready for expansion. The AE1000Plus. NOT JUST TELEPHONE ENTRY You could use the AE1000Plus as just a telephone entry system. It has a 10 000 user capacity and each user
Catalog ID: MK79523
Provides remote access to C CURE 9000 from virtually any computer with an Internet browser Manage personnel and their photos display dynamic views monitor system activity and generate reports Activate/deactivate acknowledge and log With
Catalog ID: SL4204
Brand: Fluke
8845A/8846A Digital Multimeters Precision and versatility for bench or systems applications 3 Exceed your expectations for performance and value Features your most demanding measurements on the bench or in a system. These meters are both high performance and feature rich yet
Catalog ID: QK39642
Brand: Belden
Training indoor and outdoor mission-critical Technical Support security applications. System Performance Our Synergy Ensures Network Design Continuous Performance switches. Based sales representative near you and wireless end-to-end networking systems enterprise- wide IT needs. Whether it s visit www.belden
Catalog ID: QH78720
Brand: DMP
applications needs. XR100 SeRIeS aCCeSS/BuRGLaRy/FIRe 142-ZONe PaNeL SyStem FeatuReS Mobile platform support via text App & ePad Eight individual protection and protection control for multiple areas within a single system Multiple on-board status LEDs Guest operation allows up to
Catalog ID: EN37290
2009_MW_CFS_Catalog.pdf COLD FORMED STEEL FRAMING SYSTEMS 2 GENERAL INFORMATION warranties not expressly set forth herein whethercustomers with top quality steel products. of Marino\WARE framing systems. These products should not be used without SSMA website at
Catalog ID: RC82659
Brand: Rubber Fab
s value or withdraw samples utilizing our is proven when validating sterility luer lock sampler and luer lock Rubber Fab Technologies valve or syringe. fully meets the goals and standards set system. Your standard sanitary forth by the U.S. Pharmacopeia Class
Catalog ID: NK80313
Brand: HID
from a Single Provider high security. Delivering fully tested and validated turnkey government solutions from a single FIPS 201 Compliance Without strong public Transportation Worker Identification Credential key infrastructure PKI -based validation for TWIC Reader Specification. physical access control. The solution enables
Catalog ID: SG78736
Brand: DMP
two-way wireless sirens XtL/XtLC WIreLeSS BurGLarY CONtrOL PaNeL SYStem featureS Built-in standby battery XTL - GSM Technology/XTLC - CDMA installations Uses Cellular Services from SecureCom Wireless Attrition Detection monitors system for arming activity Remote control via MyAccess & DMP App Programmable
Catalog ID: PD78753
Brand: DMP
wireless sirens XTLC/XTLN/XTLN-WIFI WIRELESS BURGLARY CONTROL PANEL SYSTEM FEATURES Arm only ambush code and temporary user code options Remote control via MyAccess & Virtual Keypad App Attrition Detection monitors system for arming activity EASYconnect connection for the Virtual Keypad App
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